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January 24, 2014


Ann M

And a little sparkle is just what is needed! Feeling mighty drab in snowy cold Wisconsin.


Ditto but Chicago!


Beautiful can't wait

Karen Griesinger

Yummy Yummy!! Can't wait.


It's well below 0 here too! Wow, this weather...


Bitter cold I. S.e. Michigan too :-(. Cabin fever is setting in so some Valentine sparkle would be the perfect cure - can't wait!!


Reporting from's so cold here,I need all the sparkly I can get. And this teasing is killing me!

Susan Hill

Drought and above-normal temps in bay area of northern CA. Reading your posts makes me kind of miss the cold, snowy winters of Oklahoma where I lived all my life until I moved here four years ago. Valentines and sparkle works everywhere so I'll be eagerly awaiting the new sock kit.


2 below yesterday in south central KY. Snow this am and it just made it up to 35.
I just got the urge to knit with reds and pinks.

When does this go on sale? I thought it was going to be today (Tuesday) but I can't find it anywhere in the shop link.


No, not Tuesday. Sometime this week, but it hasn't been announced yet.

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