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July 09, 2014



I knit on my couch in front of the TV too but am not good enough to actually watch TV and not pay attention to the knitting.

Rose Birchall

When I watch TV, I knit. Long car rides, I knit. Sitting on the porch, I knit.

Rhonda Atkinson

I knit mostly sitting in my rocker recliner, with dog next to me, in the evenings watching TV. I sit in front of a big window and have a lamp right over my shoulder when it gets dark or I'm working on dark colors.


Any time I am procrastinating about cleaning. My house is dusty, but that shawl is getting done!

Beth L

I travel with sock yarn, so... overlooking marinas, on board tall ships, tents, other people's sofas, parking lots, and all sorts of random places :) If I'm knitting at home, usually on the sofa or loafing in bed. Every so often I take the laptop outside and watch a movie and knit on the patio.


Which one of the pop art yarns is pictured above? None of the ones for sale look like it, & I would like to purchase this one ;-)

Judy Wagner

Sitting around the campfire with my family all us girls work on socks. Also love to knit while lounging in the sun on cruise ships!

Leslie Fehr

I keep a sock yarn slouchy hat in my purse to work on in waiting rooms. I have an afternoon project to work on while listening to music and an evening project also. When I'm at home, I sit in my recliner and knit or maybe at the kitchen table while I wait for supper to come out of the oven.

Nancy Fanzlaw

I'm usually sharing the couch in the evening with a great big orange cat and my hub. My sewing/knitting room is my weekend go to place to knit.


Stacey, it's 5821. The photo above isn't color corrected at all. Hope this helps!


I knit anywhere I can find time. Often sitting in the break room at lunch or waiting for doctor appointments

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