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August 11, 2014


Martha O

I'd love it if you had a wish list. Often I see a yarn I'd like but can't buy then and then can't find (or remember) when I'm ready to order. (It would be okay if the yarn was all gone by the time I'm ready to order.)


I would really like a 'view all' option for checking out colorways. It's tedious to have to go back and forth between pages, and remember which page this or that color was on. And I second the idea of a wish list.


Both are great ideas and are definitely happening. Sue, there will be a great "compare" feature so you can compare colorways and see if they coordinate for a larger project. It's also useful to see if a purple is more red than another purple, or more blue.


I too would love a Wishlist. And the compare feature sounds great. Would you be able to "compare" different colors to get an idea of how they'd look together in a shawl or scarf?

Leslie Fehr

I am going to enjoy the larger pictures - so much easier on the eyes! I'm in for the wish list and love the idea of a "compare" feature. I have some ideas about playing with the multicolored yarns and picking out 2 or 3 of the colors in a solid yarn to make some shawls and the compare feature will let me see what colors will "play nice" with my multicolored yarn.


I'd like to see a swatch of how the yarns work up. That would be great.


I too would like to see swatches of multicolored & patterning yarns.


I think it would be great to search by color or by yarn content/fiber.


Um bigger pictures and comparing - oh my! This will make your shop even more irresistible! I have really been enjoying seeing the projects shared.

Trish Flynn

My wish list is always larger than my budget! Is it possible to add inventory left in stock? That way if something was very limited I could grab it first.


I would love to be able to "view all" of a given yarn instead of clicking page by page. But if I really want to do that I can just come visit!

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