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January 22, 2014



These are beautiful! I want!

Ann M

Of course, yarn can speak. Some yarn tells you what it wants to become and some yarns simply tell you must take them home. I have learned not to ignore what yarn whispers to me; it would be rude not to listen. Just now the Dragon's Flight in the above picture is telling me - "Make me into socks and I'll soothe your tired feet."

Jane H

Funny Papers is promising to make me happy.


I feel your pain!!!


Top picture--glad to see you are a Seattle Seahawks fan! Wink wink!


I can see the skeins in the top picture becoming a Color Affection shawl!

Cynthia Hall

You're killing me!!! Funny papers!!

Leslie Fehr

Funny Papers isn't just talking - it's yelling at me! I think I shall listen. It will make a wonderful slouchy hat!


I need the top 3. It's telling me "oh yes Debbie
You need us so you can so make something beautiful for yourself". I am listening. Oh boy I'm in trouble.


Enable alert ... have any of you seen the Albers Cowl on Rav that uses Miss Babs?

Nancy H

Okay, I'm just going to have to purchase a couple of these Babettes to use together. I love the Cosmic Home Sweet Home. Does it go together with either the Zombie Prom or the Flower Garden? Or is there a better Cosmic match for it? The colors are all awesome!

Nancy H

If I can manage to just choose one color, I'm going to make Stephen West's Rising Dawn (on Ravelry, of course) with it.


The top combination is making me a little weak kneed!


Blue Ridge is so bluetiful!!


So true. I hear it saying February Woman's Cowl pattern.


They are all quite stunningly beautiful! Not only are they "talking" I think they are yelling,"You must get some of these!" Oh. My.

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