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December 25, 2013


Rose Birchall

Just looked out the window, and yes, it is snowing. Merry Christmas!

Beth L Ruiter

Yes! Blowing around too.

blogless grace

Fortunately, no. I am traveling so that is a good thing!

Nancy Butler

Yes, winter weather advisory, snowing and blowing! Staying home today, traveling will have to wait.


Not yet, but we are expecting a dusting.


Merry Christmas! It isn't snowing here in Fort Wayne, Indiana!


Merry Christmas! No snow here but we are driving to find snow in a few days! Snow Mobiles and warm cider (bourbon may or may not be included)...


It's snowing pretty good right now. I'm sitting here feverishly knitting the doll blanket I need completed in about 2 hours watching it come down. Merry Christmas!

Judi Kennedy

No, we're in Florida with family and it's 73 degrees. Boo Hiss, I wanted snow.


No-- just one of the things you miss in the south-- snow on Christmas. Merry Christmas!


No white Christmas in Rhode Island 😢! It is cold and sunny!!

Pat Wadkins

We had a beautiful snowfall over night 3-5 inches n Rochester Mn. Light and fluffy covering all the tree limbs. The deer were in the back yard feeding. Christmas card perfect. Merry Christmas!

Rhonda Atkinson

No not in Oklahoma. Just had an ice storm but sunny and 40's. Going to be a beautiful day!


Cold and sunny in Rochester, NY this morning.


Bright and sunny today in Columbia, MD. Cold, but that's good after the 70 degrees over the weekend.


Nope, no snow. Only clouds and a chance of rain. Merry CHristmas!


No snow yet today but i's supposed to come later.


It's not presently snowing but we got a dusting overnight so it is a decidedly white Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all


Alas, no snow here in Marietta, Georgia! But a brisk 27 degrees this am. Wishing I was home in Wis where there is lots of snow. Happy Holidays!

Nancy Hannah

No snow but cold here in southeastern New England.
Merry Christmas!


No snow here in Southern California. Happy Holidays to one and all!


No snow today, but it snowed for about 5 minutes yesterday. Merry Christmas!

Joan Grahlfs

Lots of snow in Wisconsin. And still floating down. It is beautiful. Thank you for this fun contest. It caused me to think about my knitting and dream a little about all the prizes. Have a happy holiday.

Leslie Fehr

No Snow here, but that's okay, we actually have winter temps here in Central Texas!
Merry Christmas to you!

Kate s.

No snow here but it is a rather chilly 27 F!


Nope! All the snow we already had melted over the past few days, we went through a brief mud season, and now we are surrounded by frozen, lumpy mud. It could be worse!

tami shaughnessy

no snow here, we rarely have a white Christmas.

Melissa B.

No snow but it is COLD...negative digits for temps alone and even colder with wind chill. Merry Christmas!


Just started to snow a bit in the Fort. Enough to set the mood, not enough to shovel. Have a Merry Christmas all you wonderful sock knitters and to you especially ,Allison. The force that brings knitters from every corner together.

Yvonne Koh

Totally no snow in this tropical area that I am from ;)
Merry Christmas to all at SSYC!


At home, in Chicago, with just the tiniest bit of snow to cover the ground!


Alas, not here in southern Texas.


The sun is shining in New Hampshire this morning, but snow is on its way tomorrow.

Ann W.

Snow is softly falling in Wisconsin. Merry Christmas to all at Simply Socks.


Not now. We may get a dusting overnight.


Merry Christmas!
Its spitting snow here in northwest Ohio.


No snow here in sunny Tucson. That's the reason we are here. We don't miss it either!

Robin V

Here in Kalamazoo MI, it's been snowing off and on. We have a beautiful white Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!

Diane E.

We had a snow squall last night - just enough to coat the grass and make things pretty.


It was snowing for a while here, but It has stopped now. So pretty!

Merry Christmas!

Trish Flynn

The spirit of Christmas is strong, even without snow, in sunny and warm Las Vegas!!


Not today, but it snowed yesterday and we've had lots of snow since the end o d November. Merry Christmas everyone!


No, not in the Southern California coastal area. We're due for record December highs today, probably in the 70‘s!

Nancy H

Nope, no snow here in Virginia!

Lisa Viviano

Southwest Louisiana.....definitely no snow. Still......a very Merry Christmas!


No. It doesn't ever snow here in Southern CA and its often too hot to wear anything knitted. But that doesn't stop me from knitting.


No, not in Louisiana.


it's not snowing - sure wish it was - there's nothing so sweet as a white Christmas!


It's not snowing right now, but there's been fresh snow since I went to bed last night.


Light snow flurries here in Minneapolis.

Linda Zalusky

I did see a few flakes, but mostly overcast and cold. Thanks for the twelve days of sock yarn and Merry Christmas!

Donna celeste

No snow as I am in Belize right now. It is sunny and hot!


Nope, the temp in Hemet, CA is 45 degrees. Bright and sunny - wish it was snowing!


NO snow here in Vancouver! Just dull and pretty mild, low 40's---not complaining!
Merry Christmas and big thank you for having the contest again this year, always brightens up my holidays!

Sophie H

We had 3 inches of new snow on Christmas Eve and are expecting a dusting of snow today here in Minnesota.


Small flakes, but coming down fast.

Rachel R.

Nope, and none in the forecast either. But it is cold - a brisk 21F right now!

Marie B.

Yes. And since I've no place to go. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


No snow but it is cold enough to. Good thing the sun is out.

Kathy in Alaska

Not snowing here today, but we've gotten plenty in the last week, so it is a very pretty, very white Christmas. :)


It is not snowing here. We did get a slight dusting here yesterday, though, so it is kind of a white Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Nope, no snow here in NC. It's at least cold today so I can bundle up in knits. Still hoping to see some snow here eventually to make moving south from New England not so bad.

Diana Kalar

No snow. No rain. Nothing but sunshine. It is 45 here at Alameda, California right now and will be in the 70s today. We could really use some rain.


It's very cold, but not snowing here.

Holly Abery-Wetstone

We had snow last Tuesday but the 65 degree weather last weekend melted it all so we have brown and gray today.


It snowed a bit earlier this morning and it is suppose to snow some later today but at the moment as I write it is not snowing.


No! It's in the 60s!


Unfortunately, no snow today. Bright and sunny, which would be so much cheerier with snow on the ground.

Mai Oak

yes, it is! big fluffy flakes in Southern Ontario right now. beautiful out. Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas - Cincinnati OH, no snow


No snow here in Southeastern MA but it is cold 27 degrees. Merry Christmas!

Karen Pettyjohn

Christmas Blessings to you and yours! It is snowing in Convoy, Ohio


No snow. Sunny and 19 degrees in south central KY. Peace to all.


No snow here. It's sunny and 30 degrees F.

Anita S.

We had light snow this morning and the lawns and streets are covered. It is currently not snowing at this time, but we now have a White Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

Chelsey B

Not yet- would not mind some fluffy flakes when everyone is safe inside!!:)


Yes! Much to the girl's happiness,it snowed this morning. Much to my happiness it was only a little! Merry Christmas everyone!


Yes it's snowing in Kalamazoo! Gorgeous white Christmas!


No snow here, but we had a lot of fog! I'm sure Rudolph was busy last night! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Margretta Josephson

No, it is not snowing. For once it is going to be a beautiful, clear day in the Pacific Northwest. Merry Christmas to all.

Cynthia Parker

Not a cloud in the sky in southern Maryland. But a little chilly in the 30's.

Martha Anne

No snow but it is cold enough. We hope for sun!

Lisa B

Not snowing yet in southwest MI but we are supposed to get a small amount later today. Also, we already have a small amount on the ground so technically it's a white Christmas :) Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Jen G.

No snow today here in Mars, PA!


No snow in MO. Merry Christmas!

Donita W

Yes! A white Christmas here!

Heather A.

No snow in southwestern IL. It'sry, cloudy, and cold - perfect for enjoying tea, cookies, and knitting!


No snow here today or anytime in the future. What a nice gift to win!!!


Nope -- we're visiting my sister in sunny Los Angeles. Very different from the snowy Chicago of our childhood.


Not all. Beautiful sunny morning though. Merry Christmas!


No snow. :( We had a nice bit of snow a week early but it's all gone now!

Barb T.

A white, icy Christmas here in Maine, but no snow falling--thank heavens!


No snow here in sunny California. A high of 83 degrees predicted for today!


I'm in SE Iowa and it is not snowing here. but we do have snow on the ground from a storm this past week.


No snow in Southside Virginia, but it is a cool 30 degrees.


No snow in Seattle. It might even burn off into an almost sunny day. Thank you do much for running these contests.


There's snow on the ground, but it's not actively snowing at this moment.


It was snowing in Elkhart, Indiana. It is not at the moment. Merry Christmas to you and ALL the Simply Sock Yarn Staff! I got "yarn money" for Christmas and anxiously await spending it at SSYC!!!


It was snowing near Chicago earlier this morning, but it has stopped for now. Merry Christmas!


Yes, lightly but Yes. Hurrah!

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