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July 16, 2014


Jane H

Sure, I'll make that for you. I charge $20 bucks an hour plus yarn.

Leslie Fehr

I love these totes! Looked at their online store and they do custom stuff -- maybe a SSYC bag that says "yes, I know I can buy socks" with the SSYC logo? I'd buy one in a minute!


No, I will not knit you a sweater.


"Are you sock worthy?" :) I love yours, Allison!

Beth L

"Remember, I have pointy sticks and I know how to use them"

Pam McGinty

"What's On Your Sticks?" "Yarn Maiden" This is a tad naughty--"Got Balls? (of yarn)?"


I know you can make this, but when will you.

Marjorie Millner

Yes, this yarn cost more than you pay for four pairs of socks.


I like yours best. How about: no I won't make one for you but I will teach you how to knit so you can make your own.


"I don't knit because I'm patient, I'm patient because I knit." I'd also love a clever comeback to the frequent comment "I don't have time to knit." I never understand somebody in a waiting room or on a bus saying that to me when he or she is sitting there just staring at me.


Oh I love all of these suggestions. Knitters are a very funny bunch, aren't they?

I like the SSYC custom idea too - great idea

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