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December 20, 2013


Nancy Butler

I don't think I've missed a single New Year since I was very young, over 50 of them! I like to step outside (or stand in the open door if it's really cold!) and just reflect.

Trish Flynn

We have a peaceful evening at home, far away from the parties, thankful for the past year and looking forward to the next.


If it's snowing, I stay home and knit. If the weather is okay, I go to a friend's house - we eat (she's a good cook), play board games or cards, and talk. Happy New Year!


Just quietly at home

Kathy Stanley

We spend the evening at home and I fix something special for dinner. I usually don't make it up till midnight. Just say "happy new year" the next day.

Gina Kostoff

The last couple of years, it has been a quiet evening at home. Sometimes it is a small group of good friends who come over for dinner then stay the whole night. And then we have a great brunch the next morning. And every once in awhile...a GREAT party or even a wedding reception!


I don't really celebrate New Year, I slept through the Millennium! Last year I stayed up til midnight and watched some firework displays from other corners of the world that had already celebrated, but that for me, was a rare event.


Even though we live in Virginia, we celebrate New Years Eve in Ft Wayne, Indiana every year. The whole family gathers at my mom in laws house for food and games until the ball drops. Then we all spend the night there and start New Year's Day off with a great big family breakfast.


Our New Year's Eve celebrations are at home and low-key. They include family, good food, board games, knitting, and occasionally even staying awake until midnight!


We have a nice quiet evening at home. We do have a special dinner of stone crabs, lobster claws, snow crab and shrimp. We usually don't make it until midnight but we do watch some Christmas movies and enjoy ourselves. Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday!

Paul-Andre Mailhot

With a big/ huge New Year Eve party with Friends and Family and we dance, eat and drink till the new year :D I actually can't wait!!!! (pick me!)


I am usually at work so I haven't had the opportunity to properly celebrate New Years in a while, but if I wasn't working, I would celebrate it at home with my husband.


My husband and I like to stay home, have some bubbly and watch the ball fall(which is a bit odd because we are in the Central time zone and Times Square is Eastern.

Judy S-G

I live in Philadelphia & we have the "Mummers" New Year's tradition... New Year's Eve usually involves some last minute preparations helping "Mummers" get ready for the parade the following morning... feathers & trims always seem to be falling off of costumes or props, etc.
And we usually have a bowl of the traditional Pepper Pot soup and some hot tripe. Hard to make but worth the effort. My Grandmother's Pepper Pot recipe is the "official" one for the City after winning a contest back in the 1940s.


Well, my husband's birthday is January 1st so every year it seems we do something different. I let him pick what he would like to do... some years we have partied and some years just a quiet New Year's at home. We haven't even talked about this year yet!


My choice is a quiet evening at home with family.

Pat Wadkins

We do something different every year but we always have a special meal and we spend it with family.

Rose Birchall

This year will be a quiet evening at home. I like those the best.


Trying something new this year. We will be on a beach in Florida.

Mary Chrisman

Safe and sound at home with family, maybe with a little champagne and a few good movies.

Nancy H

We just usually hang out with another couple and have a nice dinner. Last year I hosted a nice dinner party with close friends. We keep it low-key.


I a dish called Christians & Moors (black brand, rice, tomatoes & spices).
Maybe watch a movie...... Maybe walk to see the Christmas lights one last time.....


We have a standing date with a couple of dear friends where we have an early dinner & go to a movie we can all four agree on! It is great fun, we are usually home by 11.


We tend to take it easy and reflect on the year we've just had. We also hope that no one in the neighborhood will set off fireworks that terrorize our dog. Different neighborhood this year so perhaps better luck.


We tend to spend the evening at home with family relaxing.

Beth L Ruiter

Dinner with family and friends is my favorite way to spend the evening but I'm often fast sleep before midnight!


We usually go to a friends house and celebrate all that we have been thankful for in the past year, but this year will be different. We are flying out to Houston to celebrate Christmas and New Year's with our son, daughter-in law and grandson (soon to be a granddaughter also). Bring my knitting (sock yarn) to work on the plane and while we are there!!!


We're in a similar stage of life as you, so the last few years we've tried to get together with another couple with small children and just put them down at our house. It's hard with early bedtimes. I'm not even sure we'll make it to midnight this year.

Nancy Fanzlaw

We relax with family and have the crockpot cooking with that great old Southern tradition of blackeyes peas to include with our main meal on New Years Day! The kitties usually spend the evening in a closet or under a bed from the neighborhood fireworks.

Lisa Viviano

New Years Eve we go out to dinner and then go home and watch movies. My husband goes to bed before midnight and I stay up and sip champagne as the new year arrives. Of course I knit while movie watching!


I will try to stay awake at home, knitting my way into 2014.


I make French Onion Soup for myself and my husband and we just watch a movie and relax.


we usually have a nice seafood dinner, maybe a glass of wine, and stay home. I'm such a cheap date, I can never stay awake until midnight.

Dana Timmerman

We spend New Year's Eve with family and friends who can make it to our cabin in Michigan's UP. We enjoy the snow, good cheer and togetherness. Then I go to bed around 10PM, no pressure to stay up, that's what I like.


It has been my husband and I celebrating together. We have a quiet evening at home with a special dinner and sparkling juice .

Margretta Josephson

We stay home, have a nice meal, and at midnight have some champagne and are thankful we have each other. If our grown children are here, we do the same thing with them.

Beverly Shearon

We usually spend New Year's with friends and bring it in quietly. If we make it up to midnight, we consider it good! We usually go to a friend's home on the Piankatank River to celebrate and of course, I always have my knitting.


We usually go out for an early dinner & then just go home - maybe watch a movie. The TV countdown shows seem sadder to me each year. I've never been much of a drinker so hated going out on New Years Eve even when I was in my 20's. I think 1966 may have been the last year I actually hung out in clubs with friends. After that, each couple would chip in for veggie tests, etc & have a quiet party at the home of the couple with the largest apartment.

Holly Abery-Wetstone

I celebrate with an early dinner with another couple and then we go home to out respective homes to spend the rest of the evening quietly, often going to bed wekk before midnight.

Rhonda Atkinson

I usually stay home and watch something on TV. Don't like being out on the roads with partying people. Usually don't even make it till midnight. So not a party girl.

Lisa Barrett

New Year's is very low key for us. The husband will make a nice dinner, we'll enjoy some dessert wine or port and watch a movie we've been looking forward to. And pf course, I'll be knitting while "watching" the movie :)


We celebrate quietly at home and watch a movie. We're early risers so we rarely make it up till midnight.


Just stay home and have a quiet dinner with my better half, must be getting old!

Leslie Fehr

It's quiet at our house on New Year's Eve - we sit and watch some tv while I knit--and hubby goes to be early - he just can't make it past 10:30! So, I'm left to my own devices - which means that I sit up and knit till my eyes won't stay open.


Used to have a casual night with some friends playing dominos, but they've moved, so now it's just a quiet evening at home, being thankful for the year :)


A glass of Christmas scotch, a wood stove fire, and my knitting - until 10 pm or so :)


When our kids both still lived at home, we usually just made a bunch of finger food, appetizer type things and had a movie marathon with them. Now one is moved out and has his own family and the other is 19 and doesn't hang out with Mom & Dad very much anymore. More than likely we'll just watch football and fall asleep well before mid-night.


We usually do dinner out with friends and then go back to one house to play cards or a board game. Don't usually make it until midnight anymore, we're all getting older. But we say a Happy New Year before we head off to bed, usually about 11:00!

Anita S.

A pizza, Welches Sparkling White Grape, an old movie and knitting. I will probably be in bed and asleep before midnight.


We are not party-goers but sometimes we have dinner with friends--I usually cook something like a corned beef. If our adult children are home, they go to First Night downtown. Personally, I like to have a quiet evening reflecting, establishing some focus points for the coming year. I don't necessarily stay up until midnight because it is the last evening of one year and the beginning of a new, but it's a grand idea if there is someone to share it.


With a 50 turn family Mario Party game on the Wii. Not sure how that started, but it's a tradition now that our boys want to do every year.


Just a quiet night at home.


Usually go out for an early dinner- home before the partiers are on the roads. Watch TV and see the ball drop. Get ready for the ham and beans for New Years. This year my husband is working a bit that eve- so I guess I will have Big Bang Theory Marathon or something. CHeers!


Just spend the night quietly and home. Usually watch the ball drop on TV. I don't do crowds well.

Deb in NC

Go to a Hockey Game!!! The Carolina Hurricanes are close by and why not!!! Enjoy the New Year!!


Wathcing hockey and knitting at the cottage!


Usually stay at home and relax. One of these day I would love to make it to NYC for the eve, it's on my "bucket list".

Judy M

We don't do anything special. Maybe we will watch a movie this year.

Susan James

I have 6 really good, close friends. We're all divorced or widowed. We get together for a pot luck supper, then play cards and drink wine and get rowdy.........a group of crazy old ladies!!! LOL!

Susan Hill

It's pretty much just another night for us. My grandson likes to think he can stay up until midnight but rarely makes it. We usually just have pizza and watch a movie. Our traditional meal is on New Year's Day when we enjoy pork roast with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and cornbread and a big pitcher of sweet tea.

A football bowl game is usually on tv and we enjoy playing board games and poker. My knitting is always close by.


Last year, we had friends over. More often than not, my husband and I rent a movie and are in bed by 10:30. My youngest child is 17. This year it will probably be spent waiting up for him to get home! I'm not complaining, though...just more knitting time for me :)

Cynthia Parker

Since I am 89 and my husband is 92, our New Year's Eve celebrations have become quieter and quieter. Hopefully seeing the New Year begin in Europe and then off to bed!


My sister lives 45 minutes away, and I'll spend it with her. Maybe pizza and a couple of movies. A cozy evening, with my knitting, of course!


With friends............ get together for a great home-cooked meal. Home usually by the New Year. Great way to celebrate!


We usually have a couple good friends over for games and wine. It's always a good time.

Judi Kennedy

We go to Savannah to cousins. We have an oyster roast, invite family and friends, and occasionally stay up until midnight. We've been doing this for over 10 years and it's a tradition we really enjoy.


I spend a quite evening at home.


It's usually bitter cold on New Year's Eve so we tend to stay home and watch tv and enjoy the evening. If we would happen to have better weather, we would meet friends for dinner.


They're all different. Last year I stayed home by myself, read a book, and went to bed early.

Christine C.

We usually stay home and FaceTime loved ones from afar. After that we toast each other and Ring in the New Year.

Barb T.

I am not a late-night person, so my boyfriend and I will stay in. I will knit; he will watch TV.


In recent years, we usually spend New Year's Eve at home just the two of us with snacking and a glass of wine at midnight. I rather enjoy it.

Robin V

Sometimes we go to a friend's house, but more often than not, we just stay home, watch a movie, relax, welcome the New Year, and fall into bed.

(we pick noisy moviies, in hopes of distracting our beagle from the many fireworks going off!)


Family, food & a Marx Brothers marathon!


We don't do anything special for New Year's Eve. I'm usually asleep by midnight.

Sara Byron

NYE is our wedding anniversary - we usually spend it at home worrying about our kids! But lately - hate to mention it - I spend time creating my DeadPool list - a list of 20 people whose deaths will be reported in the AP news during the coming year. I didn't do well th is year! And it's ghoulish and in bad taste - but makes for good conversation! (

Cynthia Hall

Quiet evening knitting - can't wait!

Martha Anne

For the last forty years we have celebrated with the 13 desserts, something I read about in a cook book. The 13 choices are arranged on small plates or on a beautiful large platter. They include cookies, various dried fruits, nuts, always home made chocolate truffles, prunes stuffed with almonds paste, dates filled with nuts and cream cheese. When the children were small and life was crazy we went to the Brachs stand at the grocery store so that each child could pick a few of their favorites to fill out the 13. no matter what the circumstances we have have celebrated with 13 sweets albeit many different combinations.


We usually stay home and have champagne at midnight.

Linda Zalusky

We have a quiet evening at home and are in bed before 12:00.


It depends on the weather and the bowl games schedule! Our small "up north" town has live music and other events downtown, along with a ball drop. It's fun and draws a great crowd.

Martha from Ohio

We usually hang out at home, have a nice dinner, but mostly prepping for NYD festivities and wishing the tree and decorations would just magically put themselves away! For new years day we watch the parade and then bowl games. And of course knitting is a major part of all this activity ;-)


We get together with another couple and play cards and eat goodies til New Years!

Jo to the D

I usually just stay home, but this year I'm off on a vacation

Patricia Richardson

I go to our church service at 10 pm. Just before midnight all the families gather at the altar and we bring the new year in with prayer. We then wish one another a happy new year, have breakfast in our fellowship hall, then I head home about 1 am and watch tv until I get sleepy.


We usually stay home and watch movies. For supper, I fix various snack-type foods, ie, wings, mini pizzas, nachos, etc. It's a miracle if I stay awake until midnight.

Jane H

We really haven't celebrated since we first had children 30 years ago, and I don't miss it at all. We do whatever we want. Last year I walked next door to my sister's house and we shared a bottle of bubbly and watched fireworks on TV. Hubby had been asleep since 8pm!

blogless grace

Unless one of us has found a great movie it is a night like any other.


We own a dog kennel and the Christmas season is a very, busy time of the year. So after the dogs are looked after, we sit and have a snack and a toast to the New Year.


The kids each have a friend over, and we have some friends of our own over. Then its an evening of games and food. Video games, card games, board games..... This year I'm going to bring out Mexican Train dominoes.

Karen Pettyjohn

My hubby and I go to church at 7:30 New Years Eve. It's such a special way to give thanks to God for another year of grace. Then we go home, have a snack and watch a little TV. We usually don't make it to midnight anymore and that's ok. The next day is plenty of football and knitting time!

Don a Celeste

We stay home and try to stay awake til midnight, so far we have made it until 11:56!


I like to travel out of the country and celebrate the New Year on the streets with locals. One of the most memorable trips was to Cartagena in Colombia.


New Year's Eve is just the two of us at home, probably watching movies, and if we notice, hopping channels to see the ball drop. We're both nightowls, so can stay up quite late.

New Year's Day has a special meal of roast pork, applesauce, and blackeyed peas, a traditional meal I've eaten since I was a child. The pork is because pigs push forward when they root, and the applesauce and blackeyed peas have something to do with good fortune, I believe. Who cares -- it's tasty stuff!

Sandy Cash

A quiet evening at home with Chinese food seems to be the norm for my golden years


The past few years we have just hung out at home but this year we got invited out to a party so we may actually go do something.


More often than not, we have had a house and backyard full of teenagers. Our kids friends come eat puzza, play board games and Wii in the house, play ping ping and enjoy a fire in the fire pit outside and generally have a great time. Their parents are relieved they are here and we enjoy hosting them.


One of my brothers has been hosting for many years. We all take all the leftover goodies from Christmas baking and other food. Then we spend the evening playing cards or games.


We stay home, have fun appetizer snacks, wine (soda for the kids), play Monopoly and either watch a movie or something...then watch the ball drop at midnight.


We do a movie marathon of 3-5 movies in various theaters in D.C. It's always fun to catch some of the likely award nominees or the Christmas movie you didn't have time to catch earlier in the season.

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