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June 20, 2014



love the cover sox and its traveling stitches. I've some windy valley muskox quvuit sock yarn in mossy green to make this gorgeous pattern. thanx for the chance to win a copy.


I would knit theBunodes Crassicornis Sock in the periwinkle sheep watercolors sock yarn's Climb Every Mountain colorway.


So hard to choose... I'de happily knit most of the patts in that book!!! Think I'de start w/the Padina Pavonia Sock though + use the yarn she did since it's new to me. Perhaps switch to "Crisp" for a colorway.

Love the way ripple st patts create curvy edges as well as add a touch of lace.

I look forward to reading the book sometime... always enjoyable to get the back story on patts.


I'd have to knit the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in a similar colour yarn. I just love the look of that sock and have to do it!


I love each and every pattern! I love her last book, the patterns are beautiful and so well written. I am looking forward to adding all these to my vanilla sock drawer, with some beautiful SSYC Patina yarn.


I would knit the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in Malabrigo Arroyo.

JKnits51 on Ravelry


I would definitely knit the Padina Pavonia mitt in one of my stash yarns, probably a socks that rock lightweight in autumny colors.


I love Bunodes Crassicornis Sock! I would knit it in a soft aqua semi solid...Love all the designs in this book!


I would love to knit the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in exactly the color posted - Lorna's Laces English Rose. Mostly because I love the way the tonals in the yarn highlight the pattern and currently I do not have any pink/fuschia socks for winter, despite it being my color of choice. The English Rose is a beautiful bright color.


Tough choice, but I would start with the cover socks. In an ocean blue/green color.


I'd knit the Pavonia socks in Poste Patina Blue Nile


Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in Malabrigo Arroyo or Pelagia Noctiluca in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Satsuma. Shopping for yarn and spice up the white uniform and work! Love it!

Vickie Litterell

I would love to try the Pelagia Noctiluca in the Poste Stripe Buckeye...its a beautiful crimson red, gray, and black....for my daughter. She lived in Ohio for a while, so half of her is an Ohio State Buckeye!


I like the lacy curves of Padina Pavonia, and I'd love to try it in Crystal Palace Sausalito Coreopsis.

Nathanne Verner

Padina pavovia looks enticing! It would be nice in one of the Poste patina colors.


Oh!!!! I think I would knit the Padina Pavona socks first... They are lovely!!!!


Definitely the cover socks. I think they would look beautiful in a LL Shepherd Sock color like Fjord, China Blue or Periwinkle.


I would knit the Padina Pavonia Mitt in Dream in Color's Smooshy, in the color Velvety Port.


Hmm, I'd start with the Pelagia noctiluca socks, or maybe the hat!

Lugarda Cappetta

Patina Pavonia. Not sure what yarn I would use but something in the blue family.


I would love to knit the Padina Pavonia, with Dream in Color Everlasting Sock Yarn. The whole book is wonderful and would love to knit my way thru the book.


I'd choose the Pelagia Noctiluca with Jill Draper Hudson in Terra Cotta.

Richelle Chambers Krotts

I pretty much love everything about the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock, including the Arroyo colorway she used. Lovely!


I have Hunter's 1st book Silk road socks and love it! Given the chance I would knit Pelagia Noctiluca first in a light gray yarn to show off those beautiful cables and lace!


Padina Povonia Please!


I can barely pick one from the ones you showed, I can't imagine how hard it would to pick from the whole book. But I would probably choose Padina Pavonia to knit first, with Bunodes Crassicornis a close second.


I would have to say that of the ones pictured,
Bunodes Crassicornis Sock is the pattern that I would probably knit first. The yarn? I would have to use either Hazel Knits in Ruby Love or a Fleece Artist in Ruby.


Pretty sure I'd start with Pelagia Noctiluca in a blue like DIC's Everlasting Sock Surf


Padina pavonia socks are at the top of my wish list. The socks would look terrific in BMFA light weight yarn in Just Right Red or Pond Scum. All the patterns are wonderful.

Joan Spurgin

Padina Pavonia Mitts in Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Lightweight Pond Scum. The mitts are beautiful and, despite the hideously amusing name, Pond Scum is a wonderful neutral. I'd love to combine the two!

Jenny K

The cover socks in a semi-solid blue.

Renee S.

Too hard to decide on yarn at the moment - but would have to have purple hues in the yarn for the cover socks!


I would knit Padina Pavonia first. I love the feather and fan style. I would go for a lightish blue or purple, though, like Dream in Color Pansy Golightly.
May I come join you on your porch? I hope someday to have a porch like those in the movies where everyone can sit comfortably with their knitting and a drink.

Jenifer Farrell

Thanks for the offer! I would knit the padins pavonia first, in a darker mad tosh sock color way. Beautiful! :)


I would love to knit the cover socks in Unique Sheep's beautiful gradient colour "Dusk on the Fjord". It would be a real calming pleasure to work on during the hours we sit as my DH is currently sitting as he undergoes a last ditch chemo treatment. I had heard of chemo, but did not realize how long each treatment took.

Knitting is a perfect way to bring some light and love to the moment and makes it easy to find the proper recipient for the finished sock. There is always the perfect new owner lurking somewhere in that treatment room.

Susan Ipavec

I would knit Padina Pavonia socks using DIC Smooshy in Strange Harvest or DIC Starry in Spring Tickle. I cannot wait to knit up these socks. Thank you so much for the chance:-)


It would have to be Bunodes Crassicornis Sock


Pelagia Noctiluca knit with Simply Sock Yarn Solids.


These socks are so gorgeous. Hunter does amazing work. I would start with the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in Madeline Tosh Sock. I have been drooling over the cherry colorway.


Do I really need to choose one? Who am I kidding…would do any of those pictured. Love the patten and unique color combos. I think that's what make them all so special.


I would knit the Padina Pavonia Mitts.

Barbara Kluver

Zostera Marina socks are calling my name…


Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in a blue colorway of Arroyo, because blue is my favorite color! This looks like a great book!

blogless grace

Bunodes Crassicornis is where I would start but they all would be knitted in the end! Hunter Rocks!!! Probably use Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering in Thistle because it is in the stash and close to hand.

Barbara L.

I have become hooked on knitting socks. The pattern I would make first would be the Padina Pavonia Sock. I love the curves on the front, yet how smooth the bottom and heel are for those of us with sensitive feet. I would love to win one of these books.


Of the ones shown, difficult choice, but I think Pelagia Noctiluca has the edge. In green shades to suggest little pea pods...


This looks to be the best collection yet! Pelagia noctiluca Hat is one that I really like. I have some Indigodragon fly silk yarn from a club in a lovely soft gold. or would love to try the lorna's laces pearl in the lovely silvery gray.

Jennifer L

I like the Bunodes Crassicornis Socks and the Padina Mitt pattern above. I would probably make both!

Sandy W

I' d use Lorna' Laces Shepherd Sock in Sage for the Pelagic Noctiluca socks. These are great sock patterns.


Oh pretty patterns! I think the pattern on the cover would look fabulous in any soft solid(-ish) color, and I bet Padina Pavonia would play very nicely with busier yarns. Lorna's Laces' variagateds can be strong poolers and that one might break things up into prettier waves -- Ha! And then pick a color with a nautical theme for a perfect pairing!

susan G

I would make the Padina Pavonia Mitts in MadTosh sock - Black Velvet. Really all of the patterns look fabulous, I love how the socks have no cuff but start right in with the pattern.

Barbara G.

I'd start with the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock, then work through each project.


I'd knit all but would start with Padina Pavonia in the same color "bitter". Lovely pattern.

Barb Conant

Knitting a pair of socks is on my knitting bucket list. I'm determined! I might be tempted to start with the fingerless mittens! Thank you for the inspiration!

Deb Holbrook

I'd knit the socks on the cover in either a rich burnt orange or a golden brown....yum

Anita S.

I would knit the Bunodes Crassicornis with Miss Babs Yummy in French Marigold.


love the cover sox! gorgeous! I've some windy valley muskox mossy green quviut sox yarn i'd make them with. thanx for the chance to win a copy!

Linda bee

I would knit the mitts first, exactly as shown. The color is my daughters' favorite and she's been asking for a pair of mitts. Then I'd knit the cover socks.

Hannah Rose

I would knit the Bunodes Crassicornis socks, they are gorgeous 😊

Cindy Carpenter

Padina Pavonia Sock in blue nile patina

Beverly D

I would knit Pelagia Noctiluca in Lorna's Laces The Bean. Beautiful book!


I don't know if it is the wonderful pattern , Bunodes Crassicornis or the beautiful yarn, Malabrigo Arroyo, this is my favorite!!!


I love the mitts - they have an interesting cuff.


Pelagia Noctiluca! I love how the little chain of cables tips back and forth as it travels. As for yarn, I would probably use Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. I seem to be liking that one lately and "Patina" keeps calling to me!

Pam Bickford

Padina Pavonia Sock would be my first choice in Smooshy Cashmere Butter Peeps. Love the book!!


Decisions, decisions! I'm going to have to say...Pelagia Noctiluca in DIC Smooshy 170, Some Summer Sky because it reminds me of wild chicory plants. Their stems zig-zag back and forth and I almost pull them as bizarre skeletal weeds since they're mostly stems and few leaves, then their delicate flowers open in pastel purple-blue during the day, only to close at dusk and I have to smile and think oh! That's why I left them!

Sarah T (3trees on Rav)

I would start with the socks shown on the cover, Zostera marina Sock, quite possibly using the exact same yarn as shown. Beautiful book!

amy g.

Well - it's a toss up between the cover sock and Pelagia Noctiluca. I would select something in orange/earth tones. I can't wait for the book!


I love all the patterns! Book I and II are already on the top of my wishlist. From this one, I'd pick the Bunodes crassicornis Socks and knit them in my recently self-dyed yarn in blueish-purple colours.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

Patty McD

I think I would start with Pelagia Noctiluca
because it's lovely and because, like 2 others in your blog post, the leg is short. I really like that in a pattern. I would love to know what you spike your ice tea with! It's pretty ubiquitous here in Southern California and a change would be nice!


I would begin with Padina Pavonia Sock. I have been enjoying a similar stitch knitting the Multnomah Shawl pattern!


I would have to knit the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in Arroyo English Rose. Love that color and pattern combo.


Padina Pavonia Sock in a wide self-striping yarn -- something bright and cheerful.

Natalie McLaughlin

First one I would knit is Pelagia Noctiluca and I just can't decide on a yarn yet...The pattern was hard enough


Madelinetosh, Tosh Sock: Medieval

Padina Pavonia Sock

I want to cast on now.....


I think the first socks I would knit are the Pelagia Noctiluca in either a MT Tosh Sock Yarn in William Morris or Malagrigo Sock Yarn in Indiecita... I love the way the movement of the pattern flows!

Brenda B

Definitely the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock ans I love Malabrigo yarn too, that colourway is particularly beautiful with that pattern.

Charlene Gee

I would knit Padina Pavonia Sock in Bitter just as it is shown in the blog. Hopefully this color is available. Can't wait to get started.

Meeta V.

All the patterns above are lovely. It was hard to decide but since I love cables I would like to start with the sock pattern on the cover page. Thanks!


I would have to knit the padina pavonia. I think I even have that exact yarn but I might use the Madeleine Tosh Holi Festival. I've been wanting to knit similar socks for a very long time & have been putting off designing them myself.


Fucus asparagoides Shawl (Though the socks are also awesome). Waht would I knit it in. It would have be brown but as to what yarn - I can't decide. Anthing Hunter chooses to knit in is awesome and It's a pity I can only see them on a computer screen on the other side of the world and not squish them in person!


So many patterns to choose from! I think the padina pattern would be first on the needles.


Padina Povonia mitt in that exact color purple. Love it!


I would knit the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in DIC Smooshy Malibu Sail

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