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June 23, 2014





Your fabulous website!


All that beautiful yarn. It just makes you want to knit something!

Leah Houtman

Rain is definitely one of mine! Especially rainy weekend mornings. Good thing I live in Oregon!

Rhonda Atkinson

5o'clock and being home from work. I only want to sit and knit.

Lisa Barrett



Being awake.


When I sit down I have to have my hands busy so I knit or crochet.

Natalie McLaughlin

being at the lake is a big trigger for me.


Making a list of chores I need to do

Susan Hill

Wonderful retirement with a whole day before me to do as I please. Some days I volunteer, some days I'm with my grandson, some days I play bridge but every day I knit. Love your website.


Definitely SSYC website!

Maureen A Sacchetti

I knit every day...Be it a good movie, a Bruins game, a Snowstorm, or the Cooking Channel...I am knitting socks...Love Love Love it..Thanks SSYC for all the fabulous yarns..Best, snowhugs

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

I am always so happy when it is raining on the weekend and I can knit all day! I knit socks everywhere I go - thanks, Allison for providing us knitters with the best yarn around!


TV. I can rarely sit & watch TV (except for Bones) without knitting. Also long car trips. But I've been in such a slump since Christmas. I knit about 3/4 of a sock & then stopped because the yarn felt so scratchy when I tried it on. I know it will soften up when washed but it just killed the urge to knit. I'm beginning to feel it again. I must knit some socks in the MT Holi Festival & the anniversary kit. The MT especially calls to me. So glad I bought / skeins. I have a feeling a certain 7 year old girl will want some too.


A snowstorm howling outside

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