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December 25, 2013



Sadly, no, and not likely to here in the Pacific Northwest. We had our snow a week early, and just small amounts haven't melted away. No White Christmas for us this year. A very Merry Christmas to you Allison. Thanks for all you do.

Martha from Ohio

Have a white Christmas thanks to yesterday's snow but today is just cold. Have really enjoyed the twelve days of sock yarn and merry Christmas to all of the fantastic SSYC crew!!


Snowing in southern Ontario! (Canada). Looks beautiful!

Jude smith

No snow but cold. Brrrr


Not snowing today but it did yesterday so we do have snow on the ground. Merry Christmas.


No snow and none expected here on the Columbia River of SW Washington. Freezing fog is all we've had in the last few days to make the ground 'white'.


United Kingdom

Weather forecast, wet not snowing :)

Happy Christmas


Nope. But I live in Houston, so I wasn't really expecting it!


It is not snowing...... Too warm for me..... Almost 80!

Jill L

It is NOT snowing here in the Wine Country of California. It is warm and bright and in the 70's.


Absolutely no snow here in PA. Totally sunshiny. I am thankful to have had safe travel to celebrate with family. Merry Christmas to all knitters everywhere.


Beautiful sunny day in Massachusetts. Merry Christmas, everybody!


No snow, sunny and cool. 5 degrees Celsius on Salt Spring Island British Columbia. Merry Christmas!


no snow here in TEXAS!

Denise Walsh Horowitz

We had a dusting oF snow and it looked so pretty. I wish we had a good amount of snow as it just makes it feel like an old fashion Christmas, but the sun is out today and it is 20 degrees out and snow tomorrow so that is fine with me!



Renee Anne

It is not snowing where I live. It doesn't snow around here. We're actually okay with that. No shoveling is a good thing :)


73 beautiful degrees here in sunny central Florida Merry Sockmas!


Nope -- if it was, I would be worried since I'm in South Florida ;)

Brittani T.

No snow here! Merry Christmas :)

Geraldine Scott

No snow here! A balmy 61! Glorious! My grandchildren from Minnesota are running around in the backyard barefoot and loving it! Merry Christmas!

Ashley W

Haha, I live in Australia, so no, no snow down here in summer!


Not a bit, but it's gray and gloomy and cold like it should be snowing but isn't.

Karen Majors

No snow here in Ohio where I live.

Merry Christmas!!


I'm sorry to say YES. I think it has snowed every day in December, and the roads are snow-covered and slippery. Cold too. But I do want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have enjoyed thisā™„


no snow--clear blue skies and sun. I don't mind!


Snow, and more snow. Oh and let's not forget about the ice storm that just happened. It would be fantastic knitting time except that grandchildren and one very large grandpup were very needy creatures.

Kathleen B.

No snow in Southern Pines, NC today...47 and sunny!

Linda W.

Definitely a White Christmas here. Light snow in Milwaukee, WI. Merry Christmas to all!


Southern California and a balmy, breezy 80 degrees.


It snowed earlier in the Fort Wayne area as you know - just enough to call it a white


Yes, but not enough.


We got a light dusting.


We received a dusting of snow, so while not a white xmas, it was white-ish.


No snow. Cloudy. This afternoon and evening, but no snow or RAIN.

Jenny K

Nope, not snowing. Warmed up enough to rake the last of the leaves for the last pick-up tomorrow.


No snow in southern NJ!


Yes, it did snow some today. Merry Christmas!!


The rain last weekend took most of our snow. But about noon today it snowed hard and steady for about a half an hour. We now have everything covered in white again. Merry (white) Christmas!


It is not snowing here in Muncie, IN. And I'm ok with that! :-)


No, the sun is out!


Only some snow showers here, not enough to shovel, but enough for a (slightly) White Christmas!

Judy Summers-Gates

No snow here in Philadelphia


Yes, it snowed here today! Not much, just enough for a White Christmas, and slick streets.

Gale Longley

No snow but very cold.

Cindy Carpenter

no, northern florida was sunny, mildly cool today. this evening it is 50.


No snow here in this part of Oklahoma, although I think they do have some in other sections of the state. I would have loved to have a white Christmas. :-) Hope everyone is having a great Christmas!


Just a little!


Um, no. It was 70 degrees and sunny. Drat this California December weather.

Cathy B

No very unChristmas like. It's in the 60's anbd we can't even burn in the fireplace if we wanted to (air pollution in CA)


Not really. A few snowflakes but not really anything!

Nathanne Verner

No snow here in Yucca Valley, CA. We are in the high desert, and sometimes we do get snow, but this year it never did get cold enough for snow. Happy Holidays!

Sally BC

No snow here, but it is a close thing - probably overnight. But right now - no - just colder than four pairs of thick wool socks could cure.


no snow here in Tennessee :)

Susan James

There was no snow in south Texas this Christmas! LOL! Like there ever is!
My 4yr old grandson this morning said "it can't be Christmas! There's no snow outside!"


It snowed this morning, but is clear now. Merry Christmas to all.


No Snow today, but cold! Brrrr!


No, and I kinda wish it was at least a little. This is my first Christmas without any snow at all, even old stuff on the ground, and I spent it by myself for the most part


No snow in Kentucky, although it was well below freezing this morning.
Merry Christmas! And thanks for doing this contest again this year.


I wish I had snow! It's always a gamble whether or not we'll get snow in southern Indiana.


We had snow on the ground this morning, and more was coming down most of the day. It was a beautiful white Christmas.


It snowed a bit this morning but that's about it!

Carol Stadler

No snow just grey and cold.


nope. :-( heard there were some flakes early this morning but I didn't see them and they didn't stick on the ground


We have a little bit on the ground now (enough to count as a "white Christmas") in my part of NE Ohio (near Akron) and we're supposed to get a little more tonight & tomorrow a.m. Merry Christmas to all!


No snow here in Oregon. We have dense fog, though.


We had light snow today here in Ontario, Canada. Just got our power back last night after 4 days without! Merry Christmas :)


Not today, but last night just enough to dust the lawns and trees.,it was beautiful!

Rebecca Pfeiffer

No snow here today!

Terrie Cummings

We had 4 inches of snow last night, Beautiful for Chrismas Eve.


Not snowing here! YAY! But it's definitely sock knitting weather.

Diane Wolf

No snow here in Eaton, OH. Merry Christmas!

Shelly Foss

Nothing, nada, not one snowflake. But made for good driving. Happy Holidays!

Ann M

We've had off & on snow for the last few days. Just a few flurries at the moment. It's a winter wonderland outside. Glad to be inside looking out. My husband (age 85) has been sick for almost a week so I've been on sick duty (homemade chicken soup, medication & rest enforcement, etc.). I've had to be very quiet which is OK (knitting is very quiet).


Yes, it has been snowing off and on thru the day in Munger, MI

debbie gattshall

No snow here thankfully for all the travelers. Very chilly though but made all those knitted socks the perfect gifts. Now to get started for next years socks.


No, but got caught in a good snow storm coming down from the mountains yesterday! Merry Christmas to all.


Not here...and no snow in the forecast, either :(


No snow in Tennessee :

Jill Schroeder

Not anymore. It was earlier.


No, no snow, but a wintery 0 degrees F!

Very happy holidays!

Diane Robinson

Merry Christmas all! No snow here in central IN, though almost a foot of it melted away this week.

Sara hettmer

It was earlier, but it stopped.

Donna Reed

No snow.


Nope. But it snowed for about 3 minutes yesterday!


Yes, on and off throughout the day. It adds to the festivities!

Danielle k

No snow here i


No snow here in Louisiana, but oh, I'd love to see some....through a window while sitting next to a fire with a warm mulled wine!


No snow but at least it isn't 80 degrees still!!

Jennifer L

Snowed a little this morning.


No snow on Sanibel Island, Florida. Having a great vacation with my family!


no snow - from nyc.

merle burton

Finally we have a week where we aren't going to have snow. Live in the mountains and it has snowed for the last 3 weeks. Now the sun is back so hopefully it will melt and not come back for awhile.

Liz Awsumb

Not in Memphis, TN!


No, it's not snowing and all the snow from last weekend has melted *pouts*

Sydney Placido

No snow but very cold.


It may be snowing at home in Rockford but it's pleasant ( in comparison) in Little Rock with my son and granddaughter.


Sadly, it is not.

Chrissy Foreman

Nope, no snow. Usually isn't. Makes it tough for a Yankee in the south.

Ruth Anne

It did not snow today so far, but we have a dusting from yesterday and the forecast is for up to an inch overnight. We needed the dusting to cover last week's mud!

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