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December 15, 2013


Karen Van Meter

I am using the sock head pattern too but my granddaughter wants it longer so I have increased the rows between the decreases. And I am using Socks that Rock lightweight. The color changes are really great.

Rhonda Atkinson

I have not made a hat with sock yarn but your Sockhead hat is cute. I must try this with your yarn. I have 3 girls so I'd need to make at least that many. Fun, Fun.

Jane O

I haven't knit a hat from sock yarn but the sockhead hat looks like a great choice. Splash! Stash diving :-)

Kathy Stanley

I have plans to knit a Sock Head with the Socks that Rock yarn that came in the Christmas special package. I love the looks of all the ones on Ravelry and it looks like a hat I would wear.


I haven't knit a hat out of sick yarn - too busy knitting socks!

Barb T.

Hate to be a copycat, but I, too, am knitting a Sockhead for my little 8 year old neighbor girl. She loves all things pink, but I couldn't take it, so I am using Colinette Jitterbug in Paintbox. It has enough hot pink that I think she will like it. I plan on making one for me out of Blue Moon after all the Christmas stuff.


I haven't knit any socks as of yet (in fact, this is a New Year's Resolution), but I have knit some scarves with sock yarn, and they are a hit! I would love to knit a hat out of sock yarn because they look like they are so comfy!


I love the Cabernat Hat pattern by Monika Sirna and need to get this on my needles. It looks detailed enough to keep me interested, but not so complicated that I would be lost.


Hmmmm, it never occurred to me to knit a hat with sock yarn. I don't like to wear hats but I do like to knit one occasionally for my Mom. I'll give this a thought!


I've been knitting hats with sock yarn for years. Never get tired of the 2 x 2 rib pattern. The color striping on each is different.


Have only knit baby hats out of sock yarn too, but I've put Sockhead in my library, and am already thinking about Christmas gifts for next year.


I did try sock yarn for a hat many years back and it was a big fail. Too big and no shape. I know it was my fault, but I never used sock yarn again. That said, I do love sock yarn for socks and have knitted many pairs. Lynn


I haven't made a hat with sock yarn yet and am not sure why! I'll have to give Sockhead a try.

Geraldine Scott

I have never knitted a hat with sock yarn...oh, you enabler, you! LOL!
I'm reading comments and getting lots of ideas!

Ruth Anne

I have never knitted a hat with sock yarn. I look awful in hats and never wear them! My hair is thick and curly and when I put a hat on it, I have hair sticking out everywhere!


I'm not much of a hat wearer, so I've never done one. I prefer cabled headbands myself.
The sockhead hat is really cute, though. I would try that one first.

Karen Pettyjohn

I have never knit a hat with sock yarn. I have always knit them with worsted many I lost track of the count. I am recovering from shingles and the cold air kicks up the nerve pain in my head. As I never go outside without a hat on, I was thinking that I would like something more stylish. I like the Sockhead hat but I am also looking forward to the other ideas that fellow knitters will be posting.


I'm not a hat wearer myself, but in would try the Sockhead pattern for my kids. It looks like a nice pattern!


OK, I'm sold. I'd really, really like to knit a Sockhead hat! Maybe I'll get one done for someone's stocking. Sounds like the perfect follow up project to the lacy baby sweater currently nearing completion.

Deb Winslow

I've only knit one hat from sock yarn. It was a gift.

The pattern was

deidre corbet

I have knit a couple of hats with sock yarn but one used the yarn doubled. The Sockhead has been in my queue for a while now. It looks like a good carry around project.


I was thinking of perhaps knitting a hat with sock yarn because it has been cold around here. I have not yet knit one as I have not knit with DPN's before but I assume that I can just seam up and make a hat that way.


I have knit baby hats with very soft sock yarn and love them.

Holly Abery-Wetstone

My favorite pattern is Big Basin socks from the 6 Sock Knitalong on Ravelry and Yahoo Groups.

Renee Anne

I've never made a hate from sock yarn. It's on my "to do" list at some point...but it's just not something I've done. Wait! I take that back. I did make one baby hat out of sock yarn a couple years ago. I don't know if it ever fit the baby to whom it went but it was adorable, if a little on the small side...


I'm about 3" into a sockhead hat with STR Angry Elf. I also like Scotty by Anne Hanson and the beaded beret from Churchmouse Yarns.

Karen Majors

I'm knitting a beret out of Trekking with a lacy petal design. I have also knit baby hats with self striping yarns that the new moms have loved.

Lisa Barrett

I haven't knit a single hat out of sock yarn yet, hadn't even seen a pattern I was drawn to until you posted the Sockhead Hat. Now THAT'S a hat I want to knit :)


I'm not really a hat person, so I've not knitted many hats. Though I have knitted hats for little babies and often in sock yarn, just a rib for the brim and stocking stitch for the hat itself. Just a basic pattern, but good for charities for babies.


I just knit a Mairi Tam from Wendy Knits Lace. It is a fun hat to knit.

Pat Wadkins

I haven't knit a hat with sock yarn yet because I have only been knitting for one year. I may have to try one with the Sockhead hat pattern.

Leigh Ann Brown

Sockhead would probably be the one I have knitted the most or a variation of it. With teenagers making requests, it's a good choice.


I made a sockhead hat so that a skein of finicky Fleece Artist could finally get used (it didn't want to be any sock pattern I tried with it), and now I have a smooshy slouchy hat! I also made a variation on the Crystal Palace fair isle hat pattern as a gift for a friend.


I don't know why I have not yet knit a hat using sock yarn, but I will give it a try!


No SockYarnwww hats yet. My hats have been last minute gifts so I have knit in heavier yarns. My daughter, however likes slouchy hats so I a, going to try a Sockhead after the holidays.

Chris Aumiller

Never knit a hat - with sock yarn or anything else! But I hope to try this year!


I don't knit many hats, but I'm knitting a Sockhead hat right now and I see many of these in my future!


I knit the Sock Head Hat too. Love it! I made it with Madelinetosh Sock a long time ago. I'd like to make another...maybe a lacy one.


I haven't done any with fingering yet, but perhaps a colourwork one someday...


No hats from sock yarn, yet. I do foresee a Sockhead from Miss Babs Tart "It's our Yarniversary!" in my future.

Margretta Josephson

I don't knit hats with sock yarn because I use my sock yarn for socks which are my favorite thing in the world to knit.

Chrissy Foreman

I knit stocking caps with my sock yarn. I really don't have a pattern. Sometimes I make a rolled edge, sometimes ribbed, but I just kind of make decisions as I go.


I haven't yet knit a hat from sock yarn. I'm not a hat wearer but I'm sure I could find someone to gift it to!


Sockhead hat is my new go to pattern. I've knit 6 for Christmas gifts this year, all of them in the last month!


I'm not so into sock yarn hats - I like my hats to be thick and WARM!!! But fair isle with sock yarn is a possibility for a hat in the future. The double layer would make it a bit warmer and more wind-proof.


I have knit quite a few hats from sock yarn, but I don't have a specific pattern I use. I tend to just cast on a number of stitches I think will work for the size head I'm making it for and go from there.


Sock head hat is definitely my favorite pattern for sock yarn hats. I've made a few and they look great with all types - striping, variegated, and solids. I also want to try the Mini Roni hat pattern.


I like the plain and simple Scraptastic Hat.
It's simple enough that you can knit it with stripes, patterning sock yarn, or embellish with duplicate stitch.

Jaclyn Miller

I haven't tried a hat in sock weight yarn but I am going to have to try the sock head hat!


I have not made a hat with sock yarn yet, maybe because I usually think hats need a heavier weight of yarn. I just went and checked my queue on Ravelry, and I do have two fingering-weight hats queued. They are both stranded hats, so they would have the extra warmth of the double thickness. I hope I can get around to making them! The two patterns I would like to try are Polar Chullo by Mary Ann Stephens and Sheep Heid by Kate Davies. I think the Simply Sock Yarn Solids would be great for these patterns, and the hats would be easy-care, too.


I rarely wear hats, but love how my Beaumont Tam by Jared Flood came out. It was knit with sport weight, but still!


The only hat I have made with sock yarn is the sockhead hat. I do love that hat, though and really need another one lol!

Danyelle N

I haven't made a sock yarn hat yet just because my children don't need new ones yet - the ones I made two years ago from worsted weight still fit and they still like the colors. I would love to make one with my fleece navidad yarn as I adore the colors and it would match several coats!

Leslie Fehr

I love using the Sockhead hat instructions with any of the multi-color yarns - self-striping or not. I follow the length instructions and sometimes I just keep knitting until I think there's just enough left for the decreasing. I've made a good number of them, but only have 2 that haven't been snapped up as soon as they came off the needles. I would love to make one with solid colors though - and add in the sheep pattern that I saw used on a pair of socks. That one is for me!


I've never made a hat with sock yarn. I think because I'm looking for warmer than sock weight yarn. But with the new slouchy hat patterns, I'm tempted.


I'm finishing up my first Sockhead Hat, and I can tell there will be more!


Love the self striping yarns so Sockhead is perfect. Colorful and each one is an individual. Just like the folks I make them for.


Definitely the Cycle Race Beanie. I've had my eye on some of your solids to make the next one. DH wears his proudly and has gotten many requests from his cycling buddies for me to make them one. Not doin that, but maybe I will teach them to knit:)

Marjorie Millner

I like Wren's Twisted Rib hat, available on ravelry. I admit it, the row where you twist the rib is not fun (every 4th row of the rib pattern) but it's very pretty and I have opted to make the twisted rib part shorter than the pattern calls for, and it's fine. In fact, if you use a lovely multicolor or selfstriping yarn, it's fancy enough without the twisted rib. It's a lovely easy pattern and the decreases are nice and a tad unusual. It took over 9000 stitches for the small adult size I made recently. It was really appreciated by the recipient though!
I do want to mention the Hermione Hearts Ron hat, which calls for a heavier yarn: It's a lovely pattern and when made with a nice soft sock yarn it comes out in a good size for a toddler. It's a free download on ravelry.


I have not knit a hat out of sock yarn. Unfortunately, wool hats make me itch. Thankfully, wool socks are fine!


I've done one hat in sock yarn, it was a sock yarn club thru you in fact!!! I have to be honest, it's not my favorite. I'm not a big fan of hats in sock yarn just because it takes longer to make, and I find them a bit itchy. However that sockhead pattern keeps calling me, *just to try it*.......I may succumb.

Joan Grahlfs

One of the best patterns that I have used lately is by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting. Her book, Botanical Knits, has 2 hat patterns. The pattern Forest Floor is great! I have made it twice this fall. The pattern is written for DK and is slouchy. I have used fingering weight both times because I like the beanie effect better. I no longer have much hair -- cancer will do that -- and this hat keeps my head warm in early winter.


I like the Sockhead Hat pattern for sock yarn also. It works nicely with all kinds of yarn - solid, striping or multicolored.


I have not knitted a hat with sock yarn. I live in Florida were we don't have much use for knitted hats. I stick with socks :)

Diane True

I've never knit a hat out of sock yarn....and to be honest I think I just never thought of it. Being from Maine I always think worsted weight yarn for hats to keep warm! :)

Cindy Strick

I have never used sock yarn for a hat. I always think of bulky for warmth! Reading your posts is making me think more of a fashion statement hat than warmth!

SYDNEY Placido

I just have not had a pattern for a hat with sovk yarn, would like one in the round and I might try it


I have knit the Sockhead hat three times so far. It is the only one I have done in sock yarn. :)


I haven't made a hat with sock yarn, but I've wanted to make the Pebbled Beanie out of the Weekend Hats book since it came out.

Laura (@darcybear)

Norby is a fantastic hat pattern to knit with sock yarn. I love it. I would make one for everyone I know.


I don't knit hats much and it just never occurred to me to knit one with sock yarn. I may have to try one now.


My favorite--and the first published sock "design" I ever knit--is the Mount Hood pattern in Fiber Trends Peak Experience leaflet. I'm knitting it now in the orange and black Poste Yarn and have many pairs in this design. My favorite and warmest hat pattern is a freebie by Elann--you start with an invisible cast on and knit to the top, then pick up stitches at the cast-on and knit to the top again so that the one hat fits inside the other. It's reversible and gives your head two layers of warmth.


I haven't knit any other hat pattern with sock yarn except for the Sockhead hat. I love it - have made it twice. The first time was with Fleece Artist and the second time was with some sparkly KnitPicks yarn that was a gift. It's definitely a hat for any head, and I can see myself knitting it agin and again.

Lucy Portland

My niece just had twins, so now I do two of everything. I just completed Baby's First Hat and am looking for my next option.

Katherine B

I have not knit any hats with sock yarn yet because I was having trouble finding a pattern I liked. Im not sure how I missed the sockhead pattern but I love the way it loooks and can't wait to make one!

Jessica C. Wilson-Hess

I have only knit two hats in sock yarn both have been fair Isle knitting. The hat you posted looks really cute. A great way to use up sock yarn too.

Jane Becker

I've not yet found a pattern I'd like to try.

Kathleen Mauch

I have not yet knit a hat, but would love to try out this pattern!

Diane Wolf

I have knit the Sand Dollar Cables Hat with Blue Ridge Yarns Footprints yarn in the color Seabreeze.. It is for my daughter for Christmas. I hope she liked it!


I don't know - have never knitted a hat out of sock yarn! Hmm, off to look at patterns on Ravelry!

Susan Sanders

I haven't knit a hat out sock yarn either. Usually worsted. But that means there is a challenge out there for me now!


I'm doing a sockhead hat too! I needed a light-colored yarn and an easy pattern for my Pints and Purls meet up in October so I pulled a ball of Fleece Artist Sea Wool out of the stash (might be Rose Garden, might not be) and cast on. I figure if I love it, I'll keep it and if I don't, it will keep someone else warm. If I don't keep it, I might grab something else out of the stash and knit me one anyway!


Romi's Fairy Snowcap is great to knit with sock yarn-it's my favorite pattern as of right now!!


I knit ones a simple beanie hat a friend's child using Vesper sock yarn. It turned out very cute. I have not used sock yarns for other hats though.

Cynthia Parker

Only hats I make are from left over yarn. I am just not a hat wearer.

Jeanette Noechel

Hats with sock yarn! So cool...I've made all kinds of hats in all kinds of yarn but never with sock yarn. Sounds like fun!

Liz Awsumb

My favorite is the Baby Beanie by Ulli Shibuya. It's great with solid and with semi-solids.


Sockhead is definitely my favorite but I recently completed ravelry pattern Charlie's sock yarn hat. Turned out adorable and I can definitely see more in my future.

Danielle Koman

I haven't knit any hats with sock yarn yet but it is a good idea for all the sock yarn I have in my stash. :)


I've only used worsted or dk weight yarn for hats but since I like to create my own special designs sock yarn would allow for much greater detail!


I haven't knit a hat with sock yarn yet because I don't like the way I look in a hat. I looked at the Sockhead Hat on Ravelry and added it to my favorites.


I think I've only made basic baby hats out of sock yarn. Absolutely love the argyle socks!


I'm with everybody who said the Sock head hat!


My favorite sock yarn hat is Head Bumps from Judy Becker's Beyond Toes.
I've made it with Minimochi, but would love to try making my own strips!

 Fran Allen

I've made 15 (it may have been 17---I lost count!!!) of the Charile's Sock Hats so far this year. Guess I like making hats from sock yarn as for the last several years I've made at least 3 hats for people using sock yarn.

Christine C.

I have only knit baby hats using sock yarn. The hats are K2, P2 ribbing - stretchy and basic. I would like try the Sockhead Hat though. It's on my list!


I've never made a hat with sock yarn before, but I'm making fingerless gloves for my future daughter-in-law out of sock yarn.


I haven't made one yet. I don't wear hats too often and I love hand knit socks too much to give up a skein! I'd like to do some kids hats in it, though!

rinice phillips

Am using up stash to make hats for rescue mission . Am going to try sock yarn hat as a friend just gave me a pattern.


I'm knitting a Glenna C 'cratchit' Dickensian night cap. Miles of st st to knit before I sleep!

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