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January 09, 2014


Leslie Fehr

For the last couple of years, I have been buying yarn and stashing it like crazy. But, I knew that because of my health, I would be retiring and would not have an unlimited stash budget at all. Well, the time came this week when I had to retire - without any notice. Because of your great sales and all of the other wonderful offerings, I'll be knitting my fingers off! There will still be an occasional addition because of a really special yarn-so, I'll be lurking and following your blog. I just love the newest pair of socks Allison-they make me smile!


Leslie, I bet you have an awesome "stash retirement account" full of yarn to keep your fingers busy. I hope your retirement if full of knitting and family and friends and all those things that bring you happiness!


Leslie - that's exactly what happened to me. I greatly enhanced my stash before retiring. Like you I retired sooner than I had intended due to health -by about 5 years. And I continue to knit almost exclusively from stash & the yarn I continue to buy from SS. I rarely purchase yarn from any other source now.


Allison you are amazing! You have already finished A pair of socks and it isn't even the middle of Jan!!I love the colors in your new socks!


Love it .me too !
I'm going knit when I want , what I want .stash when I want and what I want and buy when I want and what I want .,my husband is all for this so my saying this year is when I want and what I want . Or is it what I want ,when I want ?
Now off to knit some stripy socks
Happy 2014

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