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February 24, 2014



Happy Birthday to me...yay!! It was hard to pick, but I have 3 lovely skeins coming my way. Thanks, Allison!!


Thanks for always looking for new items to bring to your shop and customers. You are the best! (I'm still trying to find time to use the skeins I got in my Christmas box - I made some fingerless mitts with one and am always asked where the yarn came from.)

Leslie Fehr

I knew I'd be drooling - just didn't realize I'd need a bib! These are just beautiful!! I have been wanting to make some shawls with lace-weight yarn and several of these colors were jumping up at me just wanting to be noticed. Thank you, Allison, for making this possible!

selma farrago

thank you for the yarn donation. the babies of ST JOSEPHS BABY CORNER in Seattle Wash will look beautiful

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