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April 24, 2014


Amanda Spencer

At this time of year, I like to knit socks (of course!), and also sweaters out of fingering weight yarn. I try to finish one sweater each summer in time for the cooler weather in the fall.


There's always a sock project in my purse! Can work on those anytime I'm waiting on hubby or at the Dr. office. Quick finish! LOVE sock knitting!!!


Socks all the time, no matter what season! A lacy shawl is usually also on my needles. Nice to knit and snuggle in summer and winter in NH.

Courtney J

I knit everything all year long. I actually knit several summer tops last year. I've always got some socks going.


I always have a pair of socks on the needle and I'd sure like that Ibiza. Since I'm a teacher and my schedule is easier in the summer, I take on more ambitious shawl projects. I'm finishing up Tubularity and would love a new project for spring.


All socks all the time! I love knitting socks really all year round, but especially in summer to stock up for winter :)


break out the size 2's
summer is sock time for sure
love made, one per foot

Sue Gates-Devlin

I always have socks on my needles and that is what I would knit if I won


Love to knit socks.

Alecia Helton

Socks. All year long.

Melissa @ Miso Crafty Knits

I have to admit, the weather doesn't deter me from knitting anything - probably because I live on the West Coast and so the weather can be warm during the day and a bit chilly at night. But usually I tend to knit a lot of socks and shawls since it's easier to tote around and to whip out while basking in the sun at the park! :)


I knit everything and anything. At the moment it's a pair of socks and a sweater.


I knit socks year round. . . and the stripey-er the better! Once the temps drop into the low 60s and 50s it's pullovers, hats, cowls, and wraps until spring!

Stephanie Lange

I'm always knitting socks. I'm also usually trying to finish my winter sweater this time of year.


If you had asked this last year I'd have said shawls/lace.... But this year is the year of the sock for me... I can't stop knitting them!

Christina Denton

I always knit sock-weight projects during warm weather...socks, or shawls mostly. And self striping yarn is my most favorite!

Southern Gal

Socks socks socks. Two nephews on three leagues meAns a lot of baseball watching.

Patti sandstrom

Love knitting socks all year long

Barbara Rude

shawls, lace, I live in Florida too hot for anything else.

pam blaine

Scarfs for anybody


I usually do socks or lightweight tops. Living in the south there is no need to knit anything winter-y but my feet could always use some good socks.


Shawls and's still too chilly here in WA but not sweater weather. Socks are great, too, though!

Geraldine Scott

Finally got the hang of knitting socks…definitely a good project when the weather gets warm!


I knit all items all times. I have been avoiding bulky wool and even using less worsted wool living in Southern CA so it's not the season but the fiber that dictates my knitting projects.


Socks for me too!

Gabrielle Granger

It is only my third year Knitting, so I dont really have a pattern yet. But usually I'm knitting something for warm weather. Last year it was a tank top, and this year I'm starting a lacy shawl.


Always socks. I also will do mittens, hats and occasionally scarfs but socks are why I love knitting.


Socks and I need some on my needles now!

Marianne Koller

Socks because they are so easy to take along just about anywhere. Starting on Xmas gifts!


Definitely like socks to knit! But lately I have been into smaller, lacy shawls, and for baseball games, I like dishcloths....they let me watch the game!


Mostly socks because they are easy to take with. Generally have at least 2 going at given time

Leslie Hallman

I pretty much knit whatever strikes my fancy at any time of year... Right now, it's baby items, because everyone (including me!) is having babies this summer!!


socks. As a matter of fact, I'm knitting my poste yarns blue curacao.


Socks! I don't knit much except socks and the occasional shawl. Sock season is year round!

Julie Routon

I knit socks ALL the time...they are do easy & portable! I know there is a knit in public day but I knit in public EVERY DAY!


I knit socks, socks, and more socks...with an occasional sweater thrown in.


Love the socks for summer trips. Grab a sock bag,needle and a couple of skeins and I am ready to roll. Anybody say road trip?


I knit a lot of socks year round. They have just be one my favorite thing to knit because I enjoy experimenting with new yarns and stitch patterns, as well as new techniques, on a small scale. Plus, they are super portable!


I am usually doing a scarf, cowl, shawl of some sort just because I saw a pattern / yarn I liked. There are always other projects on the needles as well.


I knit anything that will fit in my bag---small shawls, fingerless mitts, but mostly socks. If the yarn is eye-popping and beautiful, it makes knitting in public more interesting. :)


Socks are my go to knitting project. I haven't learned the 'magic needles' routine, however, I have two sets of double needles and knit for awhile on one set, then knit for awhile on the other set. It works for me.


Usually I am knitting hats for winter right now. But after this long cold winter I am knitting more socks now!

Lori Linney

I always have several projects going at once, and ALWAYS a pair of socks on the needles for a "take-along"!


I always have a pair of socks going with another project.


I almost always have a pair of socks on my needles, no matter the weather.


I love knitting socks, but this year, it's baby stuff for my grandson who is three weeks old. I think this yarn would make a great striped sweater for my little guy.

Jen G.

Definitely socks for me right now. I am currently knitting socks for my husband (size 14!!!).

Jill L

I knit gifts in the summer - toys mitts and hats while I am on summer vaction


I am working on socks!

Patti B

Right now I'm all about the socks, with a little WIP knit down here and there. Once summer really hits though, I'll be into blankets. I don't like the outdoor heat, but with my knitting spot directly in front of the AC I freeze!


Big socks, little socks and in between socks too!


I knit socks year round. They are so portable. People are amazed that someone actually makes socks on such tiny needles.


Socks! There is no such thing as sock "season" because every season is for socks.

And that Mount Doom color way is really neat! If I get my hands on some, I'd knit it up and the next time I make it to New Zealand, I'd take a picture of them near the mountains that were used for Mount Doom in the LotR film series.


I don't let the weather dictate what I knit, I just follow my whim. Definatly liking brighter colors and more silk blend yarns these days though. I simply adore the Ibiza colorway, can't wait to be knitting something glorious with it.

susan l

Definitely socks. Easy to carry around and also not to hard to finish one. The promise of warmer weather (we are still in winter here in Northwestern Ontario Canada with 10 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow) seems to make the second sock syndrome easier to subdue. And I so love the first color that I am certainly knitting a pair. thank you for your colour design genius--exactly the striping yarn I have been waiting for.


I knit socks all year. I start working on Christmas gifts for my grandchildren in the spring...hats, socks and glomitts.

katherine mallia

Blankets but I want to learn to knir sockies


I'm usually knitting something for charity -- a baby item, or a monster, or a scarf! Thanks for the contest!

Jude smith

It is always socks. But, I am a runner, so now is the time I take the partially left over skeins and combine them to make myself the "lowrise" socks to fit in my sneakers...they are great for that. Love your new colors!!!!!


Socks are always great to knit, any season. That's one project that is on my needles now.

Julie T

Socks, socks, socks. They're so easy and portable. Plus, then I have a treat when fall comes.


For me it is socks as well!

Marjorie Millner

Socks! I am finishing up one pair made with Online Rio and can't wait to knit up the two more Rio skeins that are waiting. I love the black/variegated skeins above and they will be next!

MaryAnn Byrne

Well, I have several projects going at once. Right now I am crocheting a baby afghan, knitting a cotton top and knitting pair of socks. My brothers love getting homemade socks for Christmas so I start now to ensure I have a pair for each of them finished in time.


This time of year, I tend to want to knit shawls, but have little use for them (they don't look right on me), so I end up knitting a lot of sweaters for my kids. The projects are small and I can be sure they will be done by the time cold weather comes again!

Jo Dee

This year my summer knitting will be dedicated to baby knitting. I have so many friends having kids that need handmade treasures.


I'm finishing up a heavier shawl and have some light lace knitting queued up. However, my oldest grandson loves crazy socks and these stripes are calling to me.

katie metzroth

Socks! It's always socks! :)


Socks and baby sweaters. Other small projects are acceptable, too.


Well socks are always on the needle for me.. sometimes 3 pairs. but we have some babies coming into the family in the fall so there is going to be some baby knitting going on also.


Socks are my go to project this time of year. During soccer season, I always have a project bag with socks in it ready to go.

Barbara G.

Socks and more socks! Ok, I do knit sweaters, but they don't fit in my purse (sock #1), or on the passenger seat in the car for traffic jam sock knitting (sock #2) or the one in the grab & go bag for the unknown, (sock #3).


I knit socks all the time and would love to win this. My summer knitting will start soon as soon as I finish a cowl collar sweater and a color affection shawl.

Jane O

I like knitting lace at this time of year. Not too heavy or bulky. And I always have socks going. I like to get a jump on my Christmas knitting.


Like you, I am pyre try much all about socks. But summer especially. So warm here even socks don't appeal. It really is almost impossible to imagine what it feels like to be outside on foot when the temperature is 95-100° & the humidity is 95% or higher. All you have to do is breathe to feel a river of sweat between your shoulder blades! Even inside with AC it feels over warm.


Pretty much all about socks (first sentence)


I always,always have a shawl on the needles. But I'm trying to get a jump on grandchild cardigans for next fall. I love,love,love the colorways!


It is still cool enough that I can work on a sweater. I should be finished by the time it warms up. Warm weather knitting and crocheting usually means socks or marketbags for me.


I'm knitting socks and a it seems I'm always knitting a baby gift or 2, especially in the spring.


Definitely socks!!


I always have socks on the needles, but Spring time I like to knit sweaters.


Socks and socks. They are so portable.

Michelle B

I love socks all the time, but since I'm a teacher and off all summer, I tend to lean to lighter weight sweaters that aren't to hot on my lap!

Patty McD

The weather is so nice here most of the year that what I knit or with what doesn't matter. I like socks because of their portability, but shawls and shawlettes score right up there too.

Marcene norris

It is socks for me. Have four pair going now. Great graduation gifts!

denise moore

I always make scarves and cowls


This is the time of year that I start knitting summer tops: tank tops, t-shirts, light sweaters. Hurray for spring and for bright colours.


A pair of socks is always my constant companion. Usually plain vanilla or a simple pattern repeat. They travel everywhere with me. All those 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there of waiting result in custom pairs of delicious socks, bright colors, stoic colors, doesn't matter. I might stray for a mitten, hat, scarf/shawlette but socks own my heart.

Susan Eberhardt

Socks, year round. Dear understanding husband looked at all the leftover sock yarn, so now baby, toddler, child socks are happening too. Everyone in my life receives homemade socks as gifts!

Janet Duff

It is most usually socks for me. Easy take along project.


Socks! Although I usually do one lacy shawl each summer'


socks! but scarves and shawls as well.

Lisa Soderman

I am working on wash cloths at the moment!


I don't go for very long spells w/o knitting socks.... but truthfully the season doesn't have much to do with what I knit. Several yrs ago I crocheted a 7' round afghan in ww cotton + started it in July on a camping trip. Although this spring is an exception... I'm spinning like mad... I still have a pr of socks on my needles. Beautiful new sock yarn by the way!!!

Diane E.

Socks for me, or sweaters for my toddler grandson (so as not to be in a rush when cooler weather returns)


Socks know no time of year. (Then again, where I live, neither do sweaters or down comforters.)

Sharon Roberts

I'm into shawls and scarves and cowls, so just use lighter yarn for the warmer weather, if it ever gets here that is'


Mainly smaller items such as socks and scarves. Occasionally I knit sweaters in the summer, but they're usually summer sweaters.


I knit socks, fingerless mitts, and blanket squares this time of year.

Leslie Fehr

I aways have a slouchy hat going as my waiting time project. I love knitting socks too. If I know I'll have a goodly amount of visiting time - maybe I'll grab a shawl project, or the cardigan being knit in fingering yarn.

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