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April 04, 2014


Rhonda Atkinson

I too have bought yarn that I just loved and had no idea what I would do with it. I have put it away but go thru my stash and see them often. Putting them in the bowl on my coffee table would be a great idea. Will most definately do that. And I am currently considering going Paleo. Sounds easy. And I am working out alot so need to clean my diet up. Thanks.

Nancy Fanzlaw

Doesn't EVERYONE buy yarn just because it's beautiful? I can't leave it out, the kitties would yarn bomb the house. :) I do look at it often and imagine all sorts of projects. Eventually I decide what to do with a skein or two.

Kathi Sherron

I have some wire shelves in my knitting room/office & all my yarn is stored in clear bags so I can see it. A special chair, a goose neck floor lamp, a bookcase with my yarn books, and my shelves of yarn. Love that room!

Leslie Fehr

I, too, have succumbed to the beautiful single skein purchases. But, on the good side, it makes me have to think about projects. I bought a couple of tubs and have one that will hold my yarn for charity hats, one for my single skein projects and one for the multiple skein projects. I like to use good yarn for the hats I take to the homeless shelter because I feel that they deserve something wonderful, too.


My stash is full of single skeins I just HAD to buy - mostly sock yarn. Every once in awhile I will pull one out & knit it. My stash is half very organized & half completely disorganized in 4 different areas of the house - living room, my bedroom, the computer/sewing/guest room & even some in the dining room. I'm working on getting it more organized now.

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