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February 21, 2014



I adore the crooked cathedral in MT baroque violet!!


So many beautiful designs! I love Crooked Cathedral, and the Diamante shawls! These would be beautiful in the Mad. Tosh Merino Light - Oxblood or Baltic.


Love the Diamante II.

Kathleen Haynes

I love the Crooked Cathedral. I would make it in a blue like the color of the water near the Isle of Capri in a fine silk.


All are beautiful! I think Diamante I I and I would do a varigated green


I would knit the Crooked Cathedral in Malabrigo Sock Yarn in the Persia colorway.

Theresa Hill

Wow, they are all so intricate and simply gorgeous.... I would choose either iron maiden or crooked cathedral.... Or maybe daizies..... I have several gorgeous skeins from SSYC....that I could try all of the patterns ;))

Theresa Hill

Hmmm, I already posted, but just kept looking t the patterns and I just had to mention diamanté II and shady lady :))


I really like the design feature of a stable knit around the shoulders on Forbidden Flowers and Passion Flowers, but the leaf design in Mariposa is beautiful.
After flipping a coin, I'm going with Forbidden Flowers


Stunning creativity. How does one choose?


I love the Artemist pattern. I'm curious about how it would look in BMFA MF Jubilation.

Ann Glowacki

I'd love to knit up Passion Flowers using Fiber Artist's Hand Maiden Casbah in the Snow Crocus colorway. Not only does it bring me closer to spring colors, it would remind me of how the clematis blooms look in the summer.

Ann Glowacki

I meant Fleece Artist, yikes on touch screen devices automatically changing words! Still love the way Casbah knits up!

Kris Peters

Daizies would be my choice in a gradient peach/yellow/white.


I would choose Daizies (though I love Mariposa, too) in a beautiful aubergine or cranberry colourway.

Karen G

I like Iron Maiden, maybe in Patina's Jodhpur India. Love the Cable Rouge hat, too!

Linda N

So hard! I think I'd go with the Crooked Cathedral and do it in a tomato orange color...or the hot pink it's shown in (even though I have red hair). ha

Deb Myers

I feel in love with Marisa Hernandez's "Sabrina" pattern. As I looked through the yarns, one popped off of the page for this pattern - BMFA's Marine Silk in Ginger Plumlicious.But another strong contender is the pattern, "Iron Maided" with the yarn Patina's Atlantis.Your yarns grow more and more hard to make decsions with each week.

Ann Austerman

I'd choose daizies because they are my favorite flower. Spanish ladder is so striking, would choose the red and black.


Passion Flowers is gorgeous! I would love to do it in chartreuse perhaps, or maybe a deep green.

Martha Anne

I would love to see mariposa in tosh vintage sari or vishnu.

Ruth Machover

Crooked Cathedral intrigues me. And, the Madeline Tosh almost solid colors I think would be perfect with this pattern. Then, the big problem would be picking one colorway...


Love them all. Crooked Cathedral catches my eye though.


passion flowers in MTML Fjord. What lovely designs!

Debra Simon

I think I like the Mariposa pattern best, but I think they're all great!

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