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January 02, 2014


Jane H

Grays with teal or purple! Okay, maybe a dark rose, too. Can't wait!

Karen Pettyjohn

Grays with any pop of color sounds awesome. I like the teal or purple idea. What about red?


Pale grey and lavender. Medium grey and cobalt blue.


Gray with pink? I actually like gray and blue and gray and red as well.


I would love to see gray with pale yellow.mi would so knit a blanket out of that!


Dark rose sounds lovely. I also love the idea of a very bright clear Caribbean blue or Azure sky blue with grays.

Leslie Fehr

Light turquoise or a light Williamsburg blue would be my choices. Love this idea!


Would love to see grays with bluish purples and grays with icy blues. Grays with reds would be nice too.


gray with lime green?

Susan Hill

Love grays including beautiful charcoal gray. Gray is great with navy blue but also a deep purple. Purple is supposed to be the color for 2014.


Lavendar or a nice rose would be very classy.

Linda W.

I'm also up for the teal or purple with grays! They're my favorite colors. I could also see some neon colors with grays too - pink, purple, blue.

Patty McD

A rich teal with your 2 grays! Or even 2 teals, medium and a deeper shade with a gray!

Staci Lockman

Grays with light and dark teal, please! And did I miss the January Dream in Color Club selection? I don't see it on your blog. Thanks!

Teresa Cooper

I keep looking for Blue and Gold in School Colors. Wow, you could go wild with those colors.

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