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February 21, 2014


Gina Kostoff

I would choose passion flowers in a lovely shade or deep crimson.


Love Artemist in MadTosh Fjords.


I want them all but I would want Daizees first. I'd have to think about the yarn but one in a pinkish gray would be perfect.

Debbie Huett

I would love to give Daizies a try in the colors shown! I've never done anything quite that lacy but it's stunning!

Ann M

I too am intrigued by Cable Rouge (thinking of my daughter today in cold cold northern Wisconsin and having a rough year) and the most appropriate color (her favorite) would be a lovely amethyst.

Rhonda Atkinson

Spanish Ladders is beautiful. I would probably do the black and add a very rich dark color with it like purple or rose.


I like Iron Maiden


Artemist in Wooly Wonka Arianrhod in the Elphaba colorway! A friend from college is the Elphaba to my Galinda.

Melissa (aka Witchknit)

OOOOO Crooked Cathedral is gorgeous and what is that divine yarn it's shown in? I'd make the pattern in that yarn if you have it.


LOVE daizies-- some shade of rust I would think!!!


Cable Rouge in Smooshy


Loving the Mariposa shawl. Beautiful.

Leslie Fehr

I would pick the "Love Vine" hat - and make it a bit slouchy. I'd love to use DIC Everlasting DK in Surf

Lisa viviano

I love iron maiden and crooked cathedral in Tanis fiber silver plume


I would choose the Artemis shawlette pattern and I would love to knit it in Madelinetosh Sock-Flashdance. I have been craving a hot purple shawlette and I have eyed that yarn for awhile, so I think it would be the perfect combo!


As pretty as they are, I'm just not a shawl girl, so I'd choose the love vine hat I think it might look great in a multi like Miss Babs Berlin, too.

Krissy King

Fine vine is my pick . In a deep sunny yellow!!!!! We all need sunshine!

Jane H

The "Under the Bridge" hat in DIC Everlasting DK in the "Jeans" colorway. I don't like to go anywhere I can't wear my jeans, and now I'd have a hat to go with them.

Anita S.

I would pick Daizies and use MT merino light in sea salt and esoteric.

Kathleen Mauch

That cable rouge is to die for!


I like the contrast of design in Crooked Cathedral. The power of suggestion works well, and I'd like the shawl in Poste Patina Lake Hillier. I'm not inordinately fond of lace work (I like reversible designs) but I like lace yarn.

Harmony G

The Crooked Cathedral is gorgeous! Perfect in a neutral grey/cream color for the summer evenings---- assuming they ever get here!


I love Diamanté II, but I think I'd get more wear out of Artemist. Wouldn't it be gorgeous out of Patina in either Rose Window or Easter Island?? I'm afraid to even look at the Wooly Wonka yarn. I think it might be dangerous, like staring directly at the sun.

Love, love, love Heather's Iron Maiden!

Karen Pettyjohn

I fell in love with the Cable Rouge hat. I have been wanting a more stylish hat and I just learned how to knit cables at a knitting retreat! As I started looking at colors, I realized it would be a perfect Christmas gift pattern. I down loaded the pattern for free so I don't need to win it. Finances are extremely tight and I would rather someone win it that will use it. When I have the money...MT DK Vishnu is my 1st color choice. Your blog is a wealth of knitting inspiration...thanks!


I love the Daizies shawl and the Cable Rouge hat...beautiful!


Easy as Pie in Willy Wonka's Ariel would be a gorgeous wrap if Spring ever gets here!

Staci Lockman

Mariposa took my breath away! And I know that lacy things like that are better in a solid or near-solid colorway but I sure would love to try it in Wooly Wonka' Cezanne.


Iron Maiden makes my heart flutter! Maybe in a brilliant St Basils Poste yarn or TFA Garnet... or an Easy as Pie in TFA Lemongrass would be stunning.


I like the Glam Shells. It would be fun try the wooly wonka Arterio in scrapbook or vamp...

Teresa C

Crooked Cathedral in English Ivy by Sweet Georgia.


I would like to knit Artemist. I've really been wanting to try knitting a shawl, even though I'm not a shawl person, I don't think ... not sure of the exact yarn, but would use an MCN in a deep, dark red.


I already have both Iron Maiden and Crooked Cathedral in my queue! I'm loving the patina yarn, particularly hanging garden for spring.


I love Crooked Cathedral. I could make it in any bright color right now and it would be a nice change from grey winter.

Jude smith

I am not a shawl perso either, so I would choose the cable rogue hat in Dream in color tea party.


Lovely patterns. I would love to make Miss May in Poste Patina Hiller Lake.

Cindy Strick

I really like Sabrina. It has a lot of different designs encompassed into one project! I am not sure what yarn I would use, but it would have to be something with some shine to it! I think I would choose a deep, rich color.


I'd like to do them all! But I'd start with Crooked Cathedral.


I love Marisa's Daizies shawl. It's so lovely. I would make it in a lovely spring green.

Christy Thomas

I love them all but the Crooked Cathedral really catches my eye. That would be so pretty in a dark purple.

Peg Crawshaw

I love Mariposa and I think it would be beautiful in a self striping yarn Manos Alegria - Colibri 9102.


They are all so beautiful and very hard to choose just one but I think I would pick Dazies or Crooked Cathedral.

Cherie Estok

I also loved all the patterns but if I had to chose just one it would be Forbidden flower using Black Magic colored yarn.

Veronika McKnight

Daizies designs is adorable!

Susan Ipavec

I love all the patterns, but the Iron Maiden shawl is my fave:-)

Suzieknittingmama on Ravelry


Forbidden flowers is it for me.


I love Shady Lady. The name cracks me up, but it's the nod to the "Art Deco" era that I love. I would knit it in a purple-grey color.

Shannon Adams

I would choose Miss May and probably do it in a springy periwinkle color.


Artemist is beautiful! I have a skein of Malabrigo sock in my stash in a blue/green color that would be perfect (but that's not to say I wouldn't be tempted by some Tosh Merino Light or the new BMFA Tipsy colors!)

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

I would chose Mariposa as my pattern of choice. I love the beautiful leaf patterns. Just looks so beautiful.


I've had my eye on Iron Maiden for awhile now. I like it in a dark, strong color. I can pretend that I'd knit it in deep purple or a royal blue, but the truth is that it will probably be dark gray. I love gray, and it goes with everything!


I would pick Iron Maiden and I would use MT Merino in Light Paper and save it for the next bride in my family.


Passion Flower takes my breath away. I have a beautiful blue'ish purple yarn I would use.


I like Crooked Cathedral. I would use MT light in Oxblood or Fjord. I may have to make another trip to the store to handle all those wonderful yarns to make a choice.


I love the Mariposa! I can picture it knit in a lovely green tonal or silver.


Love vine. A beautiful red. A yarn that has silk in it would be great .

Theresa Nims

I love the Mariposa shawl and would do it in gradient shades of green.

Linda Baney


Sara Sue

I love all three of the hat patterns. I have some Madelinetosh that would look good made in any of the hat patterns especially the love vine pattern.

Dotti Thompson

I absolutely LOVE Crooked Cathedral!!
How beautiful!! Would love to wear it to church.

amy g

These are all lovely! My favorite is Forbidden Flowers and I would seect either Wooly Wonka Artio Elphaba or Malabrigo Azules. Well, maybe Poste Patia Easter Island. So hard to choose!


I would do the Crooked Cathedral in a rose shade.

Karyn Cook

I'd love to make Crooked Cathedral in Madelinetosh's Night Bloom.

Marjorie Benea

I love them all. Each and everyone is so beautiful. I have knit one of her patterns in the past. Always get compliments.
My favorite for the contest would be Crooked Cathedral.

Deena Crossett

Oh my, you want me to choose just one? I'd start off with Mariposa in a sagie green, then I would go on to Miss May in a creamy white, then I'd have to sit down and do an eenie meenie minie moe for the next one and so on and so on....


I would love to try the Iron Maiden shawl in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light Victorian Gothic. So beautiful. I am just learning lace knitting so I like that this pattern has written directions as well as charts so I can try either method.

Barbara Dutch

Mariposa in the teal is drop dead gorgeous.


Hmm, torn between Crooked Cathedral and Forbidden Flowers. In the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Marine Silk Fingering in Cranberry Bogged.


Artemist in one of the handpaint yarns from my stash.

Linda Medina

They're all beautiful, but would be "Crooked Cathedral" made in the same yarn shown!


Artemist in eggplant color.


They're all gorgeous. I would choose Crooked Cathedral in a deep purple color.

Richelle Chambers Krotts

Iron Maiden and Crooked Cathedral are catching my attention most today, but I love all her patterns! I'm really loving the STR Marine Silk fingering, particularly in Blackbird.


I already own the pattern for Crooked Cathedral and Artemist is in my queue so that would be the one I would select. I have the perfect skein of Blue Lobster Skinny Bugga ready to go!

Sidnie Ross

I would do Miss May in a white silk/cashmere, for a wedding shawl.

Debra Jacobs

I would pick the Cable Rouge hat in Dream in Color - Special Wilderness. Those are beautiful colors!

Cindy Carpenter

forbidden flowers please is something very shiny and loaded with silk

Lois Yamada

Crooked Cathedral would be my first choice but I don't think you could go wrong with any of her designs. I am leaning towards Miss Babs in Tarte and the Dragon's flight


I like Forbidden Flowers in Manos Alegria Ceilo Azul 9670 So many beautiful patterns and colorful yarns...very hard to pick!


I like all the patterns but Crooked Cathedral is just screaming KNIT ME! I would like to do it in a deep purple color.

Patty Thorne

What a difficult decision Forbidden Flowers or Passionate Flowers...both are so yummy.. Surprise me if I win!


I would love to work upo the crooked cathedral pattern. thnx for the chance to do so.


I would do Iron Maiden in BMFA valkyrie fledge


I love Marisa's patterns...Iron Maiden has been on my wish list for a long time. I would love to knit Iron Maiden in the Wooly Wonka Artio Sock colorway Around Midnight.

Mary Ann

Crooked Cathedral or Iron Maiden in a beautiful shade of teal that includes cashmere and silk!

Nadine. Lipson

These patterns are amazing how do you choose. I just put 5 of them in my wish list. Now I have to pick one and the right colors. I think it may be the Spanish back and red. Decisions


OMG! That Daizies is gorgeous! And I would for sure use MTL! Maybe in Cathedral color way. Just beautiful!

Debbie H

My favorite is Cable Rouge. I've been looking for a nice slouch hat pattern and I just found it!

Mary A Whited

I would choose Artemist. The yarn I would choose is Juniper Moon Farm's Findley Dappled


Beautiful patterns! I especially love Crooked Cathedral. Thanks for sharing - I'm adding several patterns to my queue.

Ellen Tucker-Cohen

Amazing Patterns! I'd knit Mariposa in Wooly Wonka Fibers, Arianrhod Sock Ariel.


I love the iron maiden, in Madeline tosh merino light.

Bonnye Bulla

I love them all, but especially the Iron Maiden. Very elegant in that colored yarn.

Jan Brittain

Grouchy Geisha would be fabulous in Tosh Merino Light in Citrus -- flamboyant orange.

Kelly Mueller

Oh, this one's easy! I would choose the Daizies pattern. i'd want something semi-solid in color, that looks hand dyed or kettle dyed, and then a dramatic color for the stripe running thru it. Gosh, so pretty... maybe in Madelinetosh...

Cathie Phillips

This is like a kid with 31 Flavors of Ice Cream to choose from. Forbidden Flowers has to be the one for me. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Chana Masala would be interesting for it or one of the semi-solids like Dream in Color Rosalita or Juliettes Blush or Lorna's Laces nearly solid Peach for a more floral tint. Happy stitching, all.

Carla c

I would love to make cable rouge hat! It looks like a fun cable knit.


forbidden flowers shawl in a vibrant green!!

blogless grace

Iron Maiden in BMFA MF Cranberry Bogged or Mariposa in something electric colored. Too many choices of great patterns and yarns/colors!


I love the Mariposa and I think I would do it in Handmaiden Fine yarn Sea Silk. I have a son getting married so I would like to make it for the bride in Ivory


I am not going to be very good for inspiration as I really love the Crooked Cathedral in red. I would be very tempted to knit it up in some club yarn I got from Simply socks last year.

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