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August 07, 2014


Michelle Solomon

I always seem to gravitate to blues and purples so I would switch things up and go with Dive. And I believe I woukd do a shawl. I'm Irish, I need something green to wear! I have been wanting to do Hitchhike and I think this color would be awesome!



I think that Jeans would be my choice for a nice pair of socks. Maybe BFF by Cookie A.


I love the sock galaxy color way. They would look great in dragonfly socks -
Wahoomerryf on Ravelry

Pat Wadkins

I can't wait to start knitting with herbal!


Galaxy! The hank practically glows in the picture.


Galaxy for sure. Wow!


Morning Glory is taking my breath away. Love it.

diana foltz

WILDERNESS is the one I'd start with. really love them all. thanks for the show-amd-tell!


My choice is Dive, the perfect shades of green for a pair of Spirit Socks for the school where I teach. Summer ends August 18 for me; casting on a pair of socks in Dive could be the official culminating event for summer, 2014! My pattern is Rye from Tin Cans Knits

Deanna Arnold

I'd dive into a luscious pile of Gilt. (I should spell it "guilt", however...due to my addiction to all things fiber!) I would cast on this beautiful shawl: and wear it EVERYWHERE. In doing so, I am quite certain I could infect others with "fiber fever" and send them straight to Simply Socks Yarn Company's huge sale on August 23rd so they could get a head start on their OWN stash! Mwahahahahaha!!!

Natalie Jamieson

Dive - It would be the beginning of my quest for the perfect green for a sweater - not too forest, not to olive. Dive looks just about right. Hermione's everyday socks I think - just a hint of pattern and texture to complement the saturated colours


Tart! Or Wilderness! I really should pick Victoria, since I'm off Vancouver Island!
And I'd chose a pattern by Cookie A. (Hedera). I don't know how to link...

That's the link!

Dana Lovitt

Oh....eggplant for sure!


I'm all about the grays right now, so I pick Basalt. They are all lovely.

susan krisch

something about gilt just screams fall and im ready to cast on!


Morning Glory is beautiful!


I'd like Nebula! Such a pretty, deep blue! I think I'd do a simple sock such as, just to let the color shine.


Oooh, so much beauty, so many choices, but I'd do Tidal.

Beverly Rampe

I am into Green so do I want Crisp or Tart?
Gotta go with Tart

Holly Waldrop

Ooooh. Galaxy, for sure!! They'd make up so pretty into "Business Casual"!

Jean Bruce

Would love to knit sock with sock crisp, lovely color

Andrea B

I'd go with Crisp.

Emily Cossins

Ooh, so many great choices. My first choice is Island.


Gorgeous colors!! I'd like one of each, I'd also like enough of some for a sweater. But I think I'd love to win a skein of Wilderness for Whoa Nellie.
Or maybe Ava from Petite Purls


OMG I *love* galaxy and nebula both, but I think Nebula wins out. I think I might want to try some color work with it and a white/cream and it would look gorgeous! These would be fantastic!


You have too many for me to choose just one! But if I had to tonight, I think it would be Dive.

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