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April 23, 2014



My sister loves bright colors and the socks I make for her so I would make socks for my sister!


My initial response to that question would be "me!" I think I will stick with that. Socks definitely.


I am pregnant (finally! after 5 years of trying!) and my baby-to-be is definitely knitworthy! I would make a hat for him/her using the Charlie's Sock Yarn Hat pattern by Aimee Alexander. It would look great with neon colors!


My sister would love this! I am thinking a hat and a few stripes in mittens. My son might fight for it though. I have been eyeing this yarn for a while now.


A hat and a pair of fingerless gloves for my beautiful Emily.


My daughter loves neon socks and so does her boyfriend!

Alicia Rapking

I am the director of a mission project that assists low income people. Last fall I started a knitting group there to help some of our low income clients learn to knit. When one of my friends heard about it she volunteered to drive 50 miles round trip to help me teach these folks to knit. Through this horrible winter she made the drive every week. She is a patient and kind teacher. She has knitted me countless pairs of socks, thought she rarely knits for herself. I would knit her socks with this yarn because she walks daily. The brightness would cheer her on her walks on dreary days and would keep her toes warm as well.

Judi Kennedy

Socks for my granddaughter. She loves funky things and I believe this will qualify. She also loves hand knit socks.

Ann M

What beautiful yarn! I would use it to make socks for my beautiful daughter-in-law Iris who is having a rough year and who loves the socks I have made for her (she has cold feet all of the time). Her favorite color is neon lime green so this yarn would be perfect for her.

Mary Anne

I would knit a pair of socks for my mom, who joyously and patiently taught me how to knit socks. :)

April G

My best friend Carmen is a sock collector. She loves all things bright.


I would make socks for my husband , who loves to wear funny socks with his suits (like Booth in the Bones TV show)


I'd knit a pair of socks for my son. He loves the socks I make him and the brighter and wilder the color the more he likes them. The leftover yarn would knit up into a tiny pair for his 1 year old niece. They love wearing matching socks.


Socks for the person who appreciates them most - me!


My husband would love socks our of this. He loves stripe socks, the crazier the better.

donna reed

I know several people who would love to have a neon scarf

Susan Baber

My grand-daughter Emma would go crazy for a pair of socks in this yarn!


My son is into crazy socks. He would rock a pair of neon stripes. Might need two skeins though. He does have some BIG feet.

Mary Harting

I would make socks for my grandchildren.

Susan Hill

Socks for me. Would love to knit myself a pair of socks from this brightly colored yarn.


My great nephew, off to college in the fall, is totally a hat guy. You should see him in his Cat Bhordi tendril hat! He would totally love a neon hat - or socks. I would love socks to wear with jeans and Birks as well so it would be a hard call.


I would knit beautiful bright socks for my two granddaughters. They'd adore the bright colors!

Joanne Brown

Me :)

Probably a fun scarf


I think my "baby" sister would enjoy a colorful scarf. She lives where snow is measured by the foot, not the inch!! It might be the item to make a bright spot in the all white landscape!!


Socks for my friend who loves bright fluorescent footwear!


With being a new grammie of two little boys Quinn (just turned 1) and Landon who's (6 months old) I would make socks so they could use them with there Rain boots so they can run through the puddles and be two little boys.

Susan Eberhardt

Looks like a pair of college graduation socks in the making! Hooray, my dear Laura on being magna cum laude, social work, Ball State, 2014!

Shirley Ryan

Those would be my socks in this yarn! And I would knit non-matching stripes....what fun! I love this kookie kind of thing.


That is a hard decision. I love the way this yarn stripes and almost pools same time. So I vote for socks!:


I would knit a pair of anklet socks for bicycling for my husband - these bright colors are perfect for visibility.

Jeanne Hackenberger

I would knit a pair of socks for my 86 year old Mom.

Diane Wolf

i would make a hat for my daughter. she is very creative and loves anything Mom makes for her. She started knitting this winter and loves bright colors!


I'd make my 6-year old son and I matching ankle socks. love neon!


I would knit socks for my very knitworthy niece. She would love those colours

Anne Gott

I have three little great-nieces that love all things pink & purple, so I would choose 7185 and make them some great hats - with matching ones for their dolls.


I would make socks for my boyfriend. I love the neon colors!


Definitely socks for my 23 year old daughter!


I would be joyous knitting socks with the yarn. Its great. Then I'd put them to good use and donate them to the next charity auction.


Oh, that just has socks written all over it and my granddaughter would love them.


I always knit socks for other people - with this yarn, I would finally make some socks for ME!

Jessica C. Wilson-Hess

Socks hands down or should I say feet down :)


Oh, socks, for sure! They would make anyone's feet happy!

Beth Sloan

Socks for my beautiful youngest daughter. She would love the colors.

Anna Richardson

My daughter would LOVE these bright bold colors, and I would make her something she can't knit for herself (yet) - a pair of socks! Thanks for the giveaway!

Martha Anne

Socks or a hat for my husband who is willing to wear the wild and crazy in those categories.


Me. When it comes to socks, I keep them to myself.

Kathie Frazier

Love the color that would make a great scarf.


Even though it is MY birthday this month, I would have to make something for preteen daughter. She always says the brighter the better and loves lime green. I think I would have to make her either a pair of socks or some really cool wristers.


I know of several people. I have several coworkers who love my hand knit stuff. And what would I knit socks maybe a scarf.

RuthAnn Cromwell

I would make socks for my daughter who would love and appreciate them.

Sue James

My Grandson, Jesse! He LOVE the hand knit socks I make for him, and wears them all the time.....the daycare people even notice.....I think he tells people his Grandma Shoo knit them for him!!
he cracks me up......I've never know anyone so young that is so impressed by hand knits!

DeTraie Marquardt

My best friend would love this and they would be socks.


My 16 year old daughter who LOVES bright colors ... Would knit her socks!


Socks for me! Because I'm the only one I knit for that loves obnoxious colors - the louder the better! These would certainly qualify (awesomely so)!


It would have to be socks for one (or more) of the 5 boys I knit socks for!


If I could bear to part with it ;) I would make matching socks for my little boys.
Love this color! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Susan Dobrowney

My son would love socks from this yarn. The colour is so bright and full of life, like he is.

Brittani Tannehill

Omg, this would be perfect for my 17 year old brother, he loves crazy socks.

amber lindemann

My daughter's heart would sing for this colorway. She loves all of those colors and is always asking for new knit socks. :)

Kathy Fullerton

My daughter would love socks in this yarn!

sue swartz herr

Oh! A baby poncho for my new and only grandson, born the day after Tax Day! He would be visible a mile away.


Sock! I love fun socks!


I think my sister in North Dakota would LOVE socks from this color, as all she's seen lately is white -- SNOW!!!

Thanks for the contest!

Deb J

My daughter would lo e Neon Ocean socks...Seattle Sounders/Seattle Seahawks colors rolled into one! My granddaughters would love socks or hats made with Neon Berry!


My sister would love a pair of socks knit with this yarn!

JKnits51 on Ravelry


My daughter would love a pair of yoga socks. Great colors.

Harmony G.

My teenage daughter would love these bright colors in socks!


I would make socks for my Mom. She is always telling me she wants a pair of socks knit just for her. Should love these colors.


OH these have to be socks for sure and they would be for my friend, who loves these colors. I see knitting socks for someone as a gift of love.

Gale Longley

My daughter would love this for running.


Wow. That yarn would make screaming awesome socks!


I would knit a pair of socks for my only granddaughter.
She loves the neons!

Liz Fox

I'd make socks for my sister...after I made a pair of socks for her several years ago the only socks she'll wear are ones I make! Her taste tends to run to the muted earth tones so it would be great to work with such bright fun colors!!!! And it would help my sister break out of her usual color scheme!!!

Peggie Bouvier

My son rejects any gift EXCEPT hand-knit socks. These are for you, Sam!


Most definately my neice- she would wear them to work!!!


This would be great for a pair of booties. My sister had a baby two months ago and it is a little boy.


Socks for my favorite almost daughter that loves my handmade socks. And if I win I promise to try a new technique.


My friend Millie would LOVE a pair of socks made out of that!!!!!

Jude smith

I would knit socks, of course. They would be for my niece who just finished her first year of college.


Me.....I would LOVE a scarf!


A Shawl for a girlfriend for xmas

DeeAnn Jeschke

My sister has been begging for to knit her some socks. She'd love these bright colors.

Debby P.

I would knit socks for my 35 yr old daughter!! She loves wild, cool colored socks!!


Socks for my daughter or granddaughters. They all love my socks.


A wingspan scarf.


I think these would be socks for me!

Karen Majors

My daughter loves those colors but so do I. That would be a tough call.


My little sister would wear socks from those bright colors.

tami shaughnessy

socks for my sister, because that green/blue one kinda looks like seahawks colors.


I have a very "in your face" granddaughter who would love anything I could make out of this yarn---scocks, hat, mittens, etc.!!!


I'd definitely knit socks. They're so cheerful. I think they'd make me happy every time I saw them!

Kim Deiro

My daughters and granddaughters would all go crazy for this! I would put all their names in a container and pull out the winner (contest within a contest!)
I am sure they would ALL choose SOCKS!!!!


My 13-yr. old son would love a bright neon hat and my 7-yr. old daughter would love socks! I'd have to buy an extra skein to keep peace in the house!

Nancy (harmonise)

I think it would be socks for my BFF Cynde.


My 13 year old daughter.

Pam Clements

I'd love to give my sister a pair of socks knitted with this yarn!


I would knit a pair of socks for ME.

Jaclyn F

A lace scarf for Me!


Socks for my son....who is a music teacher and loves to wear bright colorful hand knit socks from his far I have only knit him one pair and he keeps reminding me of this!!!!


Socks for me,me,me!, because I don't know anyone who gets/understands hand knit socks. I say "the brighter the better".

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