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June 24, 2014



That looks great, and I have the pattern saved in my Ravelry list! :-) I am working on the second sock in the Spring Forward pattern (Knitty, summer '08). It's pretty easy to memorize and looks more complicated than it is (every other row is knit). Working with BMFA Socks That Rock - I lost the ball band, but I love the clorway with this pattern.


I've been enjoying Toe-up Two at a Time Wave Socks by Laura Magdycz in a bright Regia yarn. Simple (when you keep those circulars untangled) with that little extra special lace panel running up them.


Like you, I've been mostly about self-striping plain-vanilla socks, but lately I feel the itch for something fancier, like the Fruit Strip Gum socks or Achilles Heal or Sideswipe. They are all in my Ravelry queue, plus more. And an EZ pattern for socks knit sideways - gotta try that someday!

Leslie Fehr

I'm trying my hand(needles) on the Fruit Stripe Gum pattern - and once I learned how to count it became a fun knit. I'd never done the heel flap using the pattern that the pattern calls for - but, I really like the way it looks and feels.

Amy Samin

Love the sock and the yarn!

Renee Anne

Well, that was added to the queue. As for "new" sock takes me forever to knit socks (limited knitting time) so I'm working on a pair of plain vanilla ones out of some Trekking (at least I'm on the second one) and I've got a pair of Dragon's Egg Socks (from Harry Potter Knits)...but those require no distraction because of the charts. ::sigh::

Nothing new and exciting here.

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