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March 05, 2014


Leslie Fehr

Made the mistake(?) of opening the catalog and my husband saw the Burberry and asked for a hat in that oneLOL So, that meant I just had to order my favorite one - Snow White!

Allison, you are a temptress of the highest degree! I don't know how you find all of the wonderful yarns but,I enjoy seeing all of the new dyers. My knitting is such fun because of it!


Wah, is the Burberry all gone?


That Lanesplitter skirt is adorable. But the colors don't look at all like Gold Coast.


Thank u Leslie! I'm surrounded by all this fab yarn all day- it super hard for me to make choices when it comes to projects because there are so many I want to knit NOW!
Cyndy, I'll get more Burberry in a few months.
Savanahgal, it's definitely Gold Coast (pink, orange, yellow)striped with Charcoal. Hope this helps!


How much yarn does it take to make a Lanesplitter out of sock yarn? The pattern is written for worsted weight yarn.

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