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July 10, 2014



No, no, no...remember it's the husband who wants orange socks and the wife is very tired of knitting orange :). I see there is now a new Opal orange, so I know his next pick.


HAHA! So true! But yours was one I was thinking of that will actually wear color!

I keep looking for orange socks on the bikers that pass my house. I keep thinking that eventually I'll see him!

Cindy Carpenter

my dh wears anything sock-wise that I wil knit for him. he has to go through a metal detector every work day and has to pull off his boots. he loves the wild sock comments he gets.


I am so thankful that my husband loves color, but he wants all his socks to be the same boring ribbed pattern! I think without the color, I'd have a hard time forcing myself to knit him socks.


I love all of the bright colors! They'd be nice for my grands also. I think the boys will still wear bright colors. Last time I asked about their preferences they were red & green.

Leslie Fehr

My DH will wear color - but not neons. He will wear an interesting stripe under his boots but I do try to keep the stripes tame. I love the wild stripes!


Oh, knit some socks for your little ones! They are a quick knit, you can use up leftover yarn, and the kids will love them.


My husband and so are on the boring bandwagon. Knit socks for the boys! Seems to take about 30 seconds to finish a pair and many boys will enjoy the hand-me downs. I've also just cut off the toe and reknit to extend the foot of a few favorite pairs.


I love reading that some guys wear those wild colors inside their work boots - sort of like having a secret life :-) !


I agree with those who say knit socks for your boys. When my grandsons were younger, I could get a pair of socks for one of them out of the leftovers from my socks. And you might be surprised at how much they LOVE them. Kids seem to really get the love knit into each stitch aspect of knitted gifts. Not just my grands - my niece's boys also.

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