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June 20, 2014


Lisa Lopez

I love knitting socks. My sister is diabetic so I'm always knitting wool socks for her too. My favortie pair from The Knitters Couriosity Cabinet III is Pelagia Noctiluca. Cables and lace? Yes, please.


I would knit Padina Pavonia Sock in Miss Babs Frog Belly!!

Leslie Fehr

The first pattern I would have to knit is:
Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in Malabrigo Arroyo, color English Rose exactly as used in the picture. This is the perfect color for that pattern!

Lisa Viviano

The sock knitting addict in me wants to knit the cover socks in Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Coastal colorway. Swimmingly gorgeous!

Ann M

My oh my! My feet need the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock and that rosy color as featured would be perfect too. These photos are not only lovely, the interesting patterns make my fingers "itchy" to get started. Knitters, we really need to explore The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet: Volume III.

Rose Birchall

I would knit Bonodes Crassicornis Socks exactly as shown.


I love to knit socks, but the Padina Pavonia mitts are catching my eye today, probably in a wonderful shade of a Malibrigo yarn.


Those cover socks in a tonal blue.....I know what I will be dreaming about tonight!!


love the cover socks....I'm kind of partial to teal tones.

Sandi Booth

The Malabrigo English Rose pattern would be my choice. The color with the pattern is awesome!


I'd knit the Pelagia Noctiluca socks in "L" from Lorna's Laces Solemate. Love the heel flap on these socks!


Ooh, I'd knit Bunodes Crassicornis Socks in Black Trillium Merilon Beach Glass (a pretty green).


I would definitely knit up the Padina Pavonia Sock in the Lorna's Laces Sock Solid-Island Blue. Wow!


I would knit the Padina Pavonia socks in Poste Patina Atlantis. I think they would be outstanding in this colour as the pattern looks like waves to me and the Atlantis colour is my favourite in the Patina line

Connie Caruso

I would START with Bonodes Crassicornis! So lovely.


I love everything in this book, but the ultimate ones are the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock WOW, I would definitely knit them first.


Gorgeous patterns. I would start with the Bunodes Crassicornis sock in Malabrigo Arroyo, but I think in the fresco y seco colorway.


I would totally do the socks on the cover - in the malabrigo rose ;)


I HAVE to make the Padina Pavonia socks. Love the feather and fan. Bitter is a lovely choice but this looks like a pattern I would make more than once.


I would knit the Planorbis corneus Sock in Skein BFL sock, in the color fig I have in my stash!


I love the socks on the cover. I would love to make them in a fun bright summer shade! Maybe pink!

Cindy O'Malley

I love, love the Bunodes crassicomes in the malibrigo english rose.
I have 2 skeins of it in my stash.

Cathy Holdren

As an Oncology nurse a long past pt got me interested in knitting socks. I know knit my own and wear in my Birkenstock white clogs for work. Lorna's Laces would be my first choice, as they remind me of what my patient knitted.

Kelly Lussier

I love making socks so I would love to make Pelagia Noctiluca with Shepard Sock in Bittersweet. I love Pink!!


I would do the Bunodes Crassicornis sock in a plucky knitter yarn.

Lisa p

I would knit the pad in a socks in a ssyc club kit from last summer in a beautiful blue

Judy McFarland

Padina Pavonis in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock "beach glass" - would remind me gentle waves on the beach.


This was easy - I absolutely love the Padina Pavonia Sock pattern and I would knit it in Shibui Staccato Tide or UV. What a gorgeous book!

Kathi Thomas

I love the Zostera Marina (the sock on the cover, which I would make in Lorna's Laces Shephard sock.


I would love to knit Bunodes Crassicornis Socks in Malabrigo Arroyo, colour English Rose.


I love the Padina Pavonia Mitts and Socks. And every other pattern in the book. They are so beautiful.

Julie Davidson

The hat!! I love the color and yarn that it's shown in, but I think I would knit it in a grey/blue color to match my daughter's eyes.

liz white

I want to knit them all! Out of what is shown, I would probably start with Padina Pavonia using Everlasting Sock in the Gilt colorway.

Julie Davidson

Oops! I was so focused on the hat that I love, that I forgot there is more than one hat. It's the Pelagia Noctiluna that I love.

Rhonda Atkinson

I would love to receive this book. The patterns are so beautiful. Too hard to decide which to do first but I really like the red lace socks. They may have to be first!

Chris Mills

I will knit the Padina Pavonia Sock in Dream in Color's Everlasting Sock, in a purple color.. Love the scalloped top edge!


I would go for the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock!


I love the one on the cover! It reminds me of an octopus.

Margaret Hurst

Loving the Padina Pavonia socks! MIL has bad feet and loves my homemade socks because store bought are too constricting. Would use some Lorna's Laces Soulmate in any color.....great sock yarn.

Karen Majors

The Bunodes Crassicornis are beautiful.

Wendy Jovero

Wonderful patterns and the marine images that the patterns are based on are lovely.


The Mitt! I love fingerless gloves and wear them all the time from fall to spring, which is a long time here in Wisconsin!

Annette Poole

Tough decision but I think I would make the Pelagia Noctiluca first. I don't think I could come up with a better yarn choice than the one used - Lorna's Laces Satsuma.

Peg Nixon

Bunodes Crassicornis Sock would have to be my first pick to be my first pick from this book.

Beth L

I would probably knit through the entire book, but I'd start with the cover socks. They remind me of a gorgeous, sunny (rare!) afternoon on a northern Caliornia beach, where a bunch of us were goofing off and turning the bull kelp into marching band instruments. After a few stressful weeks, we ended up laughing so hard that day that we could barely stand up...


I would knit the Padina Pavonia first--then the fingerless gloves.


Yarn - poste yarns patina colour giza
Pattern - bunodes crassicomis


I would love to knit the Pelagia Noctiluca using Poste yarn Patina in Giza.

Martha Clay

Wow! I've got some beautiful Kettle Dyed just aching to be use in the cover sock!

Jutta Kramer

Bunodes Crassicornes in Malabrigo Arroyo purpuras and Aguas


I usually knit plain vanilla socks, but I really love the pattern in the Pelagia noctiluca socks and with a matching hat, it would make a great set. I would probably use one of the new patina colors, but it's difficult to decide on a favorite. Thanks for the chance to win


I am there thinking I would start with padina pavonia. Not sure if it's the pattern or the yarn color or both, that really catches my eye.

Cheryl Monroe

I would like to knit the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock in Malabrigo Arroyo, color English Rose - I love them just as they are pictured. But would also like to try them in several other colorways.


I love knitting socks! My first choice from the book would be Bunodes Crassicornis Sock. I have some Lorna's Laces that would look great in that pattern.


Love her patterns! I like the Padina Pavonia in particular but they are all amazing...


Wow - I actually like a lot of these! In Florida we do not wear socks too often, but where I live is known as the coldest place in the state as well as the hotest place in the state!

Vicki C

Padina Pavonia Sock would be my first knit. This elegant pattern has been catching my attention lately.


I would knit Pelagia Noctiluca first. I would use the Three Irish Girls in color McNamara that is lurking in my stash...... then buy some Turtlepurl (Angry Birds or Watermelon) to replace it!

Debra Houser

Oh so very difficult to choose just one. But if I must choose to knit only one pair of socks shown from The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet Volume III by Hunter Hammersen. I would choose to knit Bundodes Crassicornis in Malabrigo Arroyo, English Rose. Thank you for introducing me to these books!


Beautiful book full of gorgeous patterns..I really like the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock above, so would be tempted to knit this first....maybe from some handspun

Geraldine Scott

Definitely the cover socks! I'm thinking a lovely, watery blue...

Rebecca H

The Padina Pavonia Mitts are lovely. Don't have anything in my stash that would be right for them - this means yarn shopping!

Think I'm going to go for browns..

Lucy Kesler

Oh my! How to chose. I think I'd do the Pelagia Noctiluca just like it's shown in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Satsuma. Love socks with cables.


I would start with Padina Pavonia, then move on to the mitts. I can see there is a lot of good knitting in this collection!


Bunodes Crassicornis is calling me!

Janet D.

Beautiful! You are so generous. Patina Pavonia socks would be my pick if I had to choose now.


Padina Pavonia socks! I think I'd do them in Dream in Color Smooshy Sock in Peacock Shadow.

Thanks for the contest!


I would pick Padina Pavonia in one of the self-striping yarns, maybe the Trekking XXL - so fun.


Umm... all of the them at this same time!!! I think a SSYC ravelry KAL is in order.


I love to knit socks. This book looks wonderful!


Definitely would start with Fucus Asparagoides . Then thru the book :)

Cindy Strick

I LOVE the concept of this book! I want to go back and find the first 2 volumes! Of the wonderful options you showed, I would love to start with BUNODES CRASSICORNIS SOCK in MALABRIGO ARROYO in the color ENGLISH ROSE just as you showed it. THAT is beautiful!


Pelagia Noctiluca would be my first choice because it fills all my requirements-knits and purls in same round to be elastic enought to pull over high instep, not too boring but with repeating pattern- and is good looking. Not sure what yarn I would use, but a semi solid with depth for sure.


I'm trying to expand my sock knitting (mostly vanilla socks to date). So, I'd start with the Padina Pavonia socks, possibly with Tosh sock Cosmic Wonderdust.

Barb T.

I would definitely choose the cover sock, but all are gorgeous!


Like so many others, I would knit the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock. I have a skein of handspun sock yarn in a color I can only describe as pond scum that I think would look wonderful in this pattern.


Love the swirly cables of the cover sock!


The cover socks are fab!

Dawn M.

I would love to knit Bunodes Crassicornis Socks in Malabrigo Arroyo, color English Rose for my daughter. What a great way to get her out of her rut that socks need to match her slacks in color!! Color is in!!

Eileen Brokaw

I love the Padina pavonia Mitts. I have some grey alpaca fingering from Queensborough Farm that would compliment their roots in nature.

Michele Cashen

I would make Padina Pavonia Sock in a pale pink color. I love knitting socks.

Diana Kalar

I would knit Padina Pavonia Mit in Biscotte & Cie's watermelon stripe


I would knit the Padina Pavonia Sock in a summer blue colour. Sock knitting is my addiction.

Penny Tallman

I love love knitting socks and my goal is to have one for every day which I am working on but I would love to first knit Padina Pavonia Mitt.

Dee Marquardt

I would knit the Padina Pavonia Mitt.

Debbie H

I really like Padina Pavonia Sock. I think it would be really pretty in a bright striping yarn. thanks


Pelagia Noctiluca in your Poste solid color of this shade of orange;)


I feel quite out of it for having to ask, but is the ebook just PDFs? Because I don't have a tablet or anything if it's in a special format.

This book reminds me of the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

I would knit Pelagia Noctiluca, perhaps in Lorna's Laces, because that's what she used.

Tiffani Smith

I would LOVE to knit the Pelagia Noctiluca in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in English Rose. I love pink and think that combination would be darling!


I love the Bunodes Crassicornis socks.


I'm sure I'd knit the Padina Pavonia Sock in your Poste Patina/Easter Island, I love that yarn and color. Thanks for the chance to win the e-book version.


Of all the items in the book, the socks on the cover are my favorite and I would definitely knit them first. I'm not a big fan of fingerless mitts because it's my fingers that are always cold. Maybe someone could come up with finger cozies. Ha ha ha.


Oh, I'm definitely started with Conferva villosa socks and when they are finished I'll start right in on the Conferva villosa hat!


I am drawn to the Bunodes Crassicornis in the BMFA ARE Spawn of Scum. Seems appropriate for marine life. Love pattern books with historical base.


I'm immediately drawn to the Bunodes Crassicornis Sock... Maybe with some Tosh sock in a nice tonal color that hasn't found the right project yet.


I'm glad you restricted the choices to only these few! There are so many more gorgeous designs I would have to buy more needles so I can start more than just one! But of these shown, I'd probably go with Padina Pavonia first. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win, which I really hope I do!


I'd start with Bunodes Crassicornis with Socks that Rock, Lady Edith.


Pelagia Noctiluca socks. And I'd love to knit them in Madelintosh Pashmina Baltic.


I would knit the Pelagia Noctiluca socks in Poste Taj Mahal or El Dorado or Atlantis first. Thanks!


I would have to start at the beginning (cover socks) and work my way through the entire book. I have enjoyed knitting Hunter's patterns in the past and can't wait to get cracking on these.
I would use Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in the Beachglass color way.

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