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July 22, 2014



I went to brother's wedding when my kids were about 1.5 and 3.5. The older one was mad when I left because he couldn't go with, happy to see me when I returned. The younger waved me of happily, not understanding what was going on, then wouldn't look at me when I came home.

Leslie Fehr

First trip away from home was after the kids were grown and married! Up till then, it was send them off to a relative's house for a long weekend or a week; send the husband off hunting or fishing - and then I could have alone time with long bubble baths, visits to restaurants that only I liked - cross stitch or read or knit till the wee hours of the morning and get a good nap during the day. I like your cross stitch work - it really looks good.

Sara Lee

I thought I recognized Fishtown (that's in Leland, MI) ...... so glad you came up here to the North ... next time, come on over the Mighty Mackinac Bridge and visit us in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan ! we only have one decent yarn store, tho' ......

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