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January 28, 2014


Phyllis Howard

Very cute..When will the Valentine kit be available?


How do you do it? Your a full time mom, a business woman, and wife. Where and how do you find the time to knit? You most likely knit at work (duh). Really you dye yarns, keeping books and records, doing inventory. I envy you. Finishing 2 projects in a month is a dream for me. Your a inspiration to me and probably to so many other knitters.


Since the first of the year I have finished two baby sweaters and two pair of socks--working on my third pair of socks right now!! Granted I am a nanny only two days a week, but the weather in New England has kept us home bound also!! Waiting for the Valentine kits to be available before I start another pair of socks!!!

Lucy Kesler

Love the visual on the difference gauge made on the stripes vs "chunks" of color. I'm fascinated!


I have finished my 2nd pair of Opal-LittlePrince and am on my second sock with bear foot from Mountain Colors,this is yarn I have had for years and am so happy I am using finally. I thing the cold has something to do with it


A sweater,a knit basket, baby toys, a baby hat and now I'm working on a pair of socks. This extreme cold is giving me plenty of time to knit.


Thank you for the visual on the effects of change in needle size and stitch count! Very effective!


The Valentine Kit will be available later this week.
Debbie, I wish I had time to knit at work- I don't think I have, once in nine years, ever knit a stitch while working. It's so busy here- which is a good thing, but definitely not for knitting or relaxing! All my knitting is done at night after the boys go to bed. That's why I'm choosing self-patterning yarns, or yarn that does the work for me. B/c I knit in the dark while watching TV. It's great!

Jill L

Did I miss the post about the 12 days of Christmas winners?


I cannot wait to try this technique on my next pair of socks!!


Thanks for showing and sharing the socks. Really cool on the color pooling. Keep warm and safe. I am stuck in Atlanta...don't even ask! Love the Trekking sock yarn; have to order more soon!


Kathy - hope you're not stuck in that 20 hour traffic jam I read about!!!!!

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