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December 16, 2013



I haven't knit any ornaments with sock yarn before. I have been tempted to knit a tiny sweater to hang on the Christmas. However, I would need a great deal of quiet to work on something so small.


I haven't knitted any Christmas stuff yet, but I do want to knit Christmas stockings for the grandkids and a little garland of socks for the fireplace mantel. Hopefully by next Christmas. :)


I have finished 1/4 of our family Christmas stockings. I'm hoping to knock out the other three this year so we can have the full set hanging from the mantle next year.

Ruth C

I have knit a matching tiny sock ornament for family members when I knit them a pair of they can always remember the great feeling of hand-knit socks! I have knit four socks for the mantle...and need to do more as our family has grown. I have knit some Christmas ball ornaments--my daughter-in-law taught me colorwork that way! I just added the suggested patterns to my Ravelry library. Thanks.


No I haven't, but I have a book for knitting a nativity seen that I may get around to one day!


I have a few knitted ornaments, but really yarn decorates my house all year round...My couch cushions are covered with it. Skeins lay randomly around on tables. Scraps form art on the floor.

Karen Pettyjohn

I have knit several different ornaments through the years for our family and friends. Last year's ornament was a small knit swatch using toothpicks and beads to look like knitting needles. I always use yarn some place on each year's ornaments when they aren't knit. This year I started a yarn ornament tradition for myself. I save scraps of yarn (and beads) from everything I have knit during the year. I put it all in one of those clear ornaments. I got the idea from SSYS but using my own scraps brings back lots of memories.


Umm...let's see, there are four of us in the family and I have at least ten Christmas stockings hanging. It's an obsession.


No, I don't decorate with yarn. I do love seeing the knitted tree ornaments though.

Barb T.

I have an array of Pint-sized Pines on my mantle with Christmas decorations, pom poms, and loads of Julekuler from the Arne and Carlos book.

jo dee merick

I knitted the smitten pattern to hang on my mantle

Chris Spragg

I have in my que to make a mitten garland but I have not started it yet, maybe it will be done for next year.Lol

Kathy Stanley

I have knitted two owl puffs for my tree so far this year.

Diane  True

Not really... too busy knitting for gifts to ever get to decorations... :(


I mainly use yarn to tie tags onto packages. I do have a stocking pattern for next Christmas for my little sister. She saw one that she loved, and I am determined to make it for her.


I don't knit for the holidays, but i'm currently working on a scarf for my 4 year old!


I have not made any decorations with sock yarn. I do have a book about knitting santa, his elves and the reindeer using sock yarn but I haven't gotten around to doing anything with it.

Joyce Kraly

I have a few ornaments I have knitted, not in sock yarn.


It's not exactly yarn, but I do use crochet thread and wool fiber to decorate for the holidays. I crochet snowflakes for Christmas (the only crocheting I do!) and have just started needle felting in the past several weeks. I'm working on a needle-felted Santa. All my yarn use during the holidays is in the form of knitting gifts.

Jill Schroeder

I knit stockings (none matching...all to fit the personality of the person) for the 4 of us. They hang happily on the fireplace mantel

Terri Carter

I have a couple of tiny sock ornaments but other than that, I don't have any yarn decorations. I keep meaning to at least knit a couple of pillows but so far I haven't managed that.


Have not decorated with yarn, but I have made plenty of baby socks, which would make great ornaments. Maybe next year.


I have a tree dedicated to knit ornaments. Right now all that's on it is lots of mini sweaters. It makes me happy to look at it!

Andy B.

I just knitted some wee socks, sweaters, and mittens to give to my nieces and nephews for Christmas. Our tradition is to give all the kids in the family an ornament every year. This is the first time I've knitted them! We don't decorate much at our own house, so there's nothing knitted in that mix.


I have not yet, but plan to soon.


I have some knitted ornaments on the tree, but I still mostly knit with my yarn.


I have knit ornaments, Christmas runners and rugs, and the knitted hats and mittens sitting around add color. Love knitting with sock yarn most of all :0)

Chrissy Foreman

I have a knitted white fur garland for my tree.

Ann M

It started with knitting tiny newborn baby socks as gifts for new babies complete with cash or a gift card. I find these welcome gifts for new parents. But these tiny socks are so dear, they also work well to bring out and hang on the Christms tree. I like to use "adult colors" and left-overs from adult sock knitting work well rather than purchase "baby colors" for these socks.

Sandra Cash

I have knit miniature sweaters to decorate a wreath also tiny caps and scarfs to adore bottles of body spray. Love to make minutia.

Danyelle N

I made stockings for my children out of bulky wool (and can they stretch!!!) years ago - I would love to knit fancier stockings that would be more for decoration, but I just haven't found the time yet. I also love the idea of a knitted tree skirt, and knitting ornaments - someday...

I have knitted and crocheted stockings for my family over the last few years. They look gorgeous on our mantle! I love the idea of knitting ornaments for the tree.

Susan Sanders

I have crocheted snowflakes but never knit any ornaments. The book Le Petit Prince was one of the first books we read when we were transfered to France. Still have it.


I knit Christmas stockings for my daughters eons ago -- both with Santa going down the chimney, but one with a red toe and top and the other with a green toe and top. And we still hang them here, even though both girls have their own families now. They still get stuffed with goodies for when we celebrate Christmas Eve here. Wish I'd had time to knit stockings for the grandkids when they were little, but those were my busy non-knitting years. Now they all get real socks for Christmas presents, hand knit by Kiki!

Holly Abery-Wetstone

I use sock yarn to decorate the feet, hands and necks of those I give holiday gifts to!

Martha Powers

for years I have made crocheted snowflakes and angels, and knitted mittens & socks, to decorate the trees of all my family members, and many of my friends.

Nora Graves

One of my knitting groups meets at a retirement home. As a thank-you gift, we all knit ornaments for a small tree, and donated the decorated tree.


I haven't knit any ornaments, but I use yarn in place of ribbon. I have lots of left-overs and can always find just the color I want.

Gina Kostoff

I have not knit ornaments yet but after knitting a mini sock for a larger group project I thought how cute would a garland be of mini socks and sweaters using up left-over yarn? I do make mug sweaters with mittens that are darn adorable.

Nicole Wetzel

Nothing knitted yet, but would love to knit snowflakes. I do use yarn as bows on my packages.

Gabrielle Granger

I dont knit ornaments for the holidays, I prefer bigger projets.

Jeaneen Adams

I have knitted stockings. ( still working on them). Next I'm making ornaments to go on the tree and would love to knit a blanket for my bed.


I have make a Christmas Stocking for my nephew but around my house I have not finished what I have been making for about the last 5 yrs. I am making a poinsettia wreath that gets felted. I have also made my nieces and nephews Santa hats.

Jane O

Knitted Christmas items are a long tradition in my family. My mom made stockings for all of her kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces and even a great-grandbaby. Since she passed away, I've taken over the pleasure of knitting these cherished stockings. I made one last year for grand niece and I look forward to knitting them for my
grandbabies one day. The original pattern was from a kit from the early 60s(?) and has been used at least 50 times since my Mom knit the first one.


I have a couple bigger stockings that I made a number of years ago that always grace the fire place and some little star ornaments that I crocheted way back when.
My goal for 2014 is to make a mini sock for every pair of socks I make to decorate a small tree I have for next CHristmas. We shall see how I do with that.

Michelle Glasgow

I have a few tiny sock ornaments on my tree. Would love to do more.

Danielle Koman

I haven't knit any decorations. I want to knit some of the garland I always see but never have time!! One day!

Deborah Dawson

I knitted and felted a snowman family that sits on top of our upright piano.

Kate S.

The majority of my Christmas ornaments are knit! My knitting group has an exchange every year and my tree is quite covered :)


I have an antique weasel that sits in my foyer. It's now decorated with tiny socks and mittens, plus I have a basket of my handspun yarn sitting beside it. I've also knit some colorwork ornaments for the tree.

Kathy Fullerton

Not many knitting ornaments- just a few of the tiny socks! Have used yarn with wrapping of gifts! Love opal yarn for socks- so glad you carry this brand!!!


No, but I keep planning to knit ornaments from leftover sock yarn. Just need a round tuit.

Alexandra Taylor

I don't yet however, I would love to knit a tree skirt. We don't have one and it would be so pretty!


I have not knitted ornaments, too busy knitting socks and scarves with sock yarn!

Jessi Monroe

I've got one ornament based off the "balls up" pattern on ravelry that I made for my daughter's annual ornament last year. Other than that, right now I don't have any yarn or knit items for the holidays yet, but thanks to Pinterest I've got a million ideas for next year, and thanks to my mom I'm doing the entire family's stockings for next year.

Yolanda Philp

I try to add a knitted decoration every year. Last year I did 2 of the stars you pictured above - both with sparkly yarn - and my grandsons spent the day throwing them at each other! I ended up knitting them their own out of leftover sock yarns - seems it makes a great indoor toy ;)


I display three owls I had knit for my boys during the winter. They fit right in!


While I didn't use sock yarn, I did make a little pumpkin to sit on my mantle for Halloween/Thanksgiving, and a snowman for Christmas.

Leslie Fehr

Just hadn't given it a thought to make mini socks or mittens to use for decorations. I'm going to have to do something about that now! That would be a good project as I ride the shuttle to and from work each day.

Sharon P

Unfortunately no..but there is always time for next year!!

Christine Newman-Aumiller

I have a couple of tiny sock on my tree, thanks to the Yarn Harlot! By the way, could you post the winner's name? I'd love to know who is the lucky person, especially if I know them!

Rhonda Atkinson

I have not knitted anything Christmas as yet. My tree has all handmade ornaments crocheted by my mother and grandmother. Beautiful and special.

Jaclyn Miller

A family friend made us several felted ornaments, which are pretty great. I've also seen mini socks for ornaments, but haven't given those a shot yet.


Yes, indeed. The kids' stockings are crocheted, some ornaments are knitted, etc. etc. Yarn indeed.

Tina Champagne

I have not knit anything for holiday decorating as yet, but think mini socks on a small tree would be awesome. Maybe some day I will get around to it! They are adorable!!!

Marie B.

This is the pattern I use to make lacey Christmas ornaments using fingering weight yarn. Great for leftovers!


No, I don't use yarn or knitting to decorate for the holidays because I don't decorate for the holidays. I always go to someone else's house for Christmas anyway (usually my parents' place, but this year my aunt and uncle's).

julie davidson

I have not made anything of yarn recently for our tree. I love the tiny sock pattern and I hope to make more of them. Most of the ornaments on our tree are from when I was a child. My mother and I made lots of felt ornaments. My favorites are Santa and elephants with spangles of them.

Rose Birchall

Yes, I do. My husband's Christmas stocking was knit by his grandmother when he was a little boy. I received my knitted stocking from his aunt the first Christmas we were married.

Barbara G.

I make miniature stockings & mittens that I use for decorations on presents. They show up as tree ornaments year after year. Great way to use up remaining sock yarn.

Merry Fenton

2 years ago, my knitting group decorated a tree at Wahoo's Christmas on the Prairie. I knitted lots of these - - for the tree. They're easy and look great. I have them somewhere in the basement and should make sure to get at least a few on my own tree this year.
wahoomerryf on Ravelry


Nope...nothing yarny included in my holiday decorating....except the miniature sock tree ornament.

Brenda Miller

Since I love to knit socks, I usually make one tiny sock for the tree each year.

Sydney Placido

I should use some of my left overs to make decorations, I know someone who makes little hats as ornaments and gives them out to friends.


Instead of bows, I use bulky red and green yarn to tie up packages, I have a few sweater ornaments that someone else made. Nothing else yarnery on display this year.

Beth L Ruiter

Lots of little crocheted stars my Grandmother made.

Lisa Murphy

I knit fair isle stockings for my family (and the dog!), I knit my tree skirt out of some scrap yarn I had, and I have a yarn ball ornament on the tree. :)


I knit stockings for all 6 of us a couple years ago. And it's not knitting but I've done several crochet snowflakes.


There's a few small knitted ornaments on the tree and we sometimes get out a candy cane striped tree skirt for our smaller tree.

Darrah Serre

I made snowflakes from cotton one year, but mostly I just decorate people for the holidays now. Scarves, hats, mitts, socks ect =)

Cynthia Hall

Hmm, now that you mention it, I don't have any yarn decorations for Christmas. But I have knitted gifts and yarn presents under my tree, does that count?

Cynthia Parker

Can't get away from knitting socks!


I am a novice knitter so not many of my hand knits are used as Christmas decorations, with exception of my daughter's Christmas stocking!

Brenda Mull

The stockings that I have hanging at the fireplace were knitted by me for my kids when they were small. They are now adults and we still fill them!


Very early in my knitting career (probably only the first or second year I knitted, long before I attempted a full-size sock) I made a tiny stocking ornament with a short-row heel. My mother hangs it on her Christmas tree. I have plans to knit stockings next year for myself and my fiancé, as well as a garland of mittens and socks to use as an Advent calendar.

Tina Pearson

I have always wanted to knit mitten and stocking ornaments and always say next year!!!

Pat DeShetler

Too busy making gifts. I have used yarn to tie gifts.


I have knitted ornaments on my tree. I even have an free ornament pattern on Ravelry. I would love to knit a mitten or snowflake garland one day.


ive knitted a small cabled sweater as an ornament for the christmas tree, and hung it using a paperclip twisted into a tiny hanger. i have seen some cute knitted snowmen decorations on the nickelodeon commercials that im considering making.

Anna Ellis

I've knit and crocheted throws and pillows for the holidays past. I am getting ready to start some mini knit sweater ornaments.


I have crocheted snowflakes for the tree, & I have tiny sweaters on my todo list when I not buried in cowls for the granddaughters!


Too busy knitting hats, mittens, scarves,and socks for gifts. . . .I can only dream I would have enough free time to knit decorations!!!


All four of my family's Christmas stockings are handknit by me. This year I bought a little Rosemary Christmas tree shaped topiary and have decorated it with tiny hand knit ornaments.

Shannon Adams

I decorate with knitting! I have made several of the Arne and Carlos ornaments from their book! They are so much fun and also make great gifts!

Susan Ipavec

I have knit miniature sweaters and scarves for my tree...I think I'll also knit a pair of mini mittens...those would look so cute!


I have some crocheted decorations--gifts (snowflake, sheep, etc.)--but I've never made a knitted decoration. I am mulling the idea of knitting Christmas stockings for my daughter and her new husband, but that's as far as it's gone. Years ago, I did lots of needlepoint items--do they count? Truthfully, I don't really want my knitted items only used annually, and that is a huge dilemma for me.


I have some knitted bells, with jingle bells inside, that my mother knit years ago. Lots of sweet memories tied up in those bells!


I have one tiny handknit sweater on my tree and that is all for this year. Maybe next year I will do more


I've made a felted stocking, coasters. A hat with jingle bells would be fun to make.......

Trish Flynn

I haven't yet but for years my grandmother made ornaments with yarn on plastic canvas - I treasure them and they are a prominent part of our Christmas traditions.

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