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March 24, 2014


Ann M

Double argh, I say!

Leslie Fehr

We're still doing the chilly, windy days here - waiting for Easter so that we know that the chance of one last freeze is over. I have a grandkid that would love the fist colorway showing. She tells me "those are my colors, Nana!" Lol.


Leslie, your grand daughter and I have the same girly taste in colors!


Yeah. Our forecast is pretty much the same. Last week the snow in our back yard had melted to the point where only half the grass was covered. Then it snowed again 😝 - covered the grass but only about 3". Then it warmed up & the new snow melted but our yard is still half covered. But the worst thing is the tall (8' or even more) pikes if entirely soot covered snow in parking lots (malls, etc). They don't even look like snow! They look like dirt pikes! Those are definitely happy colors. Don't know which I like best - the top one with the pink & turquoise of the blue & green one below it. Like the purple & gray one in the lower left corner too.

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