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April 23, 2014



I immediately imagine a light, maybe lacy, tank top with this--such pretty vibrant summery colors! Socks also come to mind, of course.

Deb in NC

My college age daughter would LOVE a bright pair of Knitted sock from mom!!! What a great way to celebrate her first year done!!


I would make socks for my granddaughters. The brighter the better and they would love it even more if the socks didn't match!! I would need to purchase at least one more.


I owe my oldest son a scarf since I made one for his little brother and those are all his favorite colors!!

Leslie Fehr

My daughter would love a pair of socks done in this colorway! That is if I didn't claim for myself first!!

Beth L

I'd make a pair of socks for my aunt - she LOVES bright colors, and always crafts for others but never for herself.

Betsy Mortinsen

My 9 year old daughter has been begging for a pair of light-weight fingerless mitts for a couple of years now, and the Regia Fluormania would be the perfect choice to surprise her.

Rose Birchall

My eight year old granddaughter would love a pair of socks made out of this. "No more pink, Grandma."

Katherine B

My 2.5 year old son would be thrilled with a hat knit in this fun yarn!

Diane True

I definitely would be making socks with this yarn!


A hat for my great niece, she would love this color.

Amanda Laven

I would crochet a set of mittens and a hat for my 4 year old stepson! He'd love the colors :)

Chandra Schneider

My Husband would love some socks out of this! These are his favorite colors!!


Socks. Because nothing says fun like surprise neon socks.

Crystal Walker

This would make a great knit sock monkey!! I love knitting stuffed things in crazy colors!

Nicole Wetzel

Socks for my 13 year old son!

Judy Wagner

For my granddaughter who is heading off to college in the fall. When she gets homesick she can put on the socks and know we love and miss her!

Beverly Shearon

My BFF would love a scarf knit in those colors. She certainly wouldn't be overlooked in a crowd in those colors. Love the colors of all the Fluormania yarns.

Sandra Cash

Socks for my daughter and grandsons. They loved Poste neon colors and these look like they would be as much fun

Karen Pettyjohn

Socks for my creativity buddy. She does lots of crafts but doesn't knit. I know she would love any of these neon colors!

Courtney J

My 12 year old son has picked out this specific yarn already for some socks. Kids his age are all about the neon colors right now!

Cindy Strick

I would knit a pair of socks and scarf for the guidance counselor at our school. They are fun colors and she is a fun person. She LOVES anything I knit for her (fingerless gloves last year). They would make her smile and the kids would smile when they saw her with the hat and scarf!

Connie Caruso

I would make a little hat with matching infant socks. He would look adorable and so "cool.

Sue R

Oh, what a lovely bright color. I would make a pair of socks for my 2nd granddaughter. Those are her favorite colors- the brighter the better!

Mary Chrisman

Definitely my best friend from college. She's an art education professor and LOVES color. I'm guessing a scarf would "brighten" her day!

Angela Hanson

I would love to make a pair of socks for my daughter.

Rene B

My niece would LOVE neon socks in these colors!

Melissa B.

Socks!...for my niece who turns 15 on April 30th. She has always loved the color green and she loves neon colors...and she loves fun socks.

Jeanne Morphew

My daughters would - it would remind them of all of the neon colored clothes I made for them when they were young. We laugh about how bright they were all of the time.


I would knit a lovely pair of shorty socks for ME! Yes, that's selfish, I'll admit. But, I love these neon colors!

Ann Duke

I would knit the "Dash" hat on Ravelry for my daughter-in-law who is a runner and will be running in the Avon Run for A Cure this year!


I would make socks for my oldest brother and I am certain he would wear them to Cross Fit!


My 9 year old, who is newly fashion conscious, would LOVE an infinity scarf in these colors.


I would definitely make a pair of socks for my daughter - she loves interesting socks!

T Rocks

Me! Me! Me! Definitely socks. Maybe a scarf, but the socks I would wear year round. Fantastic color!

Phyllis Howard

I would knit a pair of socks.

Claudette Soucy

I would love to make myself some fingerless mitts with this gorgeous yarn, I love the colors it would fit perfectly with my coat :>)


I'd make a pair of socks for my daughter. She was home for Easter and requested some neon socks!


These would be my Seahawks Sox. The ones I knit at all the home games to help the Seahawks win (i believe my sock knitting is just the mojo they need). The yarn is all the right colors.


This is just screaming to be socks for my second daughter! These are her favorite colors all rolled into one skein.

Lois Yamada

A pair of socks for my best knitting buddy. She is in need of a winter buster since she lives north of Toronto. She loves neon colors and she can use all the color she can get!!!


I'd make socks for my son....he'd love the neon colors, the brighter the better!

Sandy W

My almost 14 year old god daughter would love socks out of this yarn. Thanks!

Andrea Sandahl

I would choose 7188 and knit something for my best friend. Likely it would be socks or a hat. She LOVES bright colors!

Nancy Fanzlaw

Why, I would knit socks for my Mom - she's just 87 years young!

Sharon Garner

Socks would be lovely, but my niece is expecting a baby boy next month and I'd knit him a little sweater out of it.

Tricia Werntz

I would make socks for myself, cuz I'm a selfish knitter:)


Definitely some nice bright socks!


I would say I'm going to make a shawl out of it. I would think I'm going to make a shawl out of it. And then I'd make socks.


I would make socks for my boys, they love bright stripey colours!


Ohhhh, definitely a shrug for 10 yr old granddaughter Emma!
Fluorescent green/yellow is her favourite colour, and with her long red hair this would be stunning on her!!


My friend Donna would LOVE anything knitted with the beautiful happy yarn. Socks would be perfect, although a kerchief scarf would also be a lot of fun.

Elise McKee

The doctor I work for wears all kinds of crazy patterned socks and the kids love them. I would make him a pair of neon socks!

Sharon Edmondson

My daughter would love a pair of socks in this yarn and I would be obliged to knit them for her!


My niece, who is 17 would love this yarn...and I'd probably make her socks or mittens. The colors remind me of some of the wild softball socks I've seen her wear!


I would make a pair of socks definitely. For whom is the question. I think Misty, my son's girlfriend. And with the leftovers, an infant pair.


I would make matching socks for my daughter and grand-daughter. The brighter and bolder the better

Kate S

I think the person who would enjoy this most is ME! :) I would make socks with it


I'm the biggest fan of neons that I know. Some footies, I think!


My grandson, Conner, loves bright colors (these are almost Seahawk Colors) so maybe a hat and/or mittens.
Bright colored socks are always fun too!
Love Regia!!


My 10 year old daughter would probably like anything knit with those colors. I'd probably make her socks and some fingerless mitts.


Leg warmers for the granddaughters


A hat for my very groovy 13 year old grandson!He said the yarn was "awesome!"


My husband loves bright yellows and greens. I would make him a pair of socks.


I would cast on for a sock immediately. Every time I wore them they would bring a smile to me because if their sheer brightness!

Barbara G.

I have a couple of nieces who would fight over socks made from this yarn


My nephew, the artist, would love a pair of socks from this!

Lora Welt

My granddaughter would love socks from this. Green is her thing, the brighter the better.


My son would enjoy a hat made out of this. His current one is lime green and he wears it constantly.

carol creek

My grand daughter would want one of each. Socks,scarf and hat. As she has said before. "When you make me stuff nobody has any like me. And they wish their grandma would knit."


I would make a pair of socks for me! I've spent the year making socks, hats and scarves for others and its time to make myself a pair of crazy stiped socks. Thanks for offering the contest!


My sister Sylvie would enjoy them because she love yellow in particular and all vibrant colours in general. I would knit her socks most probably or fun a shawlette for spring.



Definitely socks and for me for a change! I knit lots of socks for family members and as gifts, but I don't often knit a pair for myself. And these colors would definitely lift my spirits!


This yarn would probably become socks.... for ME!!! Although I knit lots for other people I make sure to keep myself well supplied w/ "crazy color" socks. Do not wear commercial socks @ all.


My granddaughter would love these socks.


This would make an awesome shawllette for my mother-in-law, who lives in Florida. Bright colors and light weight yarn work well for SW Florida.

Paula  Thibideau

My sister. These would be her "lucky" socks to wear when racing her horse.


A dead fish hat.yeah this yarn would be perfect for that!

Marla Ford

I would make a shawlette - maybe another Hitchhiker...


I would intend to make socks for my daughter, but would have to keep them for myself. I would get another skein for a Sockhead Hat. I might give that to her.

Kim Pierce

I would make stitch surfer socks for me

Rhonda Atkinson

I have 3 daughters who would love a pair of socks out of this. Knee high? Bet I'd be one of their favorite moms with this!


Socks for my son-in-law. When I asked what colors he liked, he said "The brighter, the better."

Sherill V

Socks!! I love to knit socks. These would be for my lovely granddaughter! She loves bright colours!


I would make socks for my son. So far he hasn't wanted a pair although my daughter loves hers. He loves neon and this maybe just the trick to get him into handmade socks!


My daughters and granddaughters are crazy for wild colored socks, so there would be fighting over who gets the first pair!

My in-laws live near your store, and I have been begging to go visit them (so I can stock up on sock yarns!) be use I miss them so much...


I think it's time to spoil my 15 year old kitty who just loves to snuggle in my knitting bag


that would make a super cute baby hat for a dear friends baby


My girlfriend, who is pregnant with her first little one, would be the recipient of a very cozy baby blanket....I would definitely need more than one ball.

Sheila Enestvedt

My middle granddaughter loves neon colors and scarfs/cowls. So it would have to be for her. She's my favorite person to knit for!!!!


I know two little girls (6 and 9 years old) that would love socks made out of this yarn!

Debbie H

I would love to make a pair of socks for me! I love the bright colors!!


My brother loves his neon t-shirts and hoodies, so I would knit him a pair of socks to match.


I would knit socks for my daughter. She loves bright colors!

Charon Coonfield

Definitely some socks for my husband. He loves the wild, statement colors.

Marianne Koller

I confess ...these would be socks for me! Love the neon colors!


My partner would love neon socks, particularly as that green is among his favorite colors.


I think it would be a gorgeous scarf or leg warmers

Liz hall

My 5 year old nephew would love some socks out of these colors. He runs around- just like his mom-with socks flopping off the end of his feet. I think he would love to see these colors flopping.


Socks for my daughter who loves my hand knit socks!!

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