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May 21, 2014


Shannon Adams

I really like your colorway of Malificent's Spindle and I love Granville! Lorna's Laces keeps coming up with so many fabulous colorways that it is hard to choose an all-time favorite!

Linda L

Child's Play and Hampstead


Wow! I'm just knitting my first socks with Lorna's laces soulmate and it's amazing yarn. I love maleficents spindle and Granville. However downtown Christmas and dupage are on my list too.


It is soooo hard to choose but valentine and mixed berry are the choicees du jour

Rose Birchall

Black pearl and Granville.


I love Hampstead - not usually a green person but it's gorgeous with the purple and bright blue!!


Oops - didn't realize I should have picked two - it would have to be Granville and Hampstead! Sorry!!


Very hard to pick. Lake Bluff and Granville are beautiful!

Jacquie Willson

I am into neutrals and so I love the Ogden and Anastasia.

lateia sandifer

Hawthorne and Maleficient's Spindle. Yummy!


I had favorites on every page but I've narrowed it down to Simply Socks and Satsuma. I'm trying to choose yarn for an Endless Rainbow and you have so many LL colors that would look great!


i love Bittersweet and the new Granville!


Zombie BBQ of course!!!


I love Aslan and Granville...and most of the others!

Leslie Fehr

Watercolors and Robot Overload are my two favorites.


Farwell and Grapevine


In truth, how can I choose TWO favorite colors? Impossible. I settled on Seaside and Liberty because I think those skeins might make a quieter statement. I haven't used LL's for socks--I'd love to know how the multicolors knit up and whether the socks match....

Lois Yamada

Lake bluff and Hampstead

Ann Duke

I like Hampstead and Hawthorne. But then again, all of Lorna's Shepherd Sock colors are gorgeous and they it is a lovely yarn to work with and feel so nice on your feet.

Kerith St. Louis

Hempstead and Granville are my favorites! Thanks for the contest!

Joyce Kraly

Hempstead is beautiful!


Oh so hard to choose! But since sitting here on this (finally) nice spring day, my painted toenails and matching aqua t-shirt are telling me to go for Georgetown or Devon. Yummy for a Trillian shawl!

Ann M

I would choose Granville (oh so pretty) and Hampstead (love that pop of purple). Lovely! Thanks for the contest!


So VERY hard to choose, but for just this minute it would be 'black purl' and 'Hempstead'.


Granville and Hampstead ....but what a very hard choice!

Beverly Shearon

Ravinia and Hampstead! They are all beautiful!

Jennifer Beene

Granville and Hawthorne are beautiful!

Lisa Viviano

I really like Northbrook and Hampstead. Great colors all the way around.

Deb in NC

So hard to pick - but Zombie BBQ is a fav and Glenwood, both are beautiful!!


Black pearl and maleficient top my list but they are all welcome in my knitting basket!!!!


Too many choices but Lake bluff and Tahoe are beautiful.


Watercolors and Zombie BBQ (awesome name).


Cummerbund and Poppy for me as I seem to be lacking semi-solid and tonal in my "stash".

Rhonda Atkinson

Northbrook and Maleficent would be great!


Z-BBQ and Granville. :)

Anne Marie

SO hard to pick! Child's Play and Liberty.

Merry Fenton

I like Baltic Sea and Fiddlehead but they're all gorgeous.
wahoomerryf on Ravelry


Ohhh, I love the soulmate!!
yannikay on Ravelry

Beth L Ruiter

Today I would choose Hawthorne and Roadside Gerry.


Black Purl, Pioneer.

My Solemate socks are perfect for Southern California, but all of Lorna's Laces yarns are wonderful.


Hawthorne and Hampstead! Great colors.


I am a huge fan of LL. I'm anxious to try a project with some of the new colors. My two favorites would be Hawthorne and Granville - at this particular moment. Thanks for the giveaway.

Wendy Hahn

Can't pick just two:
Maleficents, Anastasia and for my favorite niece, Devon, that colorway.


Seaside and Happy Valley. The colours are wonderful, but so are the names! (I'm from LI and miss the ocean; my husband is a proud Newfoundlander...and Happy Valley Goose Bay is a town in Labrador!)


I like Medusa Masquerade and Woodlawn - they're colors I don't normally use.

Barb T.

Very difficult, but I believe I would choose Simply Socks and Anastasia.

Janene Reeves

Christmas at Downton and Hawthorne!


Christmas at Downton and Maple Grove, they are gorgeous!

Sandra Cash

I just love to look at all the colors. But I am going to pick Hampstead and Lake Bluff. One for the name and one for the color combo.


my favorites are Flames and Rainbow! thanks for this chance to win!


Granville and Lake Buff got my attention.

Jane H

First I'll be nice and say Rainbow so I can make socks for my granddaughters. Second, all for me - Malificent's Spindle. I have been watching the trailers for this movie for months and trying to be patient!


I absolutely love the Hawthorne, they are my colours


Out of the multicolors, I like Amy's Vintage Office and Zombie BBQ the best. My favorite color of any of the Lorna's Laces is Bigger on the Inside - I feel like I buy a skein of it any time I happen across it.


Calumet and Vera. They're all so pretty!

Judy Wagner

Hampstead, have a plan for that beautiful yarn!


Black Pearl and Midway are my favorites at this specific moment, but there are so many great colors in there! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.


Wow with every page I find a new favourite! I'll pick Huron for sure, and... Pioneer!


Maleficent's spindle and Hampstead are my favorites.

Angela Medina

It's hard to choose from such beautiful colorways but I really like Flames and Bow Tie.

Amy C

Lakebluff and Hawthorne have me drooling!

Karen Babcock

Mixed Berry and Watercolor, what a difficult process to choose!

pamela deselem

My favorites change daily but today it would be Hamstead and Lake Bluff.


Loooce Maleficent spindle and Granville. Such yummy colors!!!


Bittersweet is my favorite and Valentine is my next favorite. There are so many terrific colors from which to choose.


Today I'll say Liberty, which I'd use for something to support TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), and Red Rover, which I'd use for Red Scarf Project of Foster Care to Success.

Thanks for the contest!

sara hettmer

Mt Creek and Uptown

Christina Mol

Hampstead is wonderful! I am currently knitting Torrent by TinCanKnits in Shepard sock in dusk! Love it.


Lake Bluff!!!


Lake Bluff (love, love love) and Maleficent's Spindle!

kimberley breakfiel

I love the Granville and Hampstead colors. I knit socks constantly, and these colors look just beautiful with a simple, basic pattern.

Mary Peck

I've always really liked Sandridge (once knit socks and mistakenly threw out the bag they were in!!!).
And, I think Aslan is a great color way for a baby blanket.


Zombie bar b que and Christmas at downton!!


Carrot and Charcoal (but it's a hard choice!)


Aslan and Maleficent spindle are my choices. Love those Chicago names!


I am a HUGE Lorna's fan (as those who've seen my stash on ravelry can attest). My two favorites are Zombie BBQ and Edgewater, but I LOVE Maleficent, Toxic Waste, and many many more!!!


They are all so beautiful, but I likr Malificent's Spindle and Lake Bluff the best.

Cara Vetor

Maleficent's spindle and zombie bbq.

Jayme Putzier

My absolute all time favorite colorways would have to be Shenanigans and Zombie BBQ.


My favorites are Black Purl and Purple Club, but I don't think I dislike any of Lorna's colors!

Jackie Murton

I like Liberty and Somerset


I can't get enough of Zombie BBQ and Rainbow!

Becky Nelson

Hmmm-I got it down to 6. NOW to get down to just 2? Very tough. "Fiddlehead" would make great looking socks for my Mom, but for me I think "Galena"


Haven't had the pleasure of knitting with it, so just based on your pics I'm going with Lake bluff and Daffodil.

Christy Becker

i love black purl and lakeview. But, i really do not think there are any that i don't like!


I love maleficent's spindle. The other colorway is no longer produced. It was Bigger on the Inside but equally loved the limited edition Winter is Coming. Bothe of these are no longer produced. Would love to win Maleficent's Spindle and another of your choice. I'll let you pick!


Maleficent's Spindle initally, but Hampstead, which totally is Hampstead Heath. Could knit and read Keats withh that colourway!

Debra Helstrom

I LOVE Amy's Office and Franklin's Panopticon.

Rachel R.

Just choose two??? Aaagh! Well, I love Calumet and Tahoe - and lots more, but we'll leave it at that!


now that is a tough choice: Granville and Balck Pearl (today!)


So hard to choose just two. I would pick Amy 's office and Tuscany.

Susan Ipavec

So hard to choose! It would have to be Black Purl and Hampstead for me:-)

Cindy Horne

Being from New Orleans, my two favorite colors are also my "go-to" colors for anything fun! Those colors are the "Bee-Stripe" - black and gold for the New Orleans Saints - and the newest color - "Bon Temps Rouler" - are just the bomb!


Such a hard question, but at this moment I'll go with Rainbow and Uptown.


Bittersweet and Glenwood both intrigue me.

Susan Hill

Impossible question but here goes - Lakeview and Ascot - among all of them, these two grab me. I am a fan of green so the Ascot is divine for me.

Anne Clark

One of my favorite things about Lorna's Laces is that so many of their colorways are named for things, places, streets, in and around Chicago. Having been born and raised in Chicago, I appreciate the hell out of that. With that being said, my two favorite colorways are Bittersweet and Black Pearl. Funny that, as far as I know, those two have nothing to do with Chicago.


Bittersweet and Hampstead. My jaw dropped when I saw hampstead on LL's facebook page. Even my Mom said that color is so me.


Campbell and Magnificent Mile!


I like Ascot and Harrison.

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