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April 28, 2014


Karen Pettyjohn

I am looking forward to just being outside! Working in the yard and flower beds is an extra special treat after this long, harsh winter. Of course, I like to sit outside and knit ;-)

amy g

I'm looking forward to the farmer's market! It's my favorite summer activity for a beautiful Saturday morning!


I am looking forward to many nice barbecues with friends and family as well as working in the garden and enjoying a lot of fresh and yummy local produce.


I am looking forward to sitting on my front porch after work, fresh home-grown tomatoes & the smell of honeysuckles across the road!

Jude smith

I am waiting for my lilac bushes to blossom and that first rhubarb pie. I also looking forward to just being outside longer!!!


I'm looking forward to the summer when the Grandchildren are out of school and visiting and having a ball spending time in the pool and with their cousins.

Jacquie Willson

I am looking forward to getting out of the city and sitting under the trees on my deck at our cottage- July can't come sooner!


I am looking forward to the kids being out of school so we have a more relaxed schedule. And some days to just be outside walking without freezing to death or being blown away will be nice as well.

Anne Marie

I am looking forward to a California trip this summer. I have not been back to the state of my birth in about 5 years. We are roadtripping and taking all 8 kids. They are so excited to see the beach ... we live in Nebraska!


Just being able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine!!!!! It's been a long winter for sure!


I'm looking forward to the warm weather, sunshine and water as I'm a sun worshiper and do love the outdoors!


Retirement. Longer days. Flowers. Birds.


I'm looking forward to seeing leaves on trees, hearing birds sing after a thunderstorm, familiar colors of wildflowers by the road, really good tomatoes.


love being able to work in the garden after work due to the longer hours. It's wonderful.

Lisa Viviano

I'm looking forward to hours spent in my rocker on the back porch, knitting and watching the wild life on our pond.


I am looking forward to warm enough weather to open windows.

Merry Fenton

I'm looking forward to flowers, warmer weather and my trip to France next month. : )
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Tanisha Dudley

SUMMERTIME, I am soooo looking forward to you and a less demanding schedule! Having four kids and all their after school activities....the drop off here, pick up from here, stop playing around and do your homework, and come on hurry and take a bath so you can go to sleep because you have school tomorrow gets crazy! And then the next day, REPEAT until summer!


I am looking forward to warmer weather and more daylight hours.


I'm really enjoying being outside and working in my perennial beds. It's still too early to put out tomato and pepper plants, but I've been puttering around planting some new flowers and weeding. (Although gardening really cuts into my knitting time!)

Kate S

I am looking forward to the sun returning!


I'm looking forward to moving into a new home soon! This one will have my very own craft room and a beautiful deck to enjoy while knitting.

Beth L

I moved at the end of October. This apartment has a sliding glass door in one room, which is now my craft room. Looking forward to summer breezes and knitting in the oversized chair in there :)

Sue R

I am a teacher, so I am looking forward to summer when I will have more time for knitting and spending time with family and friends.


I am looking forward to longer days. A bit too hot to knit outdoors here. I have gardening to do and wreaths to make (some use yarn). That color of Heritage paints would make a really pretty scarf.


I'm looking forward to arriving and leaving work and still seeing daylight and the chance to roller skate outside with my little dog.

Sheila McLean

It's my first summer of retirement - so I'm looking forward to doing whatever I want!


You nailed it...I'm a teacher with the summer off! Counting down the days until non-stop knitting time!

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

I'm looking forward to not dealing with snow reports and having to wear a winder coat. I am looking forward to knitting on our sailboad and sitting in the yard knitting and listening to the birds sing!

Christine Newman-Aumiller

I am so looking forward to sleeping in! I am not a morning person so being up and at school by 7:15 is a real drag. Being home during nice weather will also allow me to be outside with my puppy, who LOVES to chew on my knitting! The squirrels and chipmunks will distract her, allowing me time to myself.


I'm looking forward to wearing one layer of clothing, birds chirping in the mornings, long days in the sun, kids being home, baseball, and knitting of course!

Pam Clements

I am looking forward to reading outside in the shade of a tree.

Katie Mauch

Definitely gardening!


Finally being warm again!


I'm looking forward to longer days, open windows, and having my grandchildren visit more often. My knitting time may suffer a bit, but NH summers are too short to stay inside. Winter and rainy days are good knitting days. And summer is for socks -- small, transportable, easy to pick up and put down.

Diane True

I am most looking forward to getting outside to knit.... (it's been a long cold winter here in Maine).

Monica Jines

I am looking forward to the flowers emerging and all the beautiful colors of Spring and Summer.


Our new baby loves the tub, so I'm getting excited about introducing her to the wading pool.


Looking forward to fresh tomatoes, corn and green beans from the garden


I can't wait to be on my bike! And visiting vineyards for wine tasting and relaxing in the grass. And fewer meetings at work. And long evenings in the sun.


I am looking forward to the birth of my first grandchild. I have been knitting little things like a crazy person the entire winter and it will be so much fun to meet the person who will someday be wearing them.

Kim Deiro

I love being able to get outside and take LONG walks with my dogs.


I am looking forward to deck time - warm enough weather to sit outside and watch the chickens, listen to the spring peepers and tree frogs, and knit!

Lucy Kesler

Gardening! And eating from the garden!!!


I'm looking forward to gardening, sunshine, knitting outdoors on my back porch and at baseball games, vacation, time with family, a trip to the beach!

Rhonda Atkinson

I am already enjoying sitting outside with a coffee and knitting in the evening. (Mostly socks) Oklahoma weather is good now.

Rose Birchall

After such a long frigid snowy winter, I am so looking forward to the warm and sunshine! Watching the bluebirds, gardening and relaxing on the porch.

Diana Werner

I am looking forward to being in my garden and hopefully getting more landscaping done :-)


Flowers. Every winter I miss all the bright, happy flowers and can't wait for their return.

Linda Byrn

I love it when the fresh veggies grow and when I can open my windows.

Meg Howard

Around here in VT everyone comes out of the woodwork in spring/summer. I am looking forward to that ALIVE feeling (it's already started)of budding, green, fertile nature and relationships.

Tenna Draper

I can't wait until the time when I can sit on my porch swing and knit, spin, crochet or just watch the birds fly by.


I'm having surgery and look forward to recovery with a lot of finished knitted objects.

Ann M

I retired at the very end of 2013 and this will be my first spring and summer as a "free woman". It's been so long. I look forward to helping my husband maintain our yard and to really watching our patches of flowers grow (rather than just visiting them when I got home from work). I now could (should our Wisconsin weather truly change) even sit outside to knit, read, or just relax. Imagine that!


With the poor weather we had this winter, I am looking forward to getting out and hitting the driving range (in my new socks of course).

Debra Houser

I'm looking forward to going in the backyard and picking homegrown tomatoes and eating them. Having my oldest grandson over to play in the pool. Being able to knit outside while watching the grandkids play!

Sandra Cash

After this cold snowy winter just being outside in the sunshine will be a treat. Sitting by the pool knitting or reading can't wait.

Kathy Bickham

For me it is the same every summer, going out to the lake. I love to sit on the deck overlooking the water and work on my current project.


I am looking forward to having picnics in the park and lingering in the warm summer evenings.

Pamela Deselem

It's going to be a busy spring for us. I have two graduating from college and a niece graduating from high school. I guess after this long winter, I am looking forward to a little bit of relaxation time - evenings outside watching the sun set, enjoying spending some time with my family, just overall R&R. Plus, for the first time in 10 years, I am going to the beach for a week. 41 days and counting! YEAH!!!!


I am looking forward to warm weather and moving. Being a morning person I am not fond of daylight saving time.


Knitting out on the porch!

Jennifer Carabio

I am looking forward to the warmer weather, the longer days, going for runs on the trail, planting a garden, building a patio, going on vacation with my girls, going on bike rides with my boyfriend. :)

Tina Diers

I am looking forward to spending time with my Sister and doing nothing but knitting and relaxing. We are also attending a knitting convention(Stitches East). A whole week of knitting, a few classes, and relaxing. We both enjoy knitting.


More time cycling.


Looking forward to longer days, fresh air and all my light weight knits!


More time outside with the dogs

Amanda Laven

I'm looking forward to longer days, gardening, and more things to do with my family :)


Looking forward to more sunshine.


I am looking forward to summer with my college age daughter. This is the first time in 7 years she isn't working at sleep away camp. Happy to have her home!

Katherine B

I am really looking forward to consistently warm temperatures so I can take my two and a half year old outside to play regularly. I also always love cooking out in summer. I also have the birth of my daughter to look forward to in mid August so I am busy knitting things for her arrival!


Looking forward to warm weather, and a green landscape..

Renee Anne

This will only be our second full summer in California so I'm not quite sure what to expect, other than longer days. I know last summer we had a couple weeks where it was pretty warm (we don't have central air here - which is odd for us but common where we live)...I hope to not relive those as I'm pregnant this time around.

Also, I'm looking forward to getting rid of a bunch of stuff to make room for baby :)


I love the colours of summer...flower gardens, fresh fruit and vegetables at farmers markets, summer clothes, etc. And I love the colour of striped sock yarn!

Wanda Turner

I love being outside all summer! knitting socks while my fiance mans the grill!


i'm looking forward to sitting on the deck drinking my morning coffee. I so enjoy that :)


I love just sitting outside listening to the sounds of summer! That is the birds singing, kids laughing and wind blowing lightly through the fields.

Diane Johnson

I love sitting on my back porch knitting with dog and cat at my feet or in the swing with me. Listening to the birds and looking at all the flowers blooming. What a wonderful time of year!


Boating!!! And knitting lightweight easy projects in the boat, of course.


I'm excited about two things which go hand in hand - longer days and swimming! I'm so excited to be able to swim when I get home from work every evening and have it still be light outside.

Jackie Murton

I am looking forward to sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and a basket of knitting :-)


I'm looking forward to spending time at the pool with the grandkiddies!!


Warm weather, it was a rough winter, and biking and kayaking!!


Looking forward to longer days, more light as I wake up and summer blossoms!


More daylight after work, the smell of freshly mown grass, and evenings sitting on my swing knitting.


I am looking forward to sitting on our deck in the shade of the big tree it is built around; having fun with our 3 standard poodles and of course having a glass of wine and knitting socks in the evening.

Linda L

I am looking to my summer hours at the office, I love working 9-3 in the summer.


I am looking forward to going to the beach. Last summer was so hot here in Myrtle Beach SC that I didn't enjoy the summer. I am hoping that this summer will be cooler (normal) temperatures and I will be able to sit on the beach under an umbrella and catch up on my reading. I find that if I knit at the beach the yarn gets sticky from the salt air.


I most look forward to reduced pain levels - even days with almost no pain. We are in the car headed home to Chicago after spending 12 days in Louisiana with the grands. It was so beautifully warm - high in the 80'odt days. After a day or 2 of adjusting, I felt better than I have in years. Even went into the hotel pool a couple of times with the grands. And like you, I am really looking forward to the extra light. Before the cold weather started causing pain, I always said I didn't mind the cold or snow (in fact, it invigorated me) but going to work in the morning when it's still dark & then leaving work when it's pitch black is so depressing. You feel like light has left this planet!!!!!


I recently had my knee replaced, and I am looking forward to spending time on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather-knitting and walking!!


I'm looking forward to riding my horse after work, rather than just on the weekends.

Janet D.

Spending time outdoors in the evening is what I am looking forward to. I may even knit if the cats will let me.

Holly Beam

Summer brings more time outside sitting on the porch, enjoying a summer evening watching fireflies, building a fire in the fire pit and watching the stars appear, and taking scooter rides on the back county roads and discovering a new picnic spot by a stream. All this with my knitting bag along to add a few rows to a current project, a cowl for those cool evenings riding the scooter. Happy summer everyone!


I am looking forward to being up at our lake cottage. I just love the peacefulness and slower pace at the lake. Of course it's also one of my favorite places to knit!!


I am a school bus driver. I am looking forward to not waking up at 5am.



DeTraie Marquardt

I am looking forward to the sun and perhaps going to the Zoo.


Enjoying my morning coffee outside, watching the sunrise, perhaps seeing some deer taking a morning stroll. Easy peaceful mornings, instead of mad dash to get everyone ready for school & work.


I'm looking forward to sunshine, pooltime, and long summer days


I'm looking forward to having free time to knit and design and being warm!

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