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June 02, 2014


Danielle K

I haven't had a chance to shop at your store but drool over the amazing selection you have! Although I haven't bought it from you Miss Babs cosmic is my absolute favorite!!!!happy anniversary :).


My favorite purchase so far has been Shibui Staccato in Watermelon. I liked it so much I had to order more from you several months later. Happy Ninth Anniversary and thanks for growing, expanding, and selling great yarn!

Beth L

My first (and so far only) purchase has been your own line of solids. I love that there were many color choices, and it was for a project where tonals just won't do :)

I predict Opal in my future, though - and maybe Tosh Sock...

Joan Matlack

I haven't made a purchase yet from Simply Socks Yarn, but I need to!


My favorite was the Continuum from String Theory in red, white and blue wide stripes. (I'm a big patriot in the USA!) Too bad I can't get any more -- I'd buy a bunch!

Lisa viviano

My favorite purchase has been from the Fleece Artist line (if I must pick). Love your store because you can't go wrong. All the yarns you carry are excellent!

Andy B.

My favorite purchase by far has been the Opal Van Gogh set.


I am absolutely in love with all my Socks that Rock. Every color is amazing!

Susan J

I REALLY like the Poste Ibiza and Sedona Sunset

Jane H

My favorite purchase was the three Madtosh yarns I bought for a Color Affection shawl. The neatest part was that I wasn't sure if they worked together, so I emailed you and you took the time to look at the actual skeins for me! (it was William Morris, Worn Denim, and another blue color I can't remember the name of.) That was awesome.


I really like the Opal "Little Prince" colorways. I purchased the package of 8 and the yarn inspired me to buy and read the book. :)


My favorite purchase so far was for a class with the Yarn Harlot right there in your shop!


I am addicted to your kits! You have done such a great job creating each and every one. It's rare that I pass on one of these. My favorite one today is the Angry Elf from this past year. Fabulous yarn, spectacular colorway and the bag is just too cute!

Jan Ball

It hardly seems like it could be 9 years already. Seems like yesterday when I found you on the web and THEN found out you were local. Be still my beating, knitting heart.Hard to name a single thing as so much better than the others. I have enjoyed the anniversary kits. The pink and brown always delights me with it's fresh appeal. Thanks for continuing great products and even better customer service.


I love my black and gold Steelers colors Poste sock yarn :)

Cindy baldwin

It was a special edition kit I bought last summer with yarn, bag, and stitch markers. I loved it all. Also been happy with the other sock yarn inhave bought. So many choices, so little time. Congrats on your anniversary.

Holly Beam

My favorite was Patina Poste Yarn, Jodhpur, India color. I made a wonderful scarf for my husband. It was Henry herringbone pattern. He loves it and it came out great! We loved visiting your store and meeting you. Thanks for your fabulous yarns and great customer service!


Back when Dream In Color was testing a new veil dyeing process I bought a skein that was mint overlaid with charcoal and dark purple. It didn't have a name, just a number. Awesomeness.

Wendi Wallet

I loved a kit I bought last summer with yarn, a bag and a needle gauge keychain. I carry the bag everywhere and leave my current sock project in there. It's the perfect size!

Marie B

I' m making a Spectra using mad tosh I bought there during the Yarn Harlot's visit. So pretty.


I got the Halloween kit last year, and I have finally started my first pair of Stitch Surfer socks with it. I love the sparkly yarn!


I really love the Madelintosh tosh sock in Grasshopper!


Wow, that is a really hard question. I really love the unique yarns I have gotten in some of the special kits. One favorite was the Casbah in Midsummer Morning. I made my baby boy a hat and socks out of that yarn, which he wore right after he was first born. So special.


My favorite yarn to date is Oeuf Clair. Since I raise chickens and indeed have the Easter Eggers that lay those blues and greens as well as Wyandottes and Austrolorp for the beigy brown it was perfect. I knit the yarn into the Circle pattern similar to eggs. That money went to feed others was icing on top. Chocolate of course. ;)

Pam McGinty

I'm finishing the 1st of two toe-up socks with Poste M22 sock yarn in Navy Blue and Gold. Love them!!! Gift for hubby!


I have too many favorites .. But I think the #1 is my Christmas gift from my daughter of Sock That Rocks that Allison helped pick out from in store colors that I would of never bought on line.. I just love getting the kits also with a special surprise - it is like gifts for me!! Happy 9th Anniversary--so glad I found this gem on-line!!


I adore you and your shop!! My favorite thing I get every year is your Christmas kit. I also have probably bought almost all Soulmate Lorna Laces has made! Ha!

Katherine Hawley

My favorite (so far) is Smooshy w/ Cashmere. Made some socks, and Handwarmers. So very soft and colorful!

Happy Nine Years!

 Sara Hettmer

My "Island of Misfit Toys" striping yarn. I had it for over a year before I made up the socks, but I'm already looking forward to wearing them again for the 2014 holiday season!


I haven't been able to buy from you yet, but I have recently developed an immense love of Socks that Rock and I want ALL the colorways!! Congrats on your anniversary.


I have ordered Christmas and Halloween striping Poste yarn. The socks are awesome!


I have too many favorites. I love Opal in all sizes and colors but I've purchased many different brands. Congratulations for nine years!


I bought some of your solids at the Sock Summit, when you first came out with them. Whenever people tell me they're looking for solid yarn in a bunch of colors, I recommend your site.


I think my most favorite skein is the most recent I ordered: Poste Stripe yarn in the Ibiza colorway. If I wasn't working so hard to remain monomogamous to some WIP's this lovely yarn would so be on my needles! Happy Anniversary to you and thanks for being a great store for those of us who don't have a LYS!!


My favorite was a Christmas kit I got a couple years back. Those socks are still going strong. Also love the great selection of Socks That Rock you're carrying now!

Susan Hill

I have ordered so much from SSYC that is impossible to pick just one favorite. I've loved the special kits and sock clubs. There have been a few times when I've purchased enough of a particular colorway to knit a sweater. Probably my favorite pairs of socks are knit with Opal's heavier weight yarn. They are wonderful for the cold evenings in the northern CA bay area watching my grandson's baseball games. Most importantly to me is the fact that never once in these last 9 years have I received anything that wasn't fabulous and not only met but exceeded my expectations. I've told so many knitting friends about your website. Best wishes for many years to come.

Cindy Lou

I love my TIG sock and I really love the box bag I bought.


My favorite purchase was a st patrick's day special (i think) that included poste yarn top make rainbow socks!

Myrna Pouyatt

I just recently found you. And, I just recently learned how to knit two at a time socks toe up, so of course I am already in love with your shop even though I haven't made a purchase yet. I live in Indianapolis, and so want to take the drive up to Fort Wayne. I will be ordering soon, even if I can't make the drive. Happy Anniversary!

Kathy Stanley

Allison is the sweetest thing!! I love Opal sock yarn, so this is my one stop shop!


Though I've known about the shop for a while now, I haven't made my first purchase yet. When I do I definitely think it's going to be some Post sock yarn in Ibiza. I love neon. Happy anniversary!

Phyllis Howard

Happy Anniversary!! Can't wait to make another trip over!! I enjoyed my first trip and know that i will next time!! ;)

Pat Wadkins

The Fleece Navidad Kit with the Chocolate along with the Floops!

Andrea Sandahl

My favorite purchase is tough to decide upon, but I'll go with the Self striping Poste yarn and "matching" Simply Sock Yarn Solid that I used to knit Basilic with.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Lois Yamada

I love your Poste yarn line. I have purchased both the self striping and semi solids and they knit up like a dream!!!

Judy Wagner

The Halloween sock yarn, also love my coffee cup!

Jayne Vossen

I love the Rocks That Rock line! Happy 9th anniversary & here's to any more!!


I'm drooling over the STR. I think that will be my next purchase 😊

Connie Caruso

A road trip to your store is on my bucket list!

Andres W.

I purchased two "Angry Elf" kits this past holiday season. I was happy Santa put one of them under the tree for me!


We found that my husband is in love with Zauberball yarn, and I've bought several colors from you. For myself, I bought a skein of lovely madelinetosh pashmina in the black velvet colorway that became a Nefertem shawl. I love your store! Happy anniversary!

Patty McD

There's nothing not to love, so I chose a category! I love the unusual items you find to put in your kits. They are things I've never seen or used before and I love them all. Your cup and the chatelaine are both favorites, as is introducing me to DIC, Sweet Georgia and Shibui. I love your Poste yarns as well. And the Fleece Artist yarns and...............................I love it all! Congratulations on 9 years of superb service and outstanding products!

Sandra Cash

I have purchased so many different yarns. My favorite is always the new fiber I have selected. The highlighter colors were a big hit. Opel is great for anyone who can't remember to air dry. The kits are a fun gift for me.

Kim Deiro

I have 2 favorites. One was Mrs. Troyers Simply Comforting soap which was in one of the kits. It works wonders on my icky, itchy skin, and I order from her regularly. The second id every skein of Poste Striping Yarn in the Highlighter color series. Simply can't find yarn like THAT anywhere else!


My favorite purchase was a Dream In Color club. I think it was October 2012.

Barb T.

I love my STR Angry Elf!

Dorothy Cavell

I have not had a chance to make a purchase yet, but I would most likely get the Simply Sock Yarn Solids Color cards and some Poste self-striping yarn from the Wizard series :)


I love the Patina Test Kitchen with its vibrant colors. Currently and slowly knitting Chadwick with two skeins. I am tempted by the Poste Stripe in the Packer colors, not on the website currently.

Mary Cast

My favorites were two skeins of Lorna's Laces Solemate. One was maleficent's Spindle and the other was zZombie BBQ. Love that stuff.


I love it ALL!! Choosing my favorite purchase would be like choosing a favorite child! I love the yarn, the kits, the blog and all the rest of the awesomeness of SSYC. In addition, I love you, your staff, and your service! I've never officially met you, but I'm just SURE I know you all as friends!! :) You guys are user-friendly and so much fun! Hmmm, the only smoothly and easily you convince me I "need" more yarn...and how you just seem to sense the moment when I say "Ok, no more!" That's exactly the moment when you have that fabulous sale, awesome kit, new colors, NEW special yarn brand or fiber...and shamelessly shatter my resolve...yet AGAIN! Masterful manipulating, I mean "marketing" ;) my friends...and of course the superior style and service and back it up. I'm hopelessly addicted to SSYC! I love everything about you! Thank you...I think?! :)


Biscotte & Cie's Watermelon colorway. The socks were a big hit.


Love your Poste yarn. Have several of your kits. Love the kit with the 3 Bags Full bag in the Paris print. Use it for all my sock projects and have purchased more bags too. Happy Anniversary!!!


My favorite is the Paris yarn club that you did last summer. I loved the tote, the yarn of course and the frnch pictures.

Laura Beutler

Madelinetosh Pashmina, in all the colors I've bought it in. Whiskey Barrel, I think, is my absolute favorite.


My favorite purchase (so far) is my skein of Poste Yarn in the Buckeye colorway, along with a half-skein of solid black for toes & heels. I love it, and really should knit it up this summer!

I also fondly remember by first purchase from you -- in person at the first Sock Summit. I bought two colors of your then-new Simply Sock Yarn. How could it be so long ago?

Congratulations on nine great years!!

Lisa Lopez

Poste Yarn in Ibiza. Everyone loves the combo of black and neon. They're a blast to wear.


I love all the kits you put together for different seasons and celebrations.if only I were closer I would love to stop in and just squish some yarn...keep up the great work!

Captain Awesome

The St. Patrick's Day kit with the rainbow poste yarn socks. I adore them and all the other stripes socks I've made as well :)

Gina Kostoff

My favorite purchases have been the total surprises that I find in your sale section. You and your staff are Yarn Temptresses! My other favorite purchase was the sock class I took with the Yarn Harlot with two good friends and her book "Knitting Rules" that I was able to have autographed!

Kathie Abel

My favorite purchase I made with you was my very first one. It was a sock yarn, bag combo. I was feeling down and overwhelmed about that time, and when I received the package, all tissue wrapped and with a hand written note and a treat, I just teared up.


I would have to say the Opal Van Gogh collection! It is my absolute favorite!


My absolute favorite is the Poste Yarn in Salem colorway. I'm making a pair of socks for my daughter. :)

Leslie Fehr

My favorite purchase is the one I made back in 2010 - a DIC club purchase. Fell in love with your customer service and your online store then and am still in love with SSYC today! You are the best!

Susie Pitts

I've only purchased once from you, I think. (I have way too much in my stash at the moment to be certain. LOL!) It is a beautiful orange to brown blend that was your "own" color for fall and I have a beautiful pair of Halloween socks from it. Needless to say, I love your yarn!

wendy arnold

I went to look in the sock yarn drawer and the made sock drawer to see if I could choose a favorite. NOPE. not possible. I have so much from you that my favorite is the one I'm buying next-what ever that is......

Dee Marquardt

My favorite so far is Socks That Rock.


My favorite purchase was a gift of accessories and yarn for my sister-in-law's birthday. Allison packaged the collection beautifully, and my sister-in-law was so surprised and impressed!

Nancy Stoller

My favorite so far is the Christmas bag with the Blue Moon Angry Elf yarn. Love both of them.

Deb Holbrook

I love the kits that you put together - they're so great that it's no wonder they always sell out faster than Red Sox tickets! Go Sox! LOL


My favorite is the poste sock yarns. I have gotten compliments over those socks. Very comfy and fun yarn.

Rose Birchall

Happy Anniversary! My dream is a road trip to your store. So many of the lines you carry I would love to see in person. Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Dream in Color, Jill Draper Makes Stuff, and on. Congratulations!


My favorite purchase (among far too many) has been the orange and black Poste yarn which was your color for Halloween but became my Philadelphia Flyers socks. Too bad those socks didn't help them win the Stanley Cup. lol

Beth L Ruiter

I bought 2 skeins of a pink and brown yarn that you had died for a special event. I made flip flop socks (with separate big toe) for 2 of my nieces. They were well love by all.


My favorite was one of the yarn-only sock clubs because all the yarns were from very small indie dyers I would not have discovered were it not for your club. It was the one with the art theme; each yarn was inspired by a work of art, and that art was included on a postcard inside the kit.


I love my yarn from there, but I use my Hadaki knitting bag daily! Love that it's spill-resistant. Happy Anniversary!

lisa p

Probably the sock club kit with the matching. Postcards

Lisa Anderson

I love that you have so many options and that shipping is reasonable. I just wish you were closer because I can't decide. I want to walk around and touch everything.


Considering the first time I was in the shop I spent like 2 hours touching EVERYTHING and wanted to buy *all* or it but walked out with some wonderful tosh (such my downfall tarn at it was right inside the door, I had no choice :) ) and sea maidens for a shawl/scarf

Cindy Strick

My Favorite Purchases are the club kits. They are always better than what they look like on line. I LOVED shopping in person in your store when I lived in Indiana, but I am thrilled every time I get one of your parcels in the mail. Keep up the good work!

Mary Harting

My favorite is Dr. Zivago Sky yarn I bought for a sweater last year, there are many others that I love also.

Rhonda Atkinson

My favorite was the Fleece Navidad sock club yarn with the oh so cute project bag. One of my girls chose that for her latest pair of socks and I am still using the bag every day with my latest pair of socks nestled inside.


my favorite is a pot luck Poste striping I got a few years ago I love surprises and this one was a real surprise: navy and gold and mid-purple named Austin City Limits. I love the texture of the wool and never tire of looking at the colors


I'm in love with the fire-scorched solids. They give so much richness of colour.

Deb J

Oh gosh--what to choose?! If I had to pick, it would be the Beach Blanket kit last year--my daughter just adores that Fiddle Knits sparkly yarn (her socks are finally almost done) and the bag is now my go-to bag for socks and other small's one of the best bags I ever have had for knitting! But one of my favorite things about Simply Socks is your great eye for picking sock yarn...and putting together kits--living on the west coast, I don't always snag one but I always WANT one! :)

Susan Ipavec

My favorite purchase was my first one, 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Amy's Vintage Office," which is one of my favorite yarns. Congrats on your anniversary and here's to many years of more yarn!


So many favorites but I will choose a Miss Babs Mother's Day - pastel pinks from a couple of years ago. I'm still saving it for something very special.

Kristi ~ Ohio

My favorite purchases have been Opal Sock Yarn Van Gogh and Opal Fiona. Great customer service and fast shipping! Congrats on 9 years!


That is a hard question! I've loved so many of the skeins I have purchased from you over the years. I adore my Poste highlighter socks and loved this years Valentine kit. I use the bag for all my projects. I love your taste in color!


Mmmn, my Fleece Artist BFL. I've watched online as you've grown. .9 years? ?!, time flies. Someday I'll get to the mortar store, and make a pile of skeins to roll on the way a dog does. ;)

Blogless Jean

I have to say that on my first visit I nearly passed out from the yarn fumes! LOL. Favorite purchases are Madeline Tosh related. Light, dk, tosh sock, pashmina. Take your pick! Your store has the best selection I've ever seen and the service is superb!

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