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March 21, 2014


Leslie Fehr

I want to knit a Phi --- now to choose between:
Grenadine & Sunrose or
Cathedral & Medieval or
Umonja & Esoteric!

Wish I could visit in person to see how these colors sit next to each other --- hugs or pinches?


Are you getting Pashmina Coquette? It has been out for a while and I was wondering since you mention getting more pashmina. Thank you very much.


You may be on to something there. Was thinking I am not obsessed but looked at my projects - have made Chadwick, Great Divide, making Phi now and considering Matchmaker and the summer of...(shawl).


I would like to Walk On The Moon, either in white/greys/black or different purples. I'd love half skeins of half-a-dozen purple/berries/blues-if-I-must, but then I need to find a like minded purples-lover!


Some great 2 color shawls are Curious Collective Shawl, Iszara, (Phi and Stripe Study) Mountain of Light & Eagle Twist...for 3 colors... Color Affection and Heartbreak.

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