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May 24, 2014


Lugarda Cappetta

Technically not the holiday weekend but have a road trip with a friend planned for Tuesday, the 27th (from Kalamazoo MI).


In the second photo from the top, which yarn is shown in the silver and glass container? I love it, and can't find it by looking randomly ;)

Jude smith

I am planning a family picnic and finishing up a pair of socks. that the SSYC Poste striping yarn? One of them the Tropicana and the other one the Cabana? I am only guessing, but I really like those colors also!!

Jude smith

Sorry I meant Gold Coast....there is no cabana....but I bet there will be!


Ahhhhhh! Thank you! :)

Karen Pettyjohn

We started our Holiday weekend with a trip to SSYC...what else ;-) I got a good start on my yarn shopping for Christmas knitting. With 16 grandchildren, it's never to early to start. I also bought a yummy Glen Ellyn (mint green) from Lorn's Laces for #17 that is due around Christmas. We made a stop at the candy shoppe down the street to reward my patient husband. It's always a treat to visit with the gals at SSYC. Thanks for all that you do!

Denise Walsh Horowitz

I am knitting all weekend except for Saturday dinner out with my husband and a BBQ tomorrow evening at our friends house. I am starting my Christmas gifts as everyone is getting socks and mittens and a gift card! Allison, I love the store pics, but where did you get the Keep Calm and Knit On sign. I love it! Denise

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