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April 24, 2014



I love socks for warm weather knitting, they aren't heavy or hot to knit. I always have some socks on my needles

Babette HIndle

I usually knit socks in the summer,I love knitting for family and friends.


Socks are my favorite thing to knit, any time of the year!!!


I pretty much only knit socks, probably 9 out of 10 projects are socks. Once in a while I'll knit something else but even then it usually uses sock yarn.


A shawl, socks or a baby sweater. But then there is also cowls and heck... even jewelry - I bought a great bracelet pattern with beads that is calling my name! Stereo Cuff by Laura Nelkin

Amy Eileen Koester

I'm all about socks. I knit other things, but I always have a pair of socks going.


Socks, socks, and more socks. Socks are great to bring with me, no matter where I go. I also do hats, mittens and baby socks for gifts.

Anne Dempsey

I am like Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar. I knit just about everything...sweaters, hats, blankets, scarves, doll clothes. Then I get that queasy feeling. Kinda tired, not up to par . A little peckish.

Then I remember!!!! I do not have any SOCKS ON NEEDLES!!!

Cure? I start a new pair of socks, on my favorite needles, with yarn from my magical stash. AHHHH! Relief! All is well again, life is good!

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it !

Jane H

I mostly do small projects. Sometimes socks, sometimes baby items or amigurumi.

Susan Ipavec

I knit mainly socks. During this time of the year, socks dominate, but I also try to do some baby knits and I am working on finishing my afghan using some yummy alpaca yarn:-)

Teresa C

Socks. All the socks need to be darned. I would rather knit new ones.


The time of year doesn't matter, i'm always knitting socks!

amy g

Summer is sock time! I usually have an easy one and a more complicated one. They are portable and good to work on even when it is hot!

Tanisha Dudley

Socks, socks, and MORE socks! Socks have been all I've wanted to knit for the past 7 months! Socks are portable and mine always fit! The thought of having a bunch of knitted socks is exciting and having knitted them myself..........PRICELESS!


I just keep knitting on the many unfinished projects I'm working on. Socks are my preferred project for traveling.


This time of year I am finishing my winter projects that I didn't get around to. Then it's on to socks.


Fingerless mittens


This time of year I knit socks and small shawls. Maybe a hat or two.

DeTraie Marquardt

I knit shawls and socks all year long.


I love knitting socks, socks, and more socks.

Linda Sumis

When the weather gets warmer, I tend to knit lighter-weight projects such as linen sweaters and cotton hand towels. However, I always have a pair of socks to finish tucked in my purse for pool, boat, and just "down-time".


I've been on a big sock knitting kick because they're fast (for me) and require little fitting (& I've got that mastered). Now if I could work up the nerve to tackle all the sweater projects I have kitted up....


Whatever comes to mind. I am currently working on a pair of mittens and a pair of socks for my mom. This time last year I was making a fantastic baby blanket though.

Leslie Fehr

Slouchy hats are my portable project - I still have to think a bit too much knitting socks. Piccadilly Circus would make a great slouchy hat!

Deb White

This time of year I am actually knitting for the fall.... wooly, tweedy sweaters, lovely, colorful socks, mittens out of sockweight, with linings..... It is too hot to knit these things in the summer, and then, poof! The fall is here and that's when I need the knits.

Anita Miller

ohh socks, shawls and fingerless mitts for two shawls and one pair of socks on the needles right now.


I knit my winter socks during the summer--no hot or heavy knitting in my lap.

Judy Drew

It's always socks for me! My husband wears only hand knit socks. I also knit socks for friends and family members. Socks are great travel knitting, mindless knitting, and in front of the TV knitting.


It's all abt the socks here! Socks are portable, mindless and easy to complete, esp with yarn like this!!!!

Sandy W

Small scarves or socks are my summer projects!


Socks or shawls depending on the mood. Love the colourways, especially Mount Doom.


Still knitting socks!


Most often it's socks but I will sometimes do a light shawl.


This winter I found myself knitting socks.
I completed 3 pairs this winter. Thanks to your yarn company.
In the past baby items, small sweaters/booties, also shawls and lace scarves. Mostly quick projects they give me a good feeling. Socks qualify for this and now I am addicted.

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