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February 03, 2014



I'm on your side! I am so over this winter crap it's not even funny. I'm from Elkhart, IN, (just a little northwest of you) and in addition to system snow, we get the wonderful and ever so delightful lake effect snow too. First person to complain about being hot this summer is gonna get punched. LOL.
Good thing I still have sock yarns left from my visit to your store in November to keep me occupied.




My son lives in Ft. Wayne with his wife and three little boys ages 9, 7, and 2 1/2. HELP!!! They live in a two bedroom apartment and she's a college student. They're both extremely laid-back, but even they are crying 'uncle'. Unfortunately I don't think there's an end anytime soon.


Yesterday it was close to 60 degrees here in Rhode Island, today woke upe to 4" of snow and still coming down!! More snow Tuesday night into Wednesday afternoon then again on Saturday!! I thought I would never saw I have about had it with snow--bring on the heat and summer!!!

Judi Schaffer

As the mother of 4 now grown up young men I understand your pain. A little red wine and a nice hot bath work wonders. Now that they don't live with me anymore I really enjoy the quiet hibernation that winter brings.


AMEN sister! I'm one of those people that actually likes winter - to a point - and oh, I have so reached that point!!

I am now so done with winter - this one has been endless, beyond freezing and SO.MUCH.SNOW!! I'm so tired of shoveling and I think we've about run out of places to put it - and more is predicted to for tomorrow. Ugh!


Oh sorry for the rant - I really meant to tell you just how cute your children are -adorable! Thanks for sharing that cute picture.

Karen P

It's funny. I'm just old enough to remember the storms of the 1960s. That's right....back when we had a blizzard almost every winter. Or two. The kind that blows a lot of snow around, limits visibility to 3 inches, and causes drifting of 3 to 6 feet, sometimes up against your doors and windows. The kind before we had Internet, video games, heated car seats, and polar fleece.

I know we're all struggling along and getting a bit tired of this stuff. It will pass. We'll be complaining about the heat in a few months. :D

Mary Cast

I am in the Detroit area. We were informed a couple of days ago that our 39 plus inches of snow break every record for January EVER! The dogs don't want to go out, the kids are in, everyone is in. Plus they are talking about 3more storms for the mext 10 days. Co tinue to rant. We gotcha covered. We understand

Phyllis Howard

Well to tell you the truth, I am tired of this winter. I love the mild winters, wished we could have more of those! It is a beautiful day today, tomorrow is suppose to get bad again! Ole man winter needs to die!! My husband wants to bring me over to the shop on Saturday's but can't seem to get one nice enough to think about driving!! I so look forward to getting over there! I am Southwest of you..Live in Demotte!! Hurry spring and get here!!!


I like winter, but I admit I almost cried Saturday when slush started falling from the sky. It's too much! Wah!


You may be "up to your ears" and suffering cabin fever, but you're still working! I ordered my Valentine kit on Thursday--got it Saturday. Amazing!

Susan Hill

I'm old enough to remember winter snow from the 50s. My brother and I would build snow forts in the front yard, stockpile them with snowballs and they would last for weeks. We would sled down the hill at the end of our street all day.

My Mother would bundle us up and push us out the door. Schools never closed but we went to neighborhood schools so we always walked anyway. Well enough nostalgia. I now live in the bay area of CA where we are having above-average temps and a drought. Now that I'm retired, I love the cozy, stay-inside days of winter and miss not having more winter where I live now.

Your children are beautiful and keep up the rant. Venting is good for the soul.


Ann, I'd love to take credit for the fast shipping, but its the small but super fast SSYC team! They are awesome. I've was home sick for days... Still don't have a voice- 5 days and counting!


I was happy it snowed today because I'm a teacher and couldn't wait to dig into my new Valentine kit!


I know! When it gets to the point that you are GLAD it snowed because at least you will be outside shoveling and not be cooped up inside!!!!

Renee Anne

We have the same circus's in Little Man's room, though.


I'd love to join your "whine" party- I'll bring the cheese!!!! Oh so very tired of shoveling a path for my short legged dogs- can't have their bellies touching the snow!!! The up side- more knitting time!!!!!


I think many are feeling near the breaking point this winter has been relentless. It's not the amount of snow (we've had far more in past years - mostly long ago) if the cold because it hasn't been all that cold for Chicago. No -20° days. But it's CONSTANT snow & cold & wind. Just no relief. Being retired, I just stay in the house. But I'm getting cabin fever. I can't imagine having to constantly entertain a 6 year old. That's the age where they become very social & want to be with other kids whenever they can. I was so impressed that I got my Valentine kit Saturday! Super fast! BTW, we've even had mail disruptions in my very urban town (actually more urban than many parts of the city).

Leslie Fehr

I may not have the snow living here in Central Texas - but, we have had more really cold temps than we can remember. I also have COPD and since asthma is one of the components, it has meant that I can't leave the house until the temps are over 40. As a result, I have been house bound more that I want since Thanksgiving. I am so tired of being limited by the temperatures! So, I read and knit and do my cross stitch - and take way more naps than normal. If we had some snow, at least I would have something pretty to look at - gray, cloudy and mist rain just don't do it.


I hear you! I haven't been out of the house in a week! I guess I will go out side and shovel .Hey ,it's 6 above ,might as we'll take advantage of the heat wave!

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