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April 23, 2014


Anne Marie

My 5 and 7 year old boys would love socks out of this yarn!


My niece would love socks made from this yarn.

Alecia Helton

Socks. Is there anything else?


When I learned to knit socks , the funniest thing I heard was my friend 's sister couldn't do the Kitchner stitch and get that sock off the needle . So she bought another circular needle . Well ,after buying so much sock yarn and being obsessed with ''starting'' a new sock to see what it looks like , guess how many Addi Turbos I have ....maybe 10 ?? : )
I love knitting socks and gifting them .
And I love Simply Sock Yarn , the Best !

Melissa D

My 10 year old daughter would just love socks made from this yarn, she loves anything I make,but really loves it if the colors are neon.

Melissa @ Miso Crafty Knits

My 5 year old son would LOVE anything as long as it's green and blue (his favourite colours). And since he's always asking to try on my socks as I try them on, I'd knit a few pairs of his own!


slouchy hat for my daughter

Michelle G

Sweater for my dog who's slowly losing his fluff to a medical condition

kathie Skrabanek

socks for my best friend in Wisconsin, who at 45 is just about done with her degree after 6 long years of going to school part time, working full time and trying to have a life with her husband in the odd moment or two. She needs a happy now and then......


I am currently teaching a friend to knit and she is dying to make socks because she knows how much I love socks. I would give that yarn to her, she loves those colors!

Geraldine Scott

My granddaughter loves blue! And she loves socks knit by her GG…that's me!


My first thought is always socks but I could also see this as a long skinny tube scarf - maybe one with sock shaped ends.


My daughter would love a pair of bright socks!


A scarf for my son's girlfriend - she would really appreciate it!

Leslie Hallman

I would make leg warmers for my daughter! She wears them at nap time to keep her legs from getting cold in the summer when she wears shorts.

Julie Routon

I would make socks and they would TOTALLY be for MYSELF!!


Socks for a dear friend who loves these colors... I've been meaning to knit some for her.


My granddaughters would love SOCKS, especially in such a bright colorway.
(I think they get that trait from their grandmother.....)

melissa storer

Socks for myself 😏

Sara Byron

This just HAS to be knit up into socks! No other choice - perfect SOCKS!


I would knit socks for a friend who loves neon!


I think I would like something knit by me in this type of yarn. what great, spicy colors. Fun for summer knitting.

Jen G.

I think I would knit my 2 sons socks from this yarn. Their two favorite colors are green and blue. I have not yet knit socks for either one yet and I would love to start with these awesome colors!


Neon green! I think I am the only one in the family that would appreciate the color. There are no colors that are too bright for one's feet!


I love this yarn! I would knit hat and some socks for my 2 year old grandso. He would really love the bright colors.


My granddaughter would love socks knit from this yarn.

katherine mallia

I would love to make socks for myself

Julie T

My daughter who, having survived her first winter on campus in Minneapolis, has a new appreciation for handknit socks!

Marjorie Millner

I have two new grand nephews born within days of each other! They need hats!


I would enjoy socks from this yarn! BUT - my daughter will be 6 in June and has been begging for some momma-made socks, so I suppose I'd be willing to make her some knee-highs :)

Merry Fenton

I'm thinking my friend Dodie, who said I could pick one of my favorite colors for her Christmas socks this year. Look out!
wahoomerryf on Ravelry


My daughter loves these colors and I'd knit her socks since it's been awhile since I've knit them for her.

Jo Dee

I would knit my nephew a new hat or myself a pair of socks. :)


I'd make socks for my niece.


I would knit a pair of socks for my husband. He loves neon and stripes. He's not shy about showing off his handknit socks!

katie metzroth

Socks! These would be perfect for a friend that just requested "funky socks" :)


A hat for my 14-year-old son who loves bright colors - I can see him wearing a slouch hat next year during marching band practice in the fall!


my girls would love love love ankle socks in these colors!

Andrea B

I'd knit up a baby surprise jacket for my new niece/nephew due any minute


It would make a great hat for a child.

Patty McD

Me! I love, love, love the blues and greens!
The yarn wouldn't show up enough made into socks, so maybe a hat and fingerless mitts. I wonder how it would do with on a lacy piece like a shawlette or shrug over a white tank. Hmmmmmmmmm???? Such fun imagining!

denise moore

I would make a scarf with those beautiful colors

Linda Sumis

I knit a pair of socks, adding crystal beads to ribbing, for my daughter. She just completed her PhD in Oncology (tumor biology) after 5-1/2 years of hard work. So proud of her!!!


My brother or my sister would both love these colours. I might make socks, but I think a scarf would be great to show these colours off. It would make a great bright baby sweater, too.

Janet Duff

I'm going to be selfish this time and say me. I think I would like socks.:)

Diane E.

Me. Socks - I wear my fun color socks to work all the time - year round and like the bright colors to coordinate with my bright color tops!

Barb T.

My little neighbor, Hannah, would love a hat out of this lovely yarn!

Sharon Roberts

I'm the one that likes the bright colors, so I might have to make a pair of socks for myself, but could be talked into making a pair for my niece, also!


Socks for my daughter. She would love these colors.

Babette HIndle

My grand daughter would love a pair of bright neon socks made by her Nana,


A good friend of mine or my sister would love a pair of socks knit with that fun colorway. But to be completely honest, it would be hard to give them away once they were done, lol.

Anne Dempsey

Greedy me. I'd knit socks for myself!

Susan Ipavec

My son would love some socks in those cheery, bright colors:-)

Teresa C

Socks for either of my sisters.

amy g

I love the idea of using this for a tank top for my 18-year old niece. Although she would also like some mis-matched socks.

Tanisha Dudley

My 7 year old son would love some more knitted socks! I've knitted him 3 pairs and he said he doesn't want me to buy his socks from the store anymore, he wants me knit ALL his socks!


Definitely socks! Love the bright colors!


I have a friend on the west coast who knows I knit socks but has never asked for a pair. I would knit her a lively pair for those grey winter days. She'll be thrilled.


My 7 yo son would love some socks. The leftovers would become my sock blanket.

Natalie G

I would love this yarn more than anyone I know. I would knit a cowl or shawlette to wear with anything. Reminds me of troical fish.


I would knit a pair of socks for my wonderful mother. Carpe diem!


These are so fun! Tank-top, cowl, socks...too many choices. I would love to work with this yarn

Deb White

My daughter is 16, six feet tall, plays a blue sparkly ukele (one of 15 instruments she plays) and doesn't particularly care if someone else doesn't like what she does. I am so proud of her. So, I would make her a slouchy hat to go with that crazy ukele.


I knit socks for my niece who is a college sophomore. She claims her handknit socks are the envy of her floor. She would love some fluorescent socks this winter!

Judy Drew

I would make socks for my friend who is crazy about wild colors.


My son would love a pair of socks made with this yarn. He LOVES wild socks and this would fit him to a T!!!!


My daughter who is 12 and really bright socks.


I would knit socks for myself or a girlfriend as none of the 4 men in my family would appreciate those colors!


Socks for my niece she'd totally get a kick out of them.

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