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April 28, 2014



I am looking forward to getting the chill out of my bones. These past few days in NW Ohio hasn't helped.


I'm looking forward to the family and I being able to spend more time with my dad, who has stage 4 lung cancer. Every day's a blessing and we are trying to enjoy each and every day we have together.


I'm looking forward to catching bullfrogs with my children, watching my darlings run and squeal with delight around the water sprinkler, and visiting the local farmers markets that burst with delicious crops of strawberries and green beans.

Darlene Krystal

I'm looking forward to Mother's day when I get to see my daughters....they both work so I don't get to see them as often as I used to....which makes it super special when I get to see them....Have a great knitting day.....


I mostly look forward to the summer when the kids are out if school and we are not on a schedule. This summer is particularly special as we are going on our first official family vacation to Hawaii!

Mary Harting

Knitting with my group of friends

Karin B.

Sandals! Barefeet! Wading in the lake! Sand between my toes! I am very tired of boots right now.


I'm looking forward to retiring!!

Angela Medina

I'm looking forward to sunny days, warm weather , and seeing what sprouts in my garden!


Looking forward to longer daylight hours and warmer evenings!
More time spent outdoors!


I'm looking forward to flying to Colorado (from PA) to see the first Granddaughter, graduate from high school . If we were driving , we'd stop at Simply Sock Yarn .
Also warmer weather , but I knit socks year round !


Looooong summer evenings! I can't get enough!


I'm looking forward to tomatoes and ice cream, just not together!

Susan Hill

Love all the fresh produce during the spring/summer/fall months when I browse the farmers' market in my neighborhood and do lots of canning. Also my grandson's baseball games on summer evenings are so much fun when the daylight hours last longer.


I love how everything becomes green again after the long weather. I also look forward to gardening.


Kayaking, biking, camping, walking my dog, reading and knitting in the sun!


I am a teacher and am looking forward to having more time to myself and of course more time to knit!

Leslie Fehr

I'm looking forward to sitting outside in the early mornings and the late evenings - here is Central Texas the rest of the day gets too hot too soon. When it gets too hot and sticky for knitting - then it's cross stitch time for me.


I am looking forward to walking on bare pavement outside. WE had a brutal winter here in Northwestern Ontario near Thunder Bay, and as I write this there are still piles of snow on the lawn. The streets have been bare just one week as we had a snowstorm again last Friday. It was so slippery, icy cold (-30 for almost 2 months) that it really was a deterrent to outside walking. Our winter started at the end of Oct2103 and is just ending.

Mimi Stewart

We love harvesting flowers for the house and pic-niks, taking produce frome our garden to eat at one of many lakes we enjoy visiting for a day or a week. Our three granddaughter are eager to learn to knit or crochet this sports this summer! Just enjoying ea hother and learning something new.

Linda Sumis

I'm looking forward to NOT being cold all the time and needing to wear 3 or more layers of clothing just to stop the shivering. While I love knitting sweaters, natural heat would be a very welcome relief.

Annita Papenbrock

I am looking forward to planting my garden and taking my darling grandaughters to lots of Tin Caps games. I will probably take a knitting project with me. ;)


Looking forward to camping, and exploring new outdoor places. With my knitting in hand of course :)


I look forward to messing about in the garden. It's not a tidy garden, but we always have something tasty to pick. It's hard to knit when my hands are so grimy!


I'm looking forward to opening every last window in the house and going barefoot!

Cindy Baldwin

Being warm. It's been a long, cold winter and while I may have a change of heart when its 105 degrees and the wind is blowing like a blast furnace, it sounds very appealing today. And, I can always knit in the air conditioned comfort of living room.

ellen kirkendall

I just got a kayak and can't to get on the water!

Cindy Strick

I am looking forward to long walks in warm weather and sitting on the front porch knitting.

Geraldine Scott

Soaking up the sun and waiting for the arrival of a new grand baby in July!


Beach time. Looking forward to some fun in the sun.


Being warm & spring knitting

Janet Dennison-Dendy

Camping, gardening, and fresh fruits and vegetables!


I am looking forward to gardening, being outside while it is warm, and biking to work.


I love looking at all the blooming flowers and longer days.

Jean Andreas

Looking forward to longer daylight hours. Working outside and knitting on the front porch where my glider is. MMMMMM-good!


Grandchild number five due the first of August!

Krissy King

My summer Favorite Things: to walk in my park, garden, and knit socks on the porch swing during a gentle summer rain.

Marilyn Robinson

I am looking forward to more daylight in the warm evenings so I can sit on my new Patio as soon as I get home from work and knit until dark, I just love the daylight!


I am looking forward to sitting outside in the backyard with my knitting. As bad as winter was I so want to do this


Sunshine and the ability to walk outside without a coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

Definitely plan to knit a whole new set for next winter to encourage a more kind winter.


I'm looking forward to sitting outside with my pet chickens and knitting on a pair of socks.


I am looking forward to going camping. I take my knitting and sit around the campfire and knit. I live in Alaska and can knit late into the night!


Feeling warm!


Looking forward to walking in the spring sunshine


I'm looking forward to planting my first "grown from seed" tomatoes and doing lots of knitting for my first granddaughter.


I'm looking forward to seeing the flowers in bloom and sitting on our new screened porch and knitting, sorta outside, sorta inside, and no bugs!


I love the warmth and mowing, weeding, walking the dogs, riding the horse, the sun. I wish it would last longer!


I'm looking forward to warm, (or even hot) sunny days! & yes, I'm a teacher so I'm looking forward to days spent working in my garden and having time to spend knitting with friends under a shade tree!


This has been a long cold winter....I am looking forward to changes in my life and my husbands....I start a new job on May 12...better hours so more time to knit socks!!! husband is changing careers also...he his opening a Coffee shop in a fast growing area of our City!! We have both been working for the same company and it is in the process of changing and not for the good!! More time to spend with family and friends in the upcoming warmer weather!! Would love to win this yarn to knit my husband new socks.....(my husband also just had Brain Surgery on March 1st, he is doing great now, back to his fun loving self)


I'm looking forward to putting away the down coat and the down comforter, and having lighter layers.


Spring time brings smiles to my face when I am able to sit on my deck in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee, then in the mid-afternoon enjoying my book and ice tea; and in the evening, dessert and wine with my sweetie.

Teresa C

I am looking forward to not wearing 12 layers of clothes. My area hasn't been too cold, but my body thinks it is freezing:(

Lisa B

Looking forward to SO many things! Putting in our back patio, cycling, taking the kayaks out on Lake MI and the Galien River, farmers markets, planting the garden, knitting outside and on and on and on..... Thanks for the giveaway!


The warm weather so that my hands will warm up and I will be able to move my fingers to knit without cramping :)


I am especially looking forward to camping in the beautiful Wyoming mountains. Spring is beautiful in the mountains with the green growth, colorful flowers and strong smell of pine!


I am looking forward to sunshine and warm weather. It has been a long, dreary cold winter.


I'm looking forward to more daylight hours and fresh garden produce.

Karen G.

This summer I'm looking forward to making the most of the kayaks my daughter got for me and my husband last year. I'm also looking forward to some quality time out on the deck where I can get back into drop spindle spinning and knitting small projects for fun. I need to get busy knitting socks!!

Katherine Louise Gray

I am looking forward to doing some light knitting and crocheting. Doilies and decorations with some nice light cotton rather that the winter wonders - beanies and blankies


I'm looking forward to having fresh herbs growing just outside my door. It's almost pesto season!


Finding wild flowers growing in the woods.


I am most looking forward to the hopefully bounteful yields from my first ever vegetable garden. Can't wait!


I'm looking forward to being outside and not teaching. I can catch up on my reading outside. :)


Morning runs in the daylight, with only one layer of clothing!

Susan Ipavec

I am looking forward to more walks with my son, and no more cold/snow!


I am looking forward to being able to sit on the porch and just enjoy the weather! After the winter we had, everyone is anxious for summer to get here!

Judi Kennedy

After this winter I look forward to planting my new iris's and replant my daylilies. I just organized my large yarn stash so knitting will take a part also, but that can be done all year long.

Deb White

Yes, I am a teacher, but with a twist. I am currently on leave, dealing with some very painful knee surgery. So I am looking forward to some time in the sun, with my husband (also a teacher) and daughter home with me. That's it!

Anita Miller

Looking forward to sitting out on the back deck and knitting... that and doing some gardening and bbq'ing!!!

Melissa B.

Sunshine, having my nieces and nephew visit, and family excursions!


I'm looking forward to sorting my stash and pairing yarn with patterns; making myself project kits to last the rest of the year is my favorite summertime activity.

Jan Ball

I am looking forward to early morning walks and coffee on the patio while the world wakes up.

Judy Drew

I'm looking forward to tomatoes from my garden!


I'm impressed the boys will go to sleep when it's still light outside. It was SO difficult to get my kids to sleep when there was still sun outside. "But mom, the sun is still awake!" Now they are teenagers and they'd sleep the day away if I'd let them!!!

I'm normally looking forward to the quiet days of summer, but this year both kids are going to be involved with summer camps which means I'm still driving them around!!! This is why I keep socks in the car.....

Sandy W

I'm looking forward to not wearing gloves and opening our swimming pool!


Summer reading, knitting by the lake, BBQ food and long, lovely evenings with good friends and adult beverages.


I'm looking forward to being able to knit on the balcony in the early mornings, just after the sun comes up. The dogs come out with me and keep me company while I drink my coffee. I'm also looking forward to playing fetch with the dogs, without worrying about frostbite!


My garden is calling my name on sunny days. I have to go out every morning and 'talk' to the peas, tomatoes and lettuce (all I have in the ground right now). It might not help them to grow but it does me a world of good. I put in raised beds in my garden this year and already know that I want a couple more.


I'm looking forward to watching fireworks on a summer night.


Kids being home and going outside without a coat


Going outside without having to bundle up! I love a warm evening.


I'm looking forward to the Texas Hill Country wild flowers! And Fredericksburg peaches from Marburger Orchard.

Cecilia David

Going to reunion my nursing school, Grady School of Nursing in Atlanta. I have had the opportunity to reconnect with some great folks who I spent endless days and hours with.
Also my garden suffered from the Polar Vortex. Plants to arrive today!


I'm looking forward to camping with the family - nothing beats the hot Carolina summers like going to the mountains!

Kristin Antalavits

Sitting on my deck, knitting in the warm sunshine!


I am looking forward to planting cotton for handspinning purposes and getting my veggies and herbs in the ground.
It's great to see things grow and be able to pick them and eat them from my own little garden.
Also looking forward to washing fleece and drying in the sun. Also for spinning purposes.


I know I missed the cut off but I wanted to add that I love having the windows open. Now if it would pause the rain for a day so I could do so.

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