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June 04, 2014


Joan Grahlfs

Thanks for explaining that.


I prefer not reskeined but that's because I like to see how the colors might pool or stack depending on my width and gauge for the chosen project.


Yes, thanks for the explanation! I never knew that. I'd like one of each! Non reskeined to pick colors and reskeined to see how it's going to knit up! Ahhhh, in a perfect world...........


Very interesting.

I tend to think - wrongly so, I admit - that the not-reskeined yarn will pool when knitted because that's how it looks in the skein and that makes me kind of shy away from them.

As a side note - I really like it when there is a little sample swatch knitted up so I can SEE what it will look like when I use it.

Beth L

I like to know if a skein is a palindrome when I want to do planned pooling, and that is impossible when it has been reskeined. I've also been burned by a few skeins which just won't stop pooling at any stitch count, and they've all been reskeined.

I'd like to see at least a picture of a swatch, though, if the yarn hasn't been reskeined.


I like re-skeined better because it gives me a better idea of which color(s) are the majority.


I'm voting with the reskeined option. It looks more like the finished product. I've been disappointed with some that weren't reskeined, one to the point of "if I knew that's what it looked like, ...."

Sharon Hurlbut

I don't care either way. Actually, I kind of like the surprise of not knowing exactly how it's going to look when it's knit.


Either option is OK with me. The re skeins skeins do give you a better idea of how the yarn will look knit up but not redlined skeins give you a better idea of the exact colors. If I wanted to know EXACTLY what the finished fabric will look like, I probably wouldn't knit multi yarns.

Kathy B.

I loved the explanation, and I actually prefer the way the unreskeined versions look. I don't think that reskeining tells you how the yarn is going to knit, or if it will pool, since that is going to depend on your gauge and the number of stitches in your row anyway. The leg looks different from the heel turn, which looks different than the gusset, which changes again as you go into the foot....that is what is so COOL about hand dyed yarn.


Ideally, you'd be able to see both! Perhaps one skein could be reskeined and photographed for those who want to know how the colors will look knit up.

Annie Wilson

I like to see how long the color repeats are, which is more difficult in a reskeined skein.


That is interesting. I like multi colored yarn anyway it comes:)


I never knew that! (obviously never used hand-dyed yarn much/any either). I'm not fond of color pooling, so would pass on the un-re-skeined, but would so love some of both of those colors that were re-skeined!

Kathleen B.

I prefer not re-skeined so I can easily see the repeats.


I prefer reskeined. I've been burned with a few not reskeined yarns. I didn't know there was a difference. I thought that the skeined and reskeined yarns looked different because they would knit up differently. "If I knew the , what I knew now..."

Jean Younger

If I have one not reskeined, I do like to take it apart to see sequence of yarn

Lisa Lopez

I like mine reskeined. It's easier for me to see how it's going to knit up that way.


I never knew this! I always shy away from skeins that are not reskeined, because I can't "see" how the colors will look after knitting. It always looks like it will have big stripes to me.

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