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August 07, 2014


Andy B.

Oooh, pretty! I love all the greens and purples. If I had to pick, today I would pick Wilderness. (But tomorrow I might pick something else. The Eggplant is gorgeous, but I just finished a pair of socks in purple/gray yarn.)


Star galaxy! That colorway is amazing! Probably just a simple ribbed sock to show off how pretty it is!

Rose Birchall

Wilderness is gorgeous! And I cast on plain ole vanilla socks.


No, dive.
Wait, wait chili is the winner - for today!

Ann M

Mmm - so pretty! It's really hard to choose but I think Galaxy is a must have. It's almost too pretty to knit and give away, if you know what I mean.

Richelle Chambers Krotts

Island jumped out at me, though turquoise isn't typically a color I would choose. I knit a sweater in a similar colorway last summer that has big chunky cables on it. I'd make Island into Zora socks ( to sort of match them. Fun!

rinice phillips

Bought some pants in eggplant. That purple is perfect as most not dark enough.

Mary Harting

I love tart, what a beautiful green


It is so hard to pick between surf and tidal - I love those green blues - I think maybe surf!


Sangria would be my choice....Leapfrog socks would do justice to the changing colors in this colorway. The pattern is available on Ravellry.

Cynthia Jaedike

Whew!! Wilderness, Tidal, Gilt...I'm so excited about this new yarn!!

Barb T.

Could you think up anything more difficult to do!? And I liked the old DIC sock. Heavens, what will the new be like? I'd like to cast on Very busy monkey's Rumplestilskin (sp.) in all of the colors, but I'm thinking outside my normal box and saying Chili for my colorway.


Raincloud! It's a dreary day here, the kind that would be perfect to curl up on the couch with knitting, Netflix and a cup of tea.

Geraldine Scott

Loved the Eggplant until I saw Sock Galaxy! Very nice to look at!


Morning Glory or Raincloud, for sure. My husband finally said he wanted me to make him a pair of sock, and eith of these would be perfect!

Judie H.

Gilt! This would be my pattern:

Beth Burdette

I love Tart. I love yarns that make a statement and this certainly does. Socks are my passion.

Sheila McLean

Victoria or Wilderness for me! And I think I would put it on a room for a wrap, rather than knitting socks!


Definately love Nebula! Don't have a pattern in mind, yet...


I love the color Rain Cloud and I would use this pattern:

Barbara Cooper

LOVE! I'd buy more #1 circulars and cast socks on with ALL of these colors! I enjoy making socks for my family and friends. I also enjoy teaching others how to make socks.

Rhonda Atkinson

I'd choose Rosy for a beautiful pair of socks. I do mostly vanilla socks just to show off the yarn.

Jane H

Jeans. I'm seriously into a blue period, and jeans (of the right color, of course)are essential. I've been looking for something to make this shawl - have to figure the difference between DK and sock weight-


Sock Chili for sure. I'm not sure about a pattern, I'm still hankering to try no purl monkey sock


So many choices ... I'll take one of each! Or perhaps rain cloud, if I must pick one. :-)


Sock tart! And I've knit with this tarn previously and had no complaints!!


Definitely Sock Tart. I love the colour and the name! I'd look around for something other than socks...nice big scarf/ shawl perhaps.


I think my toes would be thrilled to be wrapped in Galaxy! What beautiful yarn and colors.


They are all so pretty, but Nebula jumped up and spoke to me.


Love the colors, my favs are tidewater, rain cloud and sock basalt which all would look beautiful worked in a shawl or cowl. Two ideas from ravelry - Irish Mesh Cowl and Azzu's shawl


Love the Chili-- hot and spicy. Would make great socks. If I win I will start them the same day!


Must cast on Elysian!!!! 😍😍😍

Crystal Gibson

I love the colors of Elysian. I'm leaning toward this project.
I think the colors would look beautiful! Plus, it's a great project for a novice like myself. :)


The yarn would be Carolina, the pattern would be Elementary Watson Socks on Ravelry, (, and the recipient would be my wonderful, caring hubbie!

Rachel R.

I love Dream in Color! Rain Cloud is Speaking to me at the moment, and I think I would knit a pretty little shawlette like Maluka (


What a difficult choice. Like many others have said, if asked at a different moment, I suspect I'd have a different answer, but for now it'd be Morning Glory. And I'm thinking cables, so perhaps Clover would be the pattern to match it to.

Holly Beam

I love the color Tidal and I would use some lacey sock pattern. I love the beautiful range of colors!

Cindy Strick

I would love to cast on Victoria to make my daughter a cardigan to help her readjust to our weather when she returns to the US for her clinicals. Her name is Victoria and the beautiful colors remind me of her beautiful smile!

Christine C.

Today the yarn would have to be Wilderness. (so many beautiful colors to choose from!) I'm thinking the Embossed Leaves sock pattern would look good in this color.


Sock Island.

Kathy B

They are all beautiful. I especially love the eggplant.


That Morning Glory is calling my name and I bet it would make fabulous mittens, like Ailbe by Kristi Geraci:

Stephanie V

I would be so happy to knit up a simple lace design in Crisp. The tonal color ways are my favourites...those greens would keep me thinking of summer salads through the winter.

Kelle Perreault

Sock Island!

Brenda Williams

I love all of the above colors!

Kathy Vorenberg

Love Herbal!


Wilderness definitely because it reminds of the great smokey mountains in the morning. I believe either jaywalker or Nutkin would be beautiful.


Jeans since that's pretty much all I wear and it would be lovely with any top, but every color of this yarn is gorgeous! I knit a simple sock pattern cuff down and let the yarn do the talking for me!


Brownie is just SCREAMING to be knit into Ragtime Mitts, by Renee Leverington! I've been searching for that just-right, strong, well made yarn.. And this looks to be it!!!


I love the color Passion. Gorgeous. Next on my list of socks to knit is Rubus suberectus.

Terrie Garmendia

Nice... Live the colors.


ooh, Nebula is really standing out to me!
thanks for this chance to win!

Donna Gerber

Ooh, I was going to say Crisp because I love greens, but then I saw Island and fell in love! Just love that color combination.


I'd soooo pick Victoria!!! And then browse through my sock patterns to find "the perfect match". I think Paraphernalia might work well.

Anne Cloward

Oooh, how do you choose? All are such winners! I would love one of each color, beginning with passion. The depth of the color is amazing.


Gorgeous! I love Tidewater. I think the colors are so beautiful that I might just use this yarn for a plain vanilla sock.


I would pick Tart, since I that green is so happy! I might use it for the Tender scarf.


Eggplant! I love it!


I believe I would choose galaxy, although it is a reaaly hard choice to make. Lovely colors, all.

Lisa viviano

Feeling the love for Wilderness and Gilt both. May have to order real soon

Mindi McCarthy

Island and/or Surf! Your work is gorgeous! As has been said before, I'll take one of each LOL

Jenny B

Galaxy is so beautiful and vibrant!


Morning GI, Jeans, Rain Cloud...I am so weak, would love to do a cabled sock in Amy of these!

Judy Drew

Hard to choose! I love both eggplant and galaxy. How about one of each?

Ruth C

I would knit with many colors, but I would cast on in the Wilderness colorway first to knit Karen Kahane's Lace Rib socks.

Pamela Deselem

SAngria. Definitely Sangria. Or maybe Rosy. All are so beautiful


Close call between Eggplant and Elysian. Galaxy is not too distant third. Elysian wins this time :-)


Tidal is the one, and I would use it to knit a slightly smaller version of Ocean City Shawlette!


Since I live in the Pacific NW...I would pick "RainCloud" and I would use Hermione's Everyday Sock Pattern.


I would love a pair in wilderness. I use this patern most often.

Peggy Doulos

I would love to try this new yarn. It sounds like a well thought out yarn for socks. There are many great choices but I like "Wilderness" best for its colors and the emotion it evokes.


Galaxy, for sure. I need that yarn

Kathy Fullerton

I would use "Morning Glory" for sure!!!
Would make great socks or cowl!!!

Gina Kostoff

Chili. No Sangia. No Chili. Passion. With this pattern:

Lisa Maenpaa

I'm torn between Eggplant and Galaxy! My favorite color is purple, and those two shades are absolutely perfect for me! I'm not sure what pattern I would use, but it would definitely need to have some cables in it.


Crisp or Tart, both look amazing to me!

Leslie Fehr

Tidal in this pattern:
It would be smashing!


They are all so beautiful!!!


Galaxy, or maybe eggplant? V difficult choice, even in the abstract! And maybe I'd make sarsaparilla's by Cookie A?


Can't choose between Island and Surf! My daughter would probably love a hat in eihter :)


I love them all, but my favorite is Island. Such great colors. I'd knit them up into Seawall by tincanknits.

Mari D.



Jeans followed closely by Gilt or Brownie.

Linda Byrn

If I had a ball of Passion in my bowl today, I would knit myself a pair of socks using the hat heel pattern( I have been thinking in need a pair one red socks!

Kristen Beckman

I like Morning Glory and Jeans. It's a toss up!


Tough call between Dive, Tart and Tidal, but I might just jump on Tidal because it's not my usual green! Lately I make more shawls than socks, so it would likely end up as a lacey crescent


So hard to choose, but it would have to be gilt, or, wilderness. Oh, so hard to choose.


Ohhhh, Wilderness!!!! Hermoine's everyday socks!!!!

Amanda Maas

Oh dear lord I want them all! But I adore Tidal. /drool

sarah hollman

Crisp and I would have to make a light weight summer scarf but I don't have a pattern picked out.


Morning Glory, love the colors and I'd like to make some socks with a little pattern.


I love the Island!

Amy Rutter

I really like Plenty: it is so unique! I am thinking of using it with this pattern by Very Busy Monkey:


I'm a redhead whose mother would never allow her to wear red--so now that I'm all grown up, I'm drawn magnetically to anything red. It's Sock Sangria for me and I'd use a pattern I love "Mock Cable Socks" by Cynthia Guggemos to show off those color transitions.


Tidal is gorgeous. Torn between another shawlette or some socks.

Virginia Smith

Galaxy would be gorgeous knitted up in Hermione's Everyday Socks.

Suzie Kaliszewski

Would love to knit Herbal to remind me of the beautiful herbs that are growing in my garden today:)

Gretchen DiLuca

Basalt must be knit up into Circinus by Rich Ensor

Venice Smith

I'd love to cast on "Island". I would just be torn between knitting socks or making a lovely scarf. Truly beautiful colors.


I would choose Tart....such a beautiful green!

JKnits51 on Ravelry

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