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April 08, 2014



Vegas Vacation for the first one and Salem Summer for the second one


Wizard of Oz Revisited
Orange You Glad to See This


For some reason I'm thinking of otherworldly names for these - Rings of Saturn for the top pic, and Martian Sunset for the 2nd one

Sandy McCause

Miami Nights
Maui Sunset

Nancy Fanzlaw

Northern Lights for first one; Colorado Sunset for the second


Sunset over Tumon Bay for the bottom one. The sunsets on Guam were the most unreal oranges and then black sky- and they only lasted a few minutes.


Light Up Night - Pittsburgh
The Point - Pittsburgh (where the 3 rivers meet)

Charles River Reflections


First one: LA Lights
Second one: Beach on Maui

Linda W.

Top one: Carnival Nights
Bottom one: I also like - Maui Sunset


Thick stripe of black, thick stripe of variegated neon: Never Never Land

The red, orange, black one: Asheville because it has all the beautiful colors you see when you go to Biltmore in the Fall

Ann M

Top - Deep Space Rendezvous

Bottom - Poppy Field Fantasy


I'm seeing Fremont Street and Grand Canyon SUnset

Connie Caruso

Top one: Mardi Gras


Disney World (it reminds me of flamingos and Florida)
Bottom: Autumn Glory (maple leaves in the fall)

Leslie Fehr

Top One - Times Square
Bottom - Coney Island

Shannon Adams

Volcanic Hawaii for the second one, and Vegas Strip for the first one. Both are wonderful colorways!!


80's Club for the first one and Mount Doom for the second.


1st pic: What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
2nd pic: Paradise City


1st: Stained Glass Circus
2nd: Pumpkin Street Blues


The first one with the black reminds me of coloring as a child. Remember when you would use different colors all over a paper and then cover all the colors with a heavy black layer. Then you would carve into the paper with your designs letting the colors show thru:)

For the first one: Blackboard.
Like in a school room, (it's a place right?).


Candyland fot the first one; Tuscany for the second one.


Great ideas so far!


Black & neon color striped yarn, I would name Candyland because it reminds me of Black Licorice twirl candy.


Mardi Gras for the first; hayride for the second.


First one: "Broadway". As the song goes, they say the neon lights shine bright on Broadway.


Everyone has really good suggestions! How about Casino Royal for the first one and Pompeii for the second one?


Upon seeing these I immediately thought of Dr. Seuss books, "The Lorax" in particular. Any place names in there that might work?


First - Broadway, Times Square, or Picadilly Circus

Second - Camp Fire or Sedona

Judi Kennedy

Neon Nights for the first one and Restless Road for the second one.


I'd name the first one studio 54 and the second Casablanca.


The neon stripe reminds me of the midway at Cedar Point.
Name- Cedar Point
The second brings to mind the Disney movie Halloween Town.


Neon stripes make me think of Ibiza Disco Nights. The second? Halloween in Salem.


What about Haight-Ashbury for the neon/black combo, and Sleepy Hollow for the other.


Venice Beach and Hollywood Hills, maybe?

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