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June 06, 2014



I don't want to seem picky here, but, I also do not want to miss out on, do you mean Tuesday, June 10?

Joan Grahlfs

Or June 17? I want to mark my calendar!

Cindy Strick

I can't wait! This kit looks awesome! WHEN will you make the kit available? I am on a different time zone than you and I do not want to miss it! I am so excited for it!


Guess who needs more coffee?! The date is June 10th. I've changed it above. Check for the kit to come out on Tuesday, June 10.

Rhonda Atkinson

I can't wait. I have loved all your kits. Looking so forward to trying one of your options above. They all look great! Thank you and congratulations on 9 years.


Congratulations!!! You deserve all good things for your shop & family!!👍❤️


I believe I need one of these!!!!!!


Can't wait!!


What A story!!!!
Can't wait to get one!!!

Patricia Richardson

Hoping to get yet another of your wonderful anniversary kits!


That seed rib is interesting; I've never heard of that before! Do you have a picture of it a little more stretched out (i.e., what it would look like on the leg)? Glad everyone's OK.


My goodness...what a journey for this beauty of a kit! I'm setting my alarm for this one. I love everything about it! I really like the box bag that came with the Christmas kit and am excited to try one with slightly different dimensions. Not that I need another bag or anything...!


Oh I love that fabric SO MUCH!!! Any chance of getting more printed up so I could buy some to make a dress for my granddaughter? And the yarn is yummy!!!! Can't wait!


So pretty! Hope your anniversary party is lots of fun!


So hard to decide what yarn might have been my favorite but my favorite accessory is my bird bag with the chickens on the outside and the eggs on the inside. I smile every time I use it.

Leslie Fehr

Gee - any socks made with this yarn will have a history right from the very beginning! Love, Love, Love the new sheep cube! Now, to decide how to knit up the socks - you gave me 3 new variations to ponder on. Happy Anniversary to you!


Pretty please, what TIME will the anniversary kit sale open???
I just love them.
AND the patterns. Can't wait to start a pair of the K3,P1 on row 1, followed by K all on row 2.
Thanks so much.


Your shop is actually only about 4 hours from me. I should road trip with my husband!!


I love Turtlepurl yarn! Hopefully I will be able to snag one of the kits. So far, I don't see anything on the site...

Deb Nyers

If you are going to get some more kits in for this wonderful anniversary - Happy Ninth - please add my name to the list. I so hope I can get one of these, it is the best yet!

I will be hoping to see an email that you are sending away for more of the kits. I have watched carefully for the announcement and still missed it. Oh well, that is my fault.

Dixie Beverett

Please put my name for one of these kits - Happy Ninth!

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