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March 26, 2014


Judi Kennedy

Look forward to the grandkids. They're so much more fun and less pressure to be perfect.

Leslie Fehr

I remember all the important things that happened in my son and daughter's childhood, both good and not so good. Watching them get married made my heart grow as 2 more people joined my family. Now, there are grandkids and it is so much fun.
Just enjoy each stage your boys reach.

Diane E.

Yes, you remember it all. I still at times see a two or three year old's expression in my 30 year old son's face. You do at times wonder where the time went but have so many good memories through the years. Wish they had scrapbooking when my kids were little. Take lots of photos and videos if you can - not just of special occasions and holidays but even trips to the grocery store and walks to the playground. At my son's wedding they actually had a slide presentation of the two of them from babies on up - which everyone loved and was lots of fun!

Rhonda Atkinson

Yes you do remember it all. I have 3 and can say I look at them and remember very specific memories. Please take time now to make memories. I love to hear the stories when my adult children get together and start telling story after story about growning up. And yes, even though a mother thinks she didn't do very good at the job, your kids share that you most definately did. I am so blessed with my kids and now grandkids. Wouldn't change a sleepless night ever.


this is so meaningful for me today as my baby turns 18 today. He is a Senior and my last one to graduate. Life has gone so fast even though I tried very hard to hold on to it! But I have enjoyed watching my children grow up and become young adults. I do wish I had taken more pictures.


When they are ready to go, we find that we are more ready to let them than we expected, at the same time that we never ever want to let them out of our sight no matter how old they are! But we also see and cannot deny how ready they are to step into their own new lives...the ones we've spent years and tears preparing them for. It is bittersweet. A song Find Your Wings by Mark Harris says it so well: "There'll be tears when you take off, but I'll cheer when you fly." And the best part (other than more time to knit!) is that when we let them go, they come back as friends and bring home new people for us to love...and maybe grandbabies someday!! I wouldn't change a minute of any of it.


Natalie, that's the kind of milestone I can't even think about right now. 18!


Yes you remember it all. I especially remember when my younger daughter started college. UIUC started earlier than BU so my older daughter was home & wanted to come with us when we took our "baby" to school. We rented a minivan to fit all her clothes, computer, mini fridge & microwave & the 4 of us. UIUC has student volunteers who actually use flat bed dollies to move everything very quickly & efficiently. She was moved in before we knew it. We drove away (her sister was driving because she didn't trust my partner not to get teary eyed) but 5 minutes later my daughter pulled over & we sat there all 3 of us crying for a good five minutes. It took us all by surprise. They were tears of mixed emotions. We would miss her at home but she was just 21/2 hour drive away. We were so proud of her academic accomplishments & knew she was as well prepared for life outside our nurturing embrace as possible. I am getting choked up just thinking about it. They were happy-sad tears. For most of the time since she graduated, she has lived at least 1,000 miles away (with her 3 children). But her sister lived nearby up until 3 years ago when she moved to DC for work. I miss them both. When you are the mother of a young child, you think in terms of preparing them to eventually live independent lives & to eventually function well as adults. But you also have to prepare yourself for that day. Parenthood is a bittersweet occupation. If you succeed in your job of preparing your children to function well in society, they leave you. But then you also get to see them succeed in life &, if you're lucky, there are grandchildren. And, the guy who said that having grandchildren is so much fun that, if he'd realized how much, he would've had them first, isn't far from the truth. And all the knitting time you want!!!!! And the first thing I thought when seeing those photos of Henry was, oh, those cheeks! So smooch able!


To answer all your questions - yes. You're barely able to watch them drive away, but at the same time you're incredibly proud that they're embarking on their own lives. Last summer my oldest son moved 1700 miles away which made me incredibly sad, but it was for his dream of grad. school which made me incredibly glad. My youngest son is a jr. in college so we'll be going through a similar situation again in a year. The days go slow, but the years go fast, and thankfully, you remember and treasure it all.


Every bit of it! I get lonesome for all the persons embedded in my son and daughter. They don't have that perspective and don't know all the people I see when I see them--baby to toddler to pre-schooler and all the steps and stages up to today's highly educated productive giving adults! I have gotten used to their being gone from the house where we all lived and loved together--except when they come home. Then I have no ability to do much but alert to their every whim! The hardest lesson I worked to learn was that they were not mine. It's so unbelieveable but true. Not mine, but their Creator's! I THOUGHT I did it, but not true.


Like you Alison I had always dreamed of more children (I wanted 4 children.) When my first two boys were were 2.75 and 9 months, my husband bought a hurricane busy retail pharmacy in a very rural northwestern part of Ontario.For fifteen insane years he was the sole pharmacist most of the time with little relief for holidays. Running the store was like having sextuplets. That was the end of more children. Now my two wonderful boys are grown, one is finishing med school,(aftr doing a research Masters in Health Science along with an undergrad science degree of 4 years, which would not have been possible with more kids,) and the second, having finished a university in HSc Biology and Chemistry could not get a job and is about to be employed as a power engineer after another two year college course. I am saying that BOYS today, more than every before ,need every bit of encouragement help and guidance to get jobs and to make it through the teenage years. >>>You don't forget anything at all<>>>>I love my boys so dearly. Because I was in my early thirties when I was contemplating my two more, my obstetrician did warn me that I could run the risk of not having perfect babies like the two before. My husband is two years older. Quit while you are ahead. Enjoy all your time together, photograph, take videos, go on vacations together. >>>Life in the future, economically and environmentally remains uncertain.>>>> We are very close to our two boys and I don't regret anything. God sent you two lovely lovely boys. Be happy for your blessings.


Okay, you got me (tears). It's prom season. DD2 is getting everything ready for her first prom. But, here's my project from DD1's first prom a few years ago.


The teen years pretty much guarantee that you will let them move out and become adults. And then provide you with grandkids!


What a precious boy you have there (as is your other so my, James). He does look like he needs some big far smoothies on those sweet cheeks - I'd be smoochin' him all day long. You are truly a lucky lady.

Jill L

I remember vividly the look on my son's face when he left the driveway in the moving van with his twin brother and best friend and moved out of state to go to college. While tears steamed down my face and my heart ached so bad, he was all smiles and full of excitement. I still cry when I think about it and it was 4 years ago!


We have three wonderful daughters and they are something to be proud of...hard working, kind, wonderful moms on their own, etc. I can't say enough kind words about my girls and oh how we love the grandbabies!!! My advise is keep a journal. I wish I would have. You think you will remember everything but you don't - wonderful memories pop into my head and each one is such a treasure.

When they start moving out it is very hard but at the same time it is what they need to do. (Remember Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Sometimes teenagers can be pod people - but don't give up...they come back!) Two of them live out of town we talk on the phone often (even if it is a quick call)it makes me feel like I am still involved in their lives. Now they are all out of the house but my husband and I are still there for each other and that is another treasure! Ahh, life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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