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January 10, 2014



This is amazing!!


Love the hot blue/turquoise

Jane H

I've got a friend who says she is my "yarn-enabler", but I think you've got her beat. Yummy yarn!

Kathy Fullerton

Also loveeeee the green

Phyllis Howard

Love the colors can't wait to get them


Just lovely, can't wait to by them

Linda W.

Allison - you're "enabling" me to buy more yarn next week. Love those colors!!

Ann M

I'm feeling mighty purple/gray/pink tonight. Love the pictured skein. Just today I finished a two sided cable scarf - sock yarn - shades of green. Have itchy fingers for that lovely purple yarn.

Trish Flynn

Turquoise -YES!!! You are the best!

Leslie Fehr

Those are wonderful!


Beautiful colours.

Susan Hill

Been doing a serious stash cleaning out and organizing. Decided to donate some yarns I bought many years ago that I no longer really like and make room for some new yarns that I really LOVE - like these. Will be eagerly anticipating your new colors. I enjoy knitting socks with stripes.


I'm with Jodie - love the Turquoise. I haven't even gotten my last order yet! At least my credit card closing date is soon. So I'll have a zero balance when these come into the shop! I think I'm going to have to get at least the Turqoise & green.

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