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June 17, 2014



Cute pattern too! The colorway is gorgeous!


what patterni s this. I just bought the same yarn and think it looks great int hat pattern.


I LOVE this colorway.

Cara Vetor

I know it's sock yarn, but I had a sweater made out of yarn like this when I was about 12, and it was REALLY thick, so all I can "feel" is that the sock you're wearing must be too hot for today!!

Holly Beam

I'm starting on the fruit stripe gum pattern with my new yarn from the anniversary kit. It was a request for a pair of socks for Christmas! Never too early to start those gifts!

Leslie Fehr

I've got about 3.5" of the fruit stripe gum pattern done in the Anniversary Kit yarn - and I love the way it's looking! It's a fun pattern to knit.


I'm out of town & can't wait go return & find my package with the anniversary kit & 2 skeins of this yarn. LLOVE IT! I love the yarns like this that have the little flecks of color. I think they almost always look really nice knit up. One of my favorite pairs of socks is an ancient (really over 10 I years old) pair I knit from some white with navy flecks from Regia in a wool bamboo blend. The blend is pretty equally wool & bamboo with some kind of poly for strength. Not only do they look nice (OMO) but the blend makes them perfect year round weight socks. Far better than the cotton wool blends which tend to get stiff after several washings. Regia never offered many color ways (& most of them were haphazard ugliness). I wonder why. I'd buy a ton if I could find a similar blend. The wool tencel blends are nice too.


The dinosaur makes it!

Cindy Strick

LOVE your sock! I was so excited when I received my Madeline Tosh and Anniversary kit! The mailman actually delivered it to my door! What a treat when I got home!

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