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April 24, 2014


Heather Laskowski

It's socks, socks, socks for me too! They are contained, satisfying, lovely and useful. I love everything about knitting socks.

Judi Kennedy

SOCKS!! That's about all I knit anytime of year. Love socks. Knit for me and anyone else that likes socks. Did I mention I love knitting socks??


I do love knitting socks because of their portability and how quickly I get a finished pair. But it has nothing with the time of year. I knit whatever catches my eye, that I am confident I can complete without too much mental discomfort.


Ditto. Socks are great this time of year. I also try and have a lace project going as well--those are also nice and portable.

Susan Hill

I have several different projects going at once but my favorite go-to project is always socks any time of the year. Find self-striping sock yarn addictive. Especially love wide stripes of beautiful color.


Socks for this time of year for me, although really it is always sock season.


I knit everything all year round. Even though I live in hot Florida, that's what airconditioning is for. Although socks is good when I'm out and about.

Rachel R.

I find that the time of year doesn't really affect what I'm knitting! I don't really classify myself as a warm or cold weather knitter - I just knit what I'm interested in (which is primarily shawls), regardless of the season!

K M Murphy

I love to knit lace shawls during the summer. They're light & airy - good for indoors or out.


Socks, hats, & fingerless mitts. Mostly stockinette, too. Weird, but it works for me.


I like to knit socks in the summer. Portable and easy to make.

Rene B

To paraphrase Indiana Jones....why is it always socks! But for me, yep it is always the socks!

Cindy Louallen

It's always the right season to knit socks and that Ibiza colorway is absolutely insane!!! LOVE IT!

Amanda Laven

I don't knit, I crochet, but the time of year doesn't really affect what I'm working on. Mostly I make amigurumi, but lately I've been branching into socks, hats, gloves, bootcuffs, tights...anything that seems fun and useful really.

Ann M

I mostly knit socks this time of the year. Socks are such a portable (and giftable) project and my days can be busy with waiting times (translate knitting sessions) built into my days. I usually have a long term larger project (not portable) sitting in a basket beside my chair at home but most of time knit time is spent on socks.


I have been knitting fingerless mitts like crazy!


It's def socks!!! Can take anywhere, small so u can sit I park outside with friends at a BBQ and my feet appreciate it in the winter when it's -30 or colder 😄


Most of my knitting is socks. I have long feet and can make cute socks that I can't find anywhere in a length that will fit my feet. I love sock yarn and all the colors and fibers that I can find the yarn in.

Katie Mauch

I ALWAYS have a sock project in my purse, year round. Like you said it's perfectly portable! I also like to try to plan ahead in the summer and start working some gifts for upcoming fall&winter birthdays. I'm a slow knitter sometimes!

Karen Majors

I knit socks year round.

Debby P

The time of year or whether it is cold or hot doesn't really change my knitting . I always have socks on my needles, they are absolute favorite to knit, however I always have something else on needles too...shawl, hat...I will say that 90% of my knitting no matter what is with fingering weight yarn. I just can't get enough of it, especially the hand dyed or hand painted :)


Socks now, often a wrap in mid - summer, then hats in late summer. Every year I plan to be a season ahead and every year I get enticed by pretty wraps!

Beth R

I finally learned to knit socks this fall, and I have thrown myself into it like any newly converted zealot. I find myself looking at your site several times a week, and always being tempted by the precious things I see!


Socks, always socks!


It's been lace/lacy shawls for me. But this is only my second summer as a knitter. 😊


I knit everything any time of the year but always have one or two pairs of socks going too.


Socks in every season! Finishing 3 pair this week and just began one with the Regia Lyrica #7358 I got from you.


I am in full on shawl knitting mode right now but I may have to take a break for some socks!


I am working on socks and toys. I don't feel motivated for a sweater yet, but the ideas are swirling!


It's always sock season! And I love self striping yarn! I hope to visit your store one day, but for now I will keep shopping online

tami shaughnessy

I love to knit lace when the weather is warm...too hot for wool.

Katherine B

I always find myself coming back to socks although this summer I am expecting a baby girl and so I have begun working on some items of clothing for her arrival in August.


Anything I can knit with sock weight yarn---hats, mittens, shawls, legwarmers for my granddaughters, scarves, and of course SOCKS!!!!


I'm on a shawl kick right now, but I'll probably be moving to something fingering weight vs. worsted/bulky. I did a worsted shawl last July and about smothered under it, even with the A/C on!

Marcie Shapiro

I am always knitting socks! It doesn't matter what time of year! They are a great portable project!


I knit a lot of socks when the weather turns warm, but I also knit scarves, sweaters, shawls - basically anything I can knit with fingering weight yarn.


Definitely socks--in the winter to keep warm, in the summer to start gettting ready for Christmas giving.

Betsy Mortinsen

Keeping with the theme, socks of course!


I knit socks all the time, including in the summer. I'm trying to branch out some though. After finishing my last pair of socks, I started a lace stole. My office is often too air-conditioned, so the stole should come in handy!


Socks, of course - but branching out with fingerless mitts, and a hat to match!

Lisa viviano

Socks are my go to knit this time of year. I also stock up on baby booties for upcoming baby gifts.

Staci Lockman

It's always socks season for me. I have a traveling sock with me all the time, as well as a fussier one at home for when lacy shawls are messing with me but I still want a little challenge.

Barb T.

Socks all the time for me!


I often knit a couple of tee shirts around this time of year, cotton or soy silk in the past. Socks, of course, too.

Cindy Strick

As it turns warm, I mostly knit socks but I also try to get a head with baby bibs and washcloths.


for me, it's always socks too. I usually knit 2 or 3 pairs at a time......the yarn keeps me from getting bored with it.
And I like to knit hats in the summer. A knitting friend has KNITZVAH.....a group that knits hats they give the homeless at Christmas. I try to knit a few hats a month, so I have a bunch to donate come December.

Kate S

Socks! All year round!

Chandra Schneider

I love doing Lace projects this time of year to get ready for summer! Also working on some projects for this fall/winter season so they can be completed early!

Renee Anne

Admittedly, I'm a bit all over with my knitting. I've been known to knit a sweater in summer, and little hats in the winter. But if it's sock yarn, it's most likely going to be socks or fingerless mitts. I'm weird like that.


I would knit wrist warmers. They would be easy to find in my bag with the neon colors!

Linda Byrn

Socks, for sure

Kim Deiro

I knit mainly socks, all year. My family LOVES them. I

Lois Yamada

I trade off between socks and shawls. But it seems socks do have the edge! Maybe because you can see the socks taking form almost immediately.


Socks, socks, socks!!!

Nicole Wetzel

Socks are definitely my go to project year round.

Nancy Fanzlaw

Socks, year round. I tend to do larger project in the Fall and Winter (such as it is here in North Central Florida...) - Blankets are fun to do in sections, then stitch them together.

Samantha Buckley

Socks, absolutely! I'm a full-time student, and a small project like a pair of socks fits nicely on my desk for when I need a few rows of a study break.

Angela Medina

My daughter would love a pair of socks in this colorway. She's totally into funky and bright colors.


This Spring is all about socks for me. Even before I get one pair off the needles, I have been casting on for another.

Ibiza is beautiful!


I've tended more towards fingerless mitts as small projects for summer or easy take along. But I really want more handknit socks, so I need to get more comfortable with them and learn some more techniques!


I'm still trying to finish up late Christmas gifts! The Dr. Who scarf is not long enough for my BIL who is over 6' tall. I wish I were knitting socks right now, but not for him. His feet are size 14.

Rhonda Atkinson

I love knitting socks. All year long but now I can knit anywhere without getting too hot or feeling heavy with a large project. More likely to carry a project everywhere if it is a small one. And then rewards at the end. A new pair of socks for someone I love.

Rose Birchall

I knit socks and hats. But I love knitting socks.

Sandra Cash

Socks, all year. Handy to carry around and I am knitting for 20 feet. My grandsons in their 20's will even wear them mismatched.

Nancy (harmonise)

Definitely socks...although right now I'm monogamous with a magic cake chevron scarf. Same emotional affect as the self striping sock. Makes me happy!


I'm a breakroom knitter, so socks are always on the needles (less to carry). I've been knitting for a mere two years, and I still have half a drawer to fill.


YES, I'm with you there---Socks are always my go to project-- very easy to take along anywhere; and always fun to see how they will end up-- LOVE the new yarn!!!

Danielle K

Socks!! I love socks at any time of the year!! Love the yarn and the way it's striping up!! So cool :)


Absolutely SOCKS! And self-striping socks are the bomb!

Beth L

Hexapuffs are always on the needles - I have a big backlog of odds and ends from socks :)

Mary Cast

I crochet socks and love the self striping most. I also make a lot of hats and mittens, so the stripes are great. Striped scarf or cowl rings are fun too.


I'm all about the socks. All socks all the time!

Mary Harting

I like to make lace scarfs and shawls this time of year.

Lesa Muntz

It is socks for the 3 men in my life!

Lucy Kesler

Socks!! Always socks!




Usually lace and Hexipuffs, but I really want to get back to knitting socks - It's been too long since I knit a pair!

Elizabeth Beisler

I have been knitting 50 years and never made socks till this winter! I always have something going, usually something BIG, but I will never be without a pair of socks in my project bag, now that I have learned how wonderful they are to knit and to wear!


I've been knitting for just three months. So far, I'm on socks pair 5, hat number 2 and some booties. So it may not be fair to answer what I do normally at this time of year, but I really covet that yarn! Currently I have a sock to take with me and I'm starting a lacy bolero for my teenaged daughter which feels great because it is cool and pearly grey yarn!

Jane Finnell

I knit a bit of everything throughout the year - I live in Hawai'i so the seasons aren't as evident - tho at 4000' it does get chilly in the evenings. I do frequently switch to cotton or a cotton blend for bigger projects this time of year (maybe b/c of my years in Alaska) - socks are a favorite tho, for portable projects - I usually have several projects going at once so I can pick and choose. : )


Socks and fingerless gloves, both so portable. Love these stripes.

Andrea Sandahl

This year I am into knitting cowls & fingerless gloves, so that is what you will find me knitting at this time. But for several years, it was socks. My last project (and only actually) using the Post self striping yarn was a scarf.

Deb Holbrook

Basic socks outside the house, fancy socks or lace inside the house (less chance of charts flying away there) :)

DeeAnn Jeschke

I an definitely a sock addict. I love the black with the bright colors.

Margretta Josephson

I am always knitting socks no matter the season. I might have a scarf or shawl OTN, but I am never without socks OTN. Those new colors in the Poste yarn are great.

Melissa B.

I also knit socks for exactly the reasons already described...lightweight, portable, simple. This year I am knitting hats too in order to look forward to the holidays. It feels forced, though, and all I want to do is cast on more socks!

Amy C

Socks, shawls, socks, baby sweaters, socks, and then socks...


I'm into shawl season. And I always have a sock on the go, it's always the season! ;)


I ALWAYS have socks on the go. But since I also knit comfort shawls for my church, those are going any season. Misfortune doesn't take a summer break, unfortunately. Love the new yarn!




I love all those colorways!! It's sock season all year for me, though I do love knitting lace patterns into my socks. :-)

Nancy Van Patten

Socks, shawls, and cowls!!!


I always have a pair of socks going but I like to do baby blankets and scarves during the summer.


I am fairly new to knitting, but as hot as it is down here (Florida) this time of year, about the only things I could tolerate to knit right now are socks or a hat :-) LOVE this yarn!


It's been shawls and cowls for me this year! Every time I think I'm going to knit something different I find another shawl/cowl pattern I love.
I'm hoping to make this summer about socks though. It's been too long since I've knit them!

Elise McKee

It's socks and shawl time of year but I also will knit summer weight sweaters.


I knit shawls mostly this time of year.


Love to knit socks all year!!

Karen Pettyjohn

I usually start on Christmas knitting for the grandchildren this time of year. However...I just started a pair of socks for me!


I usually start on cowls and hats for winter/Christmas knitting. This summer will also include socks as I recently finished my first pair of socks and loved making them!

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