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January 17, 2014





Guilty too, but it is so much fun, love sharing with my besty who lives in another state.

Susan Hill

Trying to hold out for your poste yarns but I'm weakening with this luscious display and, of course, I want that Opal you just knitted. I definitely see a new order looming on my horizon. I now have an empty drawer waiting to be filled with new sock yarn since I made a large donation to a local women's shelter for domestic abuse victims. A friend will be volunteering time to teach knitting and the yarn was very welcome.

New SSYC yarns for me and older yarns purchased by me before I discovered my new favorite yarn shop to worthy souls. A win-win for all.


Just noticed the great yardage. That makes it such a good buy I find it hard to resist! I'm trying to way until I finish my current projects.


Personally, I think you are the work of the Devil (okay, I'm just kidding (sorta) ), but you just keep showing us all this gorgeous, lucious yarn that is more beautiful than the last stash of gorgeous, lucious yarn. Oh, the temptations!!

I don't have a clue how bad it must be for you that get to see it and touch it - sheer torture!! I would have to buy at least one skein of everything!! How do you resist it?

Nonetheless, thanks so much for sharing!! :~)


I will post on my blog and also Ravelry. Anywhere else and they just don't appreciate the beauty as much.


Ha! I love your comments! We are all in good, yarn loving, company!


I have a Ravelry friend with whom I exchange all sorts of yarn tempting messages. She got the Christmas kit with Angry Elf after I sent her your way.

Jean Hallada

Love the yarn. And not to be contrary, but these are the "real" biker chicks


Patty McDonald

I do post on Ravelry but I am so far behind in getting my FO's entered that I wonder if I can ever catch up. It's more fun to knit than input!
I am trying to buy less of your gorgeous yarn this year, but so far it isn't working. After your last yarn club with goodies, I know there is more yarn in my future!

Harmony G.

Hi there! Just want to say that I stumbled on your blog/site after randomly searching for sock yarn and I love it. I was just as thrilled to discover you're in Indiana too! I was going to place an online order but I think my sister and I might do a road trip from Crown Point to you instead! Pertaining to the post- I adore that yarn you have pictured and I definitely just text a pic to the few knitters in my life of my project or new additions to my stash!

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