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January 13, 2014


Leslie Fehr

I like the way the color flows for Joe's socks! Way cool! Not really daring, but enough out of the box to be interesting. I also like your purple socks, the colors are great. Your fingers have grown wings with all of this knitting! What a great way to start the new year!


You go Sock Girl. I love knitting socks... probably my favorite thing to knit. Way to keep the mojo juices flowing.

Renee Anne

I, too, love Trekking XXL. I have a couple skeins in my stash and they want to grow up to be socks...but we're still arguing about what kind of socks.


Your purple socks are gorgeous but I am a big fan if brown & gray together - also brown & blue. Love Joe's socks!

Kathleen Perrone

I am workin on my fifth pair of socks for January. These socks are for my grand kids. They love warm wool socks.

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