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December 06, 2013



I am SO happy to get this kit! I ordered one for myself and one for my daughter for Christmas...happy day!


Darn, I wanted this kit!

Southern Gal

uh its just 1110 am and i think they are all sold out... the link goes to a page with NO PRODUCT FOUND. sigh.

Lisa Barrett

Just out of curiosity - at what time do kit links go live? I'm in the same time zone as SSYC so I was sure that when I received the email and blog update notifications that I would have plenty of purchase time. Sadly, that turned out not to be the case :( So for future reference, for what time should I set my alarm clock?


Dang. I had wanted this kit since I saw the first WiP hat picture. Oh, well, life will go on. Hopefully I'll still remember the name of the yarn when it comes out next year ;-) But that bag is so so so perfect too!

Susan Hill

Both of your kits were just wonderful and that's the reason they sell so quickly. Please continue your high quality offerings. I'll just have to plan a little better next time.

I've noticed that all of your small project bags have zippered tops. Do your designers ever make them with drawstrings that are long enough to slip over shoulder?

Happy Holidays to SSYC and all fellow knitters.


WOW I just got this notice in my email today and it is gone? seriously?
Not a happy camper Alison. lol

I have purchased so many of your other kits too.



When you put these kits together, would it be possible to make twice as many since they always sell out so quickly?

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