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December 19, 2013


sharon  HOYER

my favorite project so far this month...for
December gifts .. was the
Sockhead cap, made out of the Poste yarn!!... especially in the
emerald green with the sparkles....

Susan Ipavec

I'm new to SSYC, but definitely will be ordering in the very near future. I've got my eye on the Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere (love the newer colorways) and on the Poste yarn--I love self-striping yarn :-)


I would like to try Pagewood Farm, Alyeska or maybe some Blue Moon!! I was not quick enough for Fleece Navidad but I have been in the Sock club in the past.


My favorite is the Byzantine Tosh Sock skein I picked up last month at SSYC. I love that colorway and all the Tosh reds and russets.


I love my French inspired " club" purchase from this summer and my Christmas at Downton yarn.


Although I've not yet knit any of them, my favorite SSYC purchase this year is my 3 skeins of Opal Vincent Van Gogh. Like children it is hard to pick a favorite so I'll just say I love them all.

Sharon Edmondson

My favorite skein was Rowan Fine Art in the Chiff Chaff colorwary.

Judy S-G

I have fallen in love with the yarns specially dyed for the holiday kits... since great colors to look forward to that they help make the holidays

Cynthia Parker

I particularly like everything that Opal comes out with. Also Dream in Color Tough Love. Waiting for Blue Moon!

Debbie Huett

I haven't had a chance to knit with it yet but I am super excited to try Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn! I got both Christmas kits AND the favorite things skein! One is wound up and caked and ready to go and I see me starting socks with it next week!


I finished a pair of Knotty gloves in Dream in Color Smooshy with cashmere earlier this year. They are the gift to myself that keeps giving, because they are so fabulous every time I put them on. I made my mom a pair, too, and she is also obsessed! I'm eyeing up some more in a different colorway for 2014!


While not my favorite project or colors, my favorite skein has to be the Tropicana Poste Stripe because of the joy it brought DH with his new biking socks.


I liked both the green self-striping yarn and the blue variegated yarn that was part of the French inspire sock club.


I love BMFA Socks that Rock and am super excited you will be carrying it! Also, I think anything from Tanis Fiber Arts would start off the year right!


My favorite has to be the Dream in Color Dream Club skeins. Love them!

Holly Waldrop

Definitely the Poste striping yarn in Chestnut Hills and Fiji. YUMMMMMMMMY!!

Pat Wadkins

I bought the Fleece Navidad Kit! I love the Blue Moon Sock yarns! And I bought Opal Schafpate 5 7251. Those are my favorite.


My favorite yarn this year is Zen Yarn Garden's Serenity 20. My Ananke shawl is so soft and squishy that I want to wear it every day!


My favorite was my Poste striping yarn in Bravery. I wish I had bought a couple more before you sold out. I really want a hat and mitts to match my cowl.


This year I bought three skeins of the Poste Yarn Patina when the "Test Kitchen" skeins were offered. They are all really lovely, but my favorite yarn that I bought from you this year is actually the skein that rode along to get free shipping -- Poste Yarn Striping in the Buckeye colorway! I love it! I am still waiting to knit it up, but I look forward to doing so in 2014.


My favorite was Angry Elf from one of the Christmas kits this year.


Poste Stripe Gold Coast! But only because it just came off my needles. Can't get enough of those wonderful stripes. MB Tarte It's our Anniversary is next-- and I can be fickle.


Madelinetosh Sock in Whiskey Barrel! I made Anne Hanson's Sign of Four (again) with this yarn because the combo makes such a great fitting great looking great feeling sock.

Geraldine Scott

It's like a candy shop...I need it all! But my yarn bin is overflowing, so I need to get busy using up that yarn first! I just made my first purchase (Fleece Navidad Sock Kit) and it just arrived pretty!

blogless grace

LL SM Multi Ashburn SO PRETTY!!!


I am new to your site and love the selection of sock yarn and plan to shop here next year.


I love my Island of misfit toys from the Poste line. Amazingly vibrant colors & just makes me smile when I see it!!


MadelineTosh by far is my most favorite.

My favorites were the Poste yarn highlighter colors. I bought them all.

Lisa Barrett

Well, I think my top two favorites haven't even arrived yet - BMFA's Fleece Navidad and Poste Stripe's Snowflake VA. SO excited for their arrival that I can't stop talking about how excited I am. The husband is getting sick of me... :)

Barb T.

I am a relative newbie here, but I did manage to do some damage here at the end of the year. I love both of the Christmas kits I was lucky to snag, but I would have to say I am dying to knit my Tosh Sock Victorian Gothic. What pattern remains a mystery, but it will definitely be socks!


THis is hard- right now I am swinging back and forth like a pendulum. One minute it is Snowflake, Va and that lovely green and gray combo. The next minute it is the Jill Draper Esopus sock in TIme Traveling Terrarium. Both were a pleasure to knit.


I was lucky enough to get a Feliz Navidad kit this year. Love that yarn! ....and all the other goodies too!


My favorite skein this year just might be the Cascade Heritage silk
I'm wearing the scarf I made with it right now.


I really like the Trekking XXL in the colorway you showed on your blog. These became socks I'm giving to my mom for Christmas. But I am REALLY looking forward to knitting with the skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts that came with the Fleece Navidad kit. It has told me it wants to be a sockhead hat and I am casting on Christmas Day when all of my Christmas knitting will finally (hopefully!) be done!

Kate S.

The holiday kit of poste yarn that made rainbow striping socks!


I bought some Cascade Heritage Solids for the first time online and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and price!


My favorite is Tanis Fiber Purple Label with 20% cashmere! I didn't buy this this year but I just wore my socks again a couple of days ago and they are so warm and cozy. I also made a scarf with this it!


My favorite has to be the yarn that came in the October kit, just love it.


BMFA STR was new to me and I love the two skeins - Sadie Sue Tipsy and Lady Edith. Need to find the perfect patterns for these lovelies!


Just got a copy of Op-Art Socks and I'm looking forward to picking up all sort of color combos.

Nancy Fanzlaw

Poste Patina Easter Island! My very favorite I got this year, but I also have a love affair going on with that gorgeous green, purple, black Halloween skein I ordered. Haven't been able to bring myself to use either yet! Lol!


OOOOH I want to win this day. I have wanted to try Blue Moon for awhile now. AND this is my color. My favorite this year is the Patina set you sent me. Am saving it for something special -- love looking at it.


Mine would probably the the red skien from the Summer sock Club. The Paris color themed club, which I loved. I am picking this yarn because it's the only yarn I bought two of. It made the most amazing shawl that I wear all the time.


I love it all!! My all time favorite is past SSYC FaLaLa holiday kit colorway in String Theory's Continuum--I LOVE Continuum but esp that color! My other 2 favorites at the moment might be the Fleece Artist Casbah and anything Lorna's Laces...oh and I love the BMSTR holiday colors and the Brachs Candy colorway and...oh I just love it all!


I also can't wait to start knitting with the new sparkly green Cosmos that just came in my mailbox!

Rhonda Atkinson

With my Not So Angry Elf kit I ordered Lorna Laces Multi Bucks Bar which is absolutely gorgeous. Have not started anything with it yet but it is calling my name to work with it. Just find the right pattern and off I go.


I think my last order was late last year. Can't remember the brand at the moment, but it's pink and I'm still working on the sweater. I do think I need to order something striping soon.


This is really difficult - coming up with just one. But I especially liked the Poste Yarn in Santa Claus, IN. Such deep saturated colors and very Christmasy.

Linda Byrn

my favorite was the sparkley yarn in the summer those socks!

Joan Grahlfs

I love it all! But the best, at this moment, is the Fleece Artist Merino DK. I got the Arctic Trio. Socks are flying off the needles.


The project I'm currently knitting is always my favorite. So . . . I'm knitting socks using the orange-and-black Poste yarn (and hoping it brings my Philadelphia Flyers some luck. :-)


I haven't yet been able to splurge at your store. The photos you post of the shop make it all look so fantastic, how does anyone choose just one thing! I'd like to try something in your own Poste Yarn, but I haven't a clue what!

Margretta Josephson

I love the Poste Yarn Striping in Heartland and Broad Ripple that I bought in the shop in April when I was visiting a friend who lives in Ft. Wayne. I bought the two skeins with the intention of knitting socks for my grandchildren for Christmas. The socks are done now and they are adorable!!!

Anne Marie

I have not ordered from your shop. I have amazing restraint I must say! I don't know how much longer I can resist jumping in the car and road-tripping from Nebraska. Your shop looks so amazing and one of a kind. My 2013 basically sucked, so I really do NEED a treat for 2014. I'd love to try your Poste Yarns. They do look amazing.


I liked the Rowan Fine Art yarn and the Christmas Kit. Super cute!

Melissa B.

Just ONE?!?!?! There are so many wonderful things that I've gotten from SSYC this year but right now I'm rocking with the (Not So) Angry Elf StR yarn from the holiday kit. I haven't cast on yet (working on too many Christmas projects) but I can't wait to get it on my needles. :)


My favorite SSYC purchase this year is some Abstract Fiber Super Sock in the Grape Hyacinth colorway. I love everything about it - it's squishy and soft, has a lovely twist, and the colors are perfect. Best of all, it reminds me of the fun knitting weekend I had when Stephanie Pearl-McPhee came to the shop :) I'm so happy the planets aligned and I was able to attend!

Georgienne Westrick

Lang Jowall Degrade - I love to knit socks and the new sock book Op-Art socks will use this yarn at the greatest effect. Can't wait to get started.

Deb in NC

Opal - Little Prince, had the socks on yesterday!!! Of course Madelintosh and Malabrigo are a close 2nd. Never have enough sock yarn.


Ooooooooooooo, so hard to say. If say the Smooshy with cashmere in Summer Sky but I think I bought that last year. Or the Poste in the green & gray stripe but I think that was last year too. Probably the Jill Draper Esopus sock yarn in a dusty pink & brown color way.

Sara Byron

Madelinetosh is simply the best most addicting fiber EVER! I have it on my wish list to stop by your shop this year. I just have to plan my trips around your open days!


When I come and search there are so many choices I cannot make up my mind. I would like to try Zitron Trekking XXL,550 looks nice and cheerful.


I am new to SSYC, I can defiantly see myself needing some of your Poste Stiping in the new year, and some opal too!


My favorite this year was Shibui Sock in Spectrum. I had to get multiple skeins because I have lots of family members that love the rainbow colorway!


Hmmm.... Probably Manos Alegria in Locura Fluo. Love the feel of the wool and the bright colors!


madelinetosh tosh merino light in Mansfield garden party. I'm afraid it might be one that I love more in the skein than anything I might knit with, but I hope it knits up beautifully, too!

Susan Hill

Oh my. What a dilemma you ask of us but I shall try. I absolutely love the socks I knitted with Opal 8-ply XL. While I love anything and everything with cashmere or any kind of silk, wool blend, I so enjoyed knitting with this heavier Opal yarn and enjoy wearing the warm, comfortable socks that resulted.


My favorite is the yarn you used for Henry's hat, the second holiday kit. I looked for that yarn when you made the hat, somehow hoping there'd be some somewhere. I also like the green Patina yarn you sent in the second sock club kit. I am moving into dangerous zone--liking yarn for yarn.


I have my eye on Biscotte & Cie Felix Sock in Coccinelle.
I think my last purchase was a yummy lace weight Dream Club offering.....


I'd say my favorite skeins were three Classy skeins of different color that are earmarked for a Tulip cardigan. I was searching for those colors all over the place and was very happy to find them.

Ann W.

I love Dream in Color w/cashmere but have been looking at your gradients recently thinking of a shawl or scarf. Happy 6th Day of Sock Yarn.


Definitely the Rowan Fine Art yarn. Fabulous stuff. Every color is great!!

Lisa viviano

My fav skein has got to be sweet Georgia bfl in the hush color. Beautiful and so soft!

Phyllis Oviatt

I love my Little Prince yarn! I am addicted to self-striping.


My favorite this year was DIC Smooshy Navy Zeal which was the perfect blender for a project I changed colors mid stream. I usually go for the brighter colors and variegated choices but the DIC skein was knit immediately and the project is complete. Another plus for this yarn.

Karen Pettyjohn

Each new yarn I try, I like better than the last. Madelinetosh is a great go-to. I think I'd have to say that my favorite purchase from SSYC in 2013 was the Mother's Day kit.


I love Cosmos in Witch Head Nebula that I received yesterday. Gorgeous!

Leslie Fehr

Little Prince #7766 - made the cutest Sockhead hat! Glad that you've restocked - I need some more so I can have a hat in that color myself LOL

Kathy B

I think my favorites were the Poste yarn for the rainbow stripe socks kit you put together as well as the recent Christmas kit with the yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. You have such great ideas and I enjoy following your links for more ideas on how to use our stash of sock yarn. You keep me interested in pursuing the next project!


I have not purchased from SSYC and missed the recent trip made by a couple of my "knitting buddies". I see the need for any FA Merino 3DK - I see accessories - beautiful accessories in my future!!


I'll consider getting the MadelineTosh. Their chunky is quite fun to work with. I'm sure my mother will need more sock yarn at some point!

Sharon Hurlbut

I really love the Claudia 55 that I got back when it was on sale. It's such a gorgeous, soft, comforting yarn.


I liked Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, but I think I didn't order it this year. I'd love to purchase yarn for a sweater, but can't decide on the yarn. :)


My favorite I ordered this month, my Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Country Christmas. I really wanted to knit some Christmas socks and that color way was PERFECT!


My favorite has to the the Socks that Rock Fleece Navidad color that was in the sock kit! I'm making a pair of socks and that color just makes me smile every time I start knitting.


My favorite is the French inspired yarn kit from the summer. ESP the blue variegated skein. And everything else I've ever gotten of course. I can't pick a favorite.


My favorite skein of yarn purchased from the shop was my Miss Babs Tarte, which I am so in love with I'm holding for the perfect project!


I like many yarns but Lorna laces and Opal are two favorites. Made socks and Wing span.

Christine C.

My favorite was the Madelinetosh DK which I made a sweater out of.


I don't believe I have purchased anything from you yet...


I loved the Mother's Day kit I received this year. Those colors were amazing. And my favorite to knit this year as the Valentine's kit from 2012. I bought two and used the pink yarn to make a dress for my baby girl. It is so cute!

Jaclyn Miller

I haven't purchased yet, but I plan on getting more of Lorna's laces in 2014 from you!


Been wanting the Dream in Color smooshy...........let's see if I get it. Fingers crossed.


My favorite was the Little Prince yarn. I have many favorites from the collection. :)

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

I bought all the Little Prince Yarn skeins. I just started to knit socks with them and worked up a gauge with each one and one is more beautiful than the next. The Fleece Navidad Christmas kit is going to make a great pair of socks, too. Denise


I haven't had the pleasure of buying from you get but next year I am going to fix that. I want to try your Poste yarns I love the colors.


I'm loving the Online Aspen Worsted Sock because it is allowing me to breeze through huge socks for my dad, and I got it for half off!

Louise Cotulla

I haven't purchased from you guys before, but I can definitely see myself with a skein of Sweet Georgia BFL Sock in Midnight Garden to make socks next year!

Trish Flynn

Ugh, It's like picking my favorite child! Will go with Biscotte Cie's Chat Noir.

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